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The Ashtar Command

The Ashtar Command are a group of intergalactic armed forces, or starships, that form a protective force of good for this galaxy. Their members are made up of advanced civilisations who've attained self-mastery and Ascension into the light. The Ashtar Command are quick to demonstrate Love in all messages for they recognise that love is the strongest force and we need more of it in the world. You may now wonder, why do we need them?

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Why We Need The Ashtar Command

Planet earth is ascending into the fifth dimension, to a higher level of love and light. All who live here, including humans, the animal kingdom and all other living creatures, must also ascend in order to go with her. This simply means moving into a higher alignment or frequency of light with all the changes to civilisation this entails. Those who miss the boat for this spiritual upgrade end up evolving on a lower dimensional world, one with a lot less light and love.

For us to complete this successfully, we need help to uplift ourselves into this higher level of society, a society without fear or terrorists, one where each person on the planet has enough money and shelter to meet all their needs. This is where the Ashtar Command steps in.

They provide protection from being overrun by negative life forms who wish to enslave us, with their millions of ships which are basically surrounding our planet. At this crucial time, our world needs this amount of support to Ascend. They also spend a lot of time sending light to our world, which is helping with the evolution process. We may not see them because they vibrate at a faster frequency and so their ships, whilst there, and not terribly visible unless they wish for us to see them.

Imagine for a moment an etheric starship. These beings are protecting our world everyday, yet most people do not see them or know of their existence. That's okay because one day (soon!) a great disclosure will come and the truth will be disclosed to all of us, probably on the television. So much has been accomplished by the earthbound Ashtar Command to change our financial system and this will be introduced very soon.

How Will The Ashtar Command Help Earth?

In addition to the space fleet, there are countless earthbound individuals who work for the Ashtar Command. Although the news is quiet about it, many people on earth work directly or indirectly with the Ashtar Command to bring about the changes that will make our world florish. Such changes include bringing in the new American Republic of Nesara to replace the old and illegal US Corporation. This includes the new financial system that is already set up and ready to go to replace the SWIFT system, and also enormous gold payments to help all of us make a new start. There is new technology ready to go and many things happening already on the earth, although it is so far kept quiet.

The Ashtar Command calls itself one family. They are like our saviours although they do not see it this way, they simply come in love to offer us a better way of living. They also mean to clean up our world of pollution and corruption. Are you ready for a change?

They form part of the overall Galactic Federation, which is an alliance of hundreds of distinct civilisations throughout this galaxy, all who value peace. They are the protective arm that keeps many worlds safe from negatively inclined beings; they are the ones who sometimes must go into battle for unprotected planets.

Ashtar himself is an angelic being of high position, a Master or Christed one. When reading channellings online, do beware the fakes out there who channel through less than loving messages. A wonderful channel is Kathryn May and also her friend Christine over at Other masters such as Sananda, Archangel Michael and St Germain are also part of the Ashtar Command and the Great White Brotherhood.

Some humans have been on these craft, which contain anti-gravity technology and have amazing flight characteristics. They have been on tours before being brought back to earth. Some of the smaller ships are called Scouts, whilst they also have extremely large ships that contain what we might consider a city.

One day I believe we will all know about the Ascended Masters and the earth will be accepted into the Ashtar Command and allowed to do her own exploration in this galaxy. This is exciting and I don't think we have that much longer to wait. In the past, Earth leaders kept the Ashtar Command a secret but future leaders will allow our world to interact with them for our own continuation. It will be an exciting time.

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