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17 Twin Flame Signs And Indicators

To know if someone is your twin flame, there are certain definite telltale signs, although in reality we do not need to consult signs simply because we will know by their eyes and the fact that their resonance is the exact same as our own. Our twin flame is the other half of our soul aspect, created in unison with us. Different to a soul mate, who is part of our greater soul family, our twin is our exact divine counterpart. If you have not yet met your twin, here is a long list of signs you can use as a signpost.

twin flame signs

17 Signs Of Our Twin Flame

1. A feeling that you are looking at yourself. Their eyes will be the largest giveaway. You may have gone through life feeling that you were utterly unique in your very "you-ness" but your twin will think and act like yourself. They may often beat you to a comment you were about to utter yourself. You will feel less truly unique around them.

2. You can never truly hate this person, no matter what they may do to you. The love between the two of you is not a choice, it is a fact. It IS. You can try to avoid them or forget them but this is impossible. It does not feel like another person has affected you, it feels like it is you yourself, another part of you who is messing with you.

3. You may be able to actually hear their thoughts (twin flame telepathy) where you have never heard anyone's thoughts before. When they think things strongly, you simply hear it. You do not have to be psychic for this, it is your connection to this one that makes this possible.

4. They are able to electrify your system when you think of them, either when with them or apart. You can feel the electricity coursing through your body, with bolts and unexpected energy physically shocking you. This is pleasant but may be unexpected.

5. In the beginning, no matter how incompatible they are to you, you will both be curious about the other. Once you start talking, the curiosity will intensify as you try to figure out why this other person thinks exactly like you do.

6. Like twins, you may be aware of what the other is doing and feeling even when you are not in their physical presence.

7. You share an utterly deep LOVE that is beyond spiritual in nature. No need to talk because you already know this person. It is always spiritual when you are with this person. They may fight this truth or deny this fact, but energy and connection does not lie.

8. You may have actual telepathy when apart, able to speak to each other with words. This is possible so long as you are both open to receiving and hearing each other.

9. You can become quickly obsessed with each other, finding it impossible to be apart. The potential to remain obsessed can lost for a long time, even if the relationship does not work out.

10. The potential to complete each other. If you are not yet self-complete, the temptation to use this other to reach completion is very strong.

11. If you should part, you may find yourself bumping into this person endlessly as you work out your feelings. There are many synchronicities. You may be trying to create a new chance with them on a soul level. Once you move on, the strange meetings will cease.

12. If you are still working through self-judgment towards any aspects of yourself, you will judge the same issues that are present in them. It may be difficult to be around them as they can mirror you (be an exact mirror of your own faults) and cause severe discomfort unless you truly love yourself first.

13. They may struggle with issues you have forgiven or released within yourself, if you are slightly ahead of them.

14. Sometimes it is hard to even make eye contact because of the intensity of looking "at your other self". You can shy away from it because the honesty in their eyes is too REAL. You have never seen such honestly before, and you cannot lie to each other with your eyes.

15. If spending a lot of time with them, the love will begin to raise your vibration to much higher levels. This could bring new spiritual growth, or you could run from it and run from them.

16. You begin to merge with them into one aura. You were originally of ONE AURA, and this is why this begins to happen. You are two people but one heart and one soul.

17. You will meet originally in a very strange way or at a very strange place.

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