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What Is The Galactic Federation?

The Galactic Federation is an intergalactic force involving many star systems in this galaxy whose main role is the protection of free societies and planets. Unfortunately, we do not live in a universe that is entirely composed of only light forces, so we have the "bad" guys so-called who take it upon themselves to go around bullying or in fact simply destroying other sentient planets. Obviously, this is not allowed. They are not representing God's Will for this universe and their opposition is called the Galactic Federation of Planets, or GF.

Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation has similar fire power to that of the darker forces. The dark ones, who are usually dinoid or reptiod in appearance, have a belief that they are superior to all other life in this and other universes, and that they may do as they please. They are interdimensional in nature like the Galactic Federation members, so wars are fought in various dimensions, although not the highest ones. Dark ones, due to their very nature, are unable to access the higher dimensions in reality above 5th dimension.

The Galactic Federation, formed about 4.5 million years ago, has been continually growing in size as new civilisations join, making it now about 200,000 members strong. They are not all human or even humanoid, but they are all friendly and wish to live in peace and evolve.

Other roles the Galactic Federation carries out is things like exploration, technological exchanges and also cultural exchanges. When you think of the wars that have occurred, you might think of Star Wars, yet as you contemplate the exploration and exchanges, you may think of Star Trek. There are scientists and cultural experts flying around visiting new worlds that are continually being discovered. If such a world is advanced scientifically and spiritually, they may join up and become a new member of the GF.

In case you were wondering, the Earth is actually a member of the GF since March 1993. Many people await the first contact to occur, although strictly speaking we have been talking to the GF on an official level since the 1940's. It is our governments, who were approached by officials of the GF and offered new technology, etc, who were afraid and covered up the entire thing. Governments decided at that time to become friends with dark aliens, get their technology instead and work with them secretly, to enslave the rest of humanity.

Of course, humanity would prefer peace and love to war and enslavement, and soon the Galactic Federation will be able, when the time is right, to reveal themselves in a grand Disclosure. We will need to become more "fully conscious" beings to join the GF, which is a task that we will have help to achieve. There'll be many mentors who can help us as well as crystal chambers that can help to alter our bodies. The planet also will be cleaned up, restored and brought back to pristine condition. Then we can become guardians of this world properly and start playing the role we were created for. We will no longer need to polute or destroy it in any way.

At this point, you can either leave earth or, if you are a native here, stay. You might like to go off with the Galactic Federation to find your home elsewhere. A lot of people will eventually leave, however the Earth is not going to be boring. Our planet is quite important in a Galactic sense as a showcase world, and we will be heading towards the light. Who knows what more could happen?

Many say the entire galaxy is turning towards the light and that in a hundred years the entire galaxy will reach this goal. This is what the GF is all about, bringing the Light. There are so many things to do and see as we stretch towards our enlightenment; the future certainly looks good.

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