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Human Origins - Vega Star System

The Sirians are a group of humans from the Sirius star system whose culture is much older than ours. Since they have been around a lot longer than humans on Earth, they are basically our ancestors who helped seed this world. To give a brief galactic history and overview, humans are a relatively new race, for example compared to dinoids or reptoids who are extremely intelligent and much more ancient.

Where Did Humans Begin?

Humans are said to have begun in the Lyra constellation some 20 million years ago, first evolving from a kind of aquatic, furless primate that was beginning to live out of water on land. This early human was rudimentary, and to speed up its natural evolution, was genetically altered a great deal to get the human form we have today. Of course, since that time millions of years ago, humans have spread throughout this galaxy with large colonies in the Pleiadies, the Sirius system and other places. These colonies tend to have different cultures, beliefs and evolve a little differently but seem fundamentally the same. Humans have been involved in many wars throughout time because this universe has not yet reached a state of peace. Other warlike beings see humans as their slaves to do with as they like, feeling that they were here first and this universe belongs to them.

Why Were Humans Created?

The human being we see today was created by more advanced races to seed the Earth and become a guardian race for this world. The earth needed a new land-based guardian after a war was fought here a very long time ago. So humans were created with permission from higher spiritual hierarchies, and eventually seeded on this world. This means originally our ancestors were the Sirian branch of humans, and this is why the Sirians are so important to us and so interested in our affairs. In a sense, we are a part of them. We have many Sirian ships around our sun and our world, protecting us from warlike beings and also from ourselves and our own destructive pollution.

They actually spend a lot of time cleaning up our toxic air and water, for we would have been extinct a while back if it was not for them removing much of the toxins and heavy radiation in our atmosphere and water. We have created our own extinction level events (i.e. Fukushima which is ongoing), and our leadership takes zero interest in actually cleaning up the planet. Normally a planet would be left to die when the residents take no interest in saving themselves. However, something different is occurring in this current Earth experiment, and we are receiving extraordinary help just to keep this planet and its plant and animal life alive. Thank you Sirians! Credit goes to Shelden Nidle for his information on our galactic history, in his role as a Sirian Ambassador.

Where To From Here?

At some point, the many civilizations that are helping us will be revealed and we will be able to get to know them. Presently, the earth is completely controlled by a form of satanic mafia that does not originate here. They are hostile and are intent on enslaving and degrading this world. Up to this point they have utterly refused to share our true history and place in this galaxy, and have twisted humans' purpose from guardian of this world to destroyer. They use deceit and misinformation campaigns as well as brainwashing (psyops). We have been their willing slaves for a long time, but that is not our destiny. Humans are grandly blind but will be set free. There is a war raging across our world as the mafia that run everything and constantly create war are being arrested and removed. Many Presidents have been from mafia families who wish to control the world - can you guess who?

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