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Twin Flame Myths & Relationship

It is almost impossible to meet your eternal Twin Flame without realising who they are pretty quickly. This intense kind of relationship is well known for the speed in which both twins recognise who the other is. This being said, what is the best way to play your relationship, given that you might want a gameplan or a way to explore it keeping in mind all of the characteristics that mark these particular relationship. What you may know if you've read anything about your twin is you don't want to be a loose-cannon and mess this relationship up if you can help it. You will at least want to remain good friends on speaking terms for your flame.

Twin Flame Relationship

Myth 1: We All Meet Our Twin

The twin flame relationship is so strong from the start because of the nature of your soul - in that you are both one side of the same Soul on a higher level. Many people never get to meet their true flame whilst in incarnation on earth, as one twin in the pair usually acts as a guide from the other side. However, some people who are drawing close to the end of their karmic incarnations do get the chance to experience their own 'other' self in the flesh, and it's a strong connection. It is as though your hearts are already strongly bonded in mutual love. Not everyone can meet their flame, but if you do you know that you are extremely lucky.

Myth 2: Twin Flame Friendships Are Easy

A twin flame relationship, whilst familiar in many ways, is one that brings in new energy and new experience like you won't believe. Many of these relationships are characterised by partners who have very different life experience, ages or even cultures. This person will fascinate you with their different views and radical ways of living. Or, if you are already radical, they will be calm and predictable. While your minds meet in amazing ways, other experiences can throw you right off. It may be hard to stay friends, let alone lovers spending all their time together. No one ever said that the twin flame experience was easy, and there are certainly many challenges specific to each couple that tend to be more difficult due to the intensity of the relationship. It may not be a walk in the park but it will be intense and interesting.

Myth 3: Your Flame Will Understand You

Our twin flames definitely change us, and one flame will probably change more than the other. By the time you meet them, you are usually ready to start over a new leaf and we already know that all meet-ups have a reason. It may take a few weeks before you recognise each other so deeply, but they will catch your eye. You will look and you will approve, and perhaps then you will start talking.

It is a fallacy to suppose that twins are not stubborn. In fact, it is almost certain you will disagree about a great many subjects simply because you are so different. One myth is to believe they are like all others we befriend - but this is far from true. Imagine anyone in society you would normally pass by without thought; the one who is poor or impoverished, or is it the rich one with airs or a totally different way of looking at the world. Is it an unusual looking foreigner, or a sickly person you normally wouldn't notice? Or someone so fit and healthy whilst we struggle with weight issues? Twins are unusual because they are meant to be. Although you share one soul, you will be quite different. Your soul wouldn't waste time having two similar lives, would it? Indeed not. So while it is a pleasant idea to have instant understanding with this person, this is another myth that often never eventuates.

Myth 4: Neither Of You Needs To Change

Who needs to do the most change? Perhaps it is both of you. Change will need to occur if you are to really get along together. Both will probably need to grow, but you will both resist the growth because who likes moving out of their comfort zone?

Neither will change from your most basic lifestyle or outlook on life, yet knowing each other will make you think hard. Many questions can be raised  such as have they wasted their life, lived it too fast, or not been careful of others? Do they treat people correctly, think of others and try to be their best loving soul? You're going to have to grow fast to hang out with them, and also learn not to judge. Our twins almost always represent something that we judge already in our set views. It won't matter who you are or how loving you think you are, twins change all of that and we find we need to take a new, less judgmental view of life.

Twin Flame Purpose

Myth 5: You Are Both At The Same Level

We often expect with our relationships that we are dating someone at our own level of experience, yet often we're dating people who have no idea of even simple things we may know. Unfortunately (and I can't change this) this is true of our twins as well. Your guy or girl could be a cheater, a scoundrel, a criminal, and who says they will simply "change" magically when they meet us? Some twins have no plans to change at all. They may be an accomplished liar and have no idea what to do with us when they meet us. It could be the most beautiful thing to them, but who says THEY won't mess it up? Who says they play fair? This myth actually brings us right into the next and last myth...

Myth 6: You Are Meant To Be Forever

So you have gotten through the first few months of knowing your twin, when many other flame relationships have already died out due to frustration or sheer misunderstanding. What do you do now? You're now ready to make your relationship a lot stronger. Despite what many people think, not all twin flames are MEANT to make it in a relationship. Often we are meant for others and our twin is meant as a friend, even if you do find them totally attractive or divine. You need to keep your head during this time to work out which of these is truly meant for you - friendship, relationship, or nothing. Who knows, maybe parting ways is how it is supposed to happen.

For the few, if it's a relationship that is on the cards then you are free to take the fast track to learning all about each other and moving forward together. This is the toughest myth however because people always assume they're meant to have a happily ever after, especially if they are twins. But it is not guaranteed that this is even your higher plan, which can come as a shock. We often have a lot of karma with our twin, involving issues that are impossible to solve all in one go. Or they are already married, or live far from you. Life serves us up some difficult dilemmas and not everything works like in the movies, all tied up with a bow.

The best thing we can do is appreciate our twin and thank whatever power for meeting them. Aren't you glad to have had that experience, and to cherish those memories? Even if your twin is someone you must sadly get over, there are still plentiful numbers of soul mates out there who will, if you're sensible, suit you better anyway. Life is a mish-mash of experience and we have to learn to make the best of things. Forgive your twin flame if they did disappoint you and eventually you can find the right person for you.

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