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Violet Fire Affirmations, Mantras & Decrees

The violet flame is renowned for its ability to protect and uplift us, yet we must first invoke it by using either meditation and visualisation, or through speaking mantras. A mantra is a kind of affirmation using powerful words that focus our energies and send out our intent to the universe. It is not difficult in any way to use mantras as, unlike a prayer, they are much shorter and are usually repeated a few times or even chanted. An invocation or decree is basically the same, although they can be longer and are less likely to be chanted.

violet flame

Violet Flame Protection

Remember the violet flame can also be used for protection. When we infuse our aura with the violet flame through the use of mantras or meditation, its high frequencies remain in our aura so the protection lasts for hours.

Violet Flame Mantras For Transformation

The violet flame, when invoked, is able to transmute negative or misqualified energy stored in our body into high frequency energy. We can heal ourself through using mantras of the violet fire.

It is possible to write our own mantras, and they do not have to actually rhyme. Some people prefer the rhythm while they chant them for up to 15 minutes at a time.

All the mantras below have been channelled by others, including Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. So enjoy!

I AM the Violet Flame in action in me now!
I AM the Violet Flame to light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame in mighty cosmic power

I AM the Light of God shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame blazing like a Sun
I AM God's sacred Power freeing everyone! (x3)

Radiant, spiral violet flame
Descend, now blaze through me!
Radiant, spiral violet flame
Set free, set free, set free! 

Radiant violet flame, O come
Expand and blaze thy light through me!
Radiant violet flame, O come
Reveal God's power for all to see!
Radiant violet flame, O come
Awake the earth and set it free!

Radiance of the violet flame
Expand and blaze through me!
Radiance of the violet flame
Expand for all to see!
Radiance of the violet flame
Establish Mercy's outpost here
Radiance of the violet flame
Come, transmute now all fear!

I AM Forgiveness acting here

Casting out all doubt and fear
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory

I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace (x3)

Breath of God inside each cell
I am the violet flame
Pulsing out the cosmic time
I am the violet flame
Energizing heart and mind
I am the violet flame
Sustaining God's creation now
I am the violet flame

With all love (x3)

Shimmering in a crystal cave
I am the violet flame
Searching out all hidden pain
I am the violet flame

Consuming cause and core of fear
I am the violet flame
Revealing now the inner name
I am the violet flame 

With all peace (x3)

 Flashing like a lightning bolt
I am the violet flame
Stretching through the galaxies
I am the violet flame

Connecting soul and Spirit now
I am the violet flame
Raising you to cosmic heights
I am the violet flame

With all power (x3)

Does The Violet Flame Work?

Absolutely it does work. It is one of the easiest and most powerful tools we can use. Every colour has a vibration and for this reason, different colours have different healing abilities. White light includes all of the colours and is also a powerful tool, yet pure violet is a highly spiritual colour/vibration.

By keeping expectations reasonable, then we won't expect too much too soon. I try not to have any expectations at all. If nothing else, it is very satisfying to bathe oneself in this light during a meditation, however most people can really sense the power of this colour. If you cannot sense too much during meditation, or are not accustomed to meditating, then be patient, keep an open mind, and continue to use the flame. Sooner or later you are sure to experience its power.

Mantras work when they are said with intent. Saying the words whilst thinking about something else may not have the desired effect. Work out whether you want to work with the flame during meditation or if you prefer mantras. Everyone is different, and some people incorporate mantras during their meditation. There is no right or wrong way to use the flame, so follow your intuition and experiment with this amazing energy.

Where Does The Violet Flame Come From?

Many people wonder where did this flame come from to begin with. There has always been a violet flame, just as there has always been God/Creator and Spirit. The violet ray is one of the seven spiritual rays, in fact it is the seventh. When God created the universe, pure God energy was differentiated into seven rays (just as we can take white light and split it into all the rainbow colours through a prism).

All of us belong to one of the rays, and each ray has different main qualities. This spiritual science of the rays has been discussed by Alice A Bailey in her channeled books, and others since. One quality of the seventh ray, the violet ray, is Transformation. We have always had the colour violet, and by summoning the flame, we invoke a spiritual light that has existed since the inception of the universe.

The Violet Flame And Reiki

I have recently learned that some reiki healers have now incorporated the violet flame to remove stubborn blockages in the body. If you do self-reiki or visit a reiki practitioner, why not use this amazing healing energy to improve an already wonderful healing modality!

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