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Twin Flame Sex & Intimacy

Amazing intimacy and sex keeps us returning to difficult relationships that we might otherwise leave so that we can grow on a soul level. Without the sex, often these relationships are left on the wayside as we go to seek out deeper connections. This is why our twin flame relationships are often so sexual in a way that makes us unable to forget this person.

In order to discuss this I will be drawing on my own experience. For example, when I thought of my twin flame, I would get a hit of ecstatic energy through my body even to my fingertips. It was like literally putting my finger into a plug and receiving a shock, but a very nice one. Twin flames carry the exact same frequencies of energies, so that when these unite, there is a big bang.

Twin Flames

Twin Flame Lovers

People can definitely be at different levels when it comes to sex and to awareness of their own body. Some may be more experienced but essentially we approach sex differently so we search for someone who wants the same out of a sexual experience. Having a lover who treats sex as a two minute fun time at the end of the day may be unsatisfying for someone who can hold the sexual energies and experience a much more prolonged experience, similar to tantric sex for example.

Some people can be inhibited, or be put off by certain experiences and it is no different for our twin. We will not automatically like all the same things.

You will have a telepathic bond with your twin that builds over time, and you should feel what they are thinking or feeling during the sex act. This takes many by surprise, this close telepathic bond, but you can adjust to it and it actually makes everything so much better. I normally have a bond with lovers but, with a twin, it is very much enhanced. You might not only know that they dislike something, but you will feel WHY they dislike it. So this is very helpful as well. Expect to flow with what they like and dislike and to experiment.

More Intimate Than Normal

Normal sex with others can be pleasurable and intense also, yet with the twin there is an extra layer that cannot be denied. The intimacy is very personal, familiar and dear, and there is extraordinary closeness as well.

You can't be a stranger to this person even if you wanted to. When it comes to sex, there is no hiding this. It is like a sheet is torn off and you reveal yourself to each other as you are, without hiding in whatever familiar attitude you may use to shield yourself. Shielding never works for twins. The sex is spiritual as well as earthly. You may not talk about it as spiritual, but this side is always there when you are together.

For me, I would feel woozy around my twin, almost dazed out or drugged. I could feel his energy running through me, even when taking the train home at night. I'd close my eyes and feel wild jolts of energy coursing through me. I would almost swoon to be near him, like it was too much for my body to take. Expect your twin to have a strange affect on your whole mind and body, one you never repeat with another.

Telepathic Sex

It will be easy for you and your twin to experience sex even when you aren't together, and this is due to the telepathic bond that naturally arises. Just thinking about them in a certain way can not only arouse but will make sex easy when alone. It is pleasurable in a way you may not be able to imagine.

We know that sex is about building into a state of Oneness with our partners, yet strangely you are already One with your twin. So the oneness simply grows more and more intense. You will know this to be true. If you can look into each other's eyes and feel so close, image what happens when the touching begins? You can feel wave after wave of sensation with this person, like there are literally no limits. You can get lost in the love, and the frenetic energy between you, or you can pretend it is normal sex - but even then you know that it isn't. You will be left shaking afterwards.

It's interesting how obsessed you can become with each other, yet you may realise on a spiritual level that you cannot stay with them, that your destiny is going to take you elsewhere. Yet you can enjoy the time you have together. It is about healing each other (hopefully) and not holding on too tight.

I always found that being with my twin flame was too much like being with myself (my own Higher Self) and I knew that wasn't my path, since I like learning from other souls and he was my own soul. So even though he was "the best", it never felt quite right to me and we move on to others. But you never forget that experience and you carry it with you forever, even if it does take you years to get over.

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