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How To Use The Violet Fire For Transmutation

The violet flame is a powerfully healing vibration of energy - a higher vibration, from a higher dimension, that becomes readily available as we focus and visualise it. During a meditation on the violet flame, we imagine it passing through our body/cells and energy bodies. As we call on it, so does it appear and sweep through us just as we invoke it to. The violet flame is a highly spiritual tool that is free to use anytime, a gift from the Universe! To do the meditation, scroll halfway down the page for the script.

violet flameTransmutation of Misqualified Energy

Over our many lifetimes, especially here on Earth, we have all built up a storehouse of lower energy frequencies that have become a part of us, but they needn't be any longer. The Gift of the violet flame is to set us free from these unwanted energies bringing us down. The violet fire cuts through them and releases them, transmuting all back into higher energy, back to an original, Godly state.

Flame Of Forgiveness

We can spend an eon of time going through our "stuff" and working through stored emotions, or we can use this powerful tool to simply release the garbage we have stored within. Once lower energies are released, such as anger, pain, and unforgiveness, we can naturally find a state of inner peace. Does this sound to good to be true? Then why not work with the violet flame for a time to experience this first hand.

The way I see it, we are divine beings who were sent into a lower dimensional experience, which is like being lowered into a dirty bucket of mud. The mud sticks and we can't get it off. Why would God do this to us if there wasn't a way out of all of this mess? There is no one who hasn't drastically lowered their vibrations whilst here in the game of Earth.

Now that the game is changing and is now called 'Ascension', we are lifting up our vibrations to a much higher state. To top this off, we are called to lift them quickly. So of course we are given tools to do this, or else how we could ever get it done? Alone, the task is too monumental, so we are given the violet flame of light to use to wash off all the low energy gunk we have unwittingly accumulated within all of our bodies and even our cells. We are returning to a higher, ascended state!

St Germain

St Germain is an Ascended Master who is sponsoring us in this violet flame endeavour. His ray is the seventh spiritual ray, or violet ray. If you are meditating with the violet flame, you can call on him to help you.

Powerful Healing

It is said that the violet flame, once invoked to burn through our bodies (earthly, emotional, mental and spiritual), will transmute negative stored energy into positive energy. What is this positive energy? It is the energy of love, and it is a clear light. It is pure energy without human distortion. This makes it very healing energy. The transmutation of energy occurs at a cellular level and, also, at an atomic level.

Because of the rule of Free Will that we live in, WE must call on the energy to do this task. Once we call on it, it quickly starts to work for us. To visualise this energy is even better, and this is why we meditate whilst we work with the violet flame. It does not have to be a long meditation. Even 5-10 minutes is enough time, done often, for the flame to begin to make a difference. We do not have to be masters to do this work. We do not have to be scientists who understand what is happening atomically - we just need to FEEL the power of this healing flame and pass it willingly through our own bodies.

Because our energetic bodies are larger than our small physical form, it is good to expand this flame as we meditate and fill the entire room with it, so that it touches a good part of all of our bodies. So without further ado, here is a meditation I've come up with to use the violet flame in a simple healing capacity.


~ Violet Flame Meditation Prayer ~

Prepare for your meditation the way you normally would, by sitting comfortably or in a meditation pose, steadying the breathing, and deeply calming and emptying the mind.

When you are ready, call in the white light first, bringing it down from the heavens (the great central sun and the sun) and down through your solar star chakra and crown chakra. Bring the white light, like a pillar of light, down through all of the remaining chakras, through the root chakra and down into the heart of the earth.

Once you are connected to earth, bring the white light pillar back up through your chakras and up through the top of your head. Just breathe.

Now begin to imagine the violet flame is surrounding your entire body. Study the colour and nature of this light - a bright, beautiful violet colour that is going all through you as you sit in a cloud of spiritual, transformative flame. Allow the light to penetrate deeply into every cell of your body. Breathe it in, see it go into every atom. As you breathe out, imagine it is transmuting negativity into beautiful, positive energy

Allow your mind and visualisations to lead you where you need to go. Keep sending wave after wave of powerful light through your body. When you are ready, see this cloud of bright violet light expand to fill the room. Experiment and see how far you can comfortably expand it. This may increase the more you use it.

If you know someone who might need light, try visualising the light around them. Do not force it if you feel their resistance. If they accept the light, send them more and see it doing them a world of good. You may also experiment with sending the violet flame to trouble spots around the world, to help transmute heavy energies.

When you have finished, thank God or the universe for the mighty flame and gently come out of your meditation. You may end by sending energy down into the heart of Earth once more to help grounding.

To see some wonderful, channeled Violet Flame affirmations, chants and mantras, just go here.

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