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Twin Flame Purpose & Mission

Twin Flame PurposeTwin Flame love is the highest expression of love we can find because our spiritual twin is our other half that was created in the flame at the moment we were. We all come in pairs, much like Mother/Father God, perhaps the ultimate pairing we can see. Cosmically speaking, we have our ultimate match that we are destined to rejoin when we are ready to ascend. We also have many other soulmates that we can link with romantically and have a close match with, spiritually speaking. Yet through our evolvement in this universe, our ultimate twin travels with us and is never far away. During this period in earth's history, many are meeting their twin flame in preparation for the ultimate reunion with their spiritual other half to carry on the love affair and cosmic pairing that was created just for them. To read more about what a twin flame is and what we have in common with them, this is explained in the article Twin Flame Reunion.

The Purpose Of Twin Flame Love

Why are so many people preparing to, and meeting, their twin flames right now, when we were not doing this in previous lifetimes? The answer is related to the earth we are living on and these unique times of Ascension.

The earth and society itself is changing and evolving quickly at this time. As a race, we have been allowed to fall significantly in vibration over the last 13 millenia and as such have moved far away from God and from love, exploring what it is to be in the dark. Those times are now over as we move back towards a higher state of being and move quickly towards Love - higher love, universal and unconditional love, which is our true state. Part of this important journey is discovering the real meaning of romantic love, and bringing this into higher state.

We begin to learn about unconditional love by meeting and reuniting with our Twin Flame.
This meeting sparks us to move in a new direction and explore love differently, remembering and moving towards a truer and more unselfish love. This in turn helps others and helps the planet to move forward in frequency or energy vibration. It brings the energy of unselfish love back into our world in a stronger and more meaningful way.

Are We Meant To Stay With Our Twins Forever?

Twin Flame Love

Essentially, reuniting with our twin is not an easy task, and most twins part again after only a short time. This common phenomena is discussed in the article Twin Flame Separation. There are particular and unique difficulties associated with twin flames coming together. The first few tries will probably not "take"; however the effort is not wasted! For as we work our way towards our twin, we come a bit further each time. It may be that we are not supposed to stay with our beloved twin for the whole of this lifetime. Each relationship is unique, yet there is a pattern to these reunions as the problems are similar for each couple.

In my case, meeting and knowing who my twin is, is enough for me. Often twins can be born into completely different circumstances, locations, cultures or can have large differences in age. So being with this cherished person may not work and may not have enough interest. They may be too completely different in their outlook on life; they may not even be interested in a long term relationship with us because they see us as too different. Yet despite this, the connection may be the strongest soul connection we ever come across. The energy doesn't lie, and we know we are looking at the other part of us.

Who Is Saving Who?

It may be they enter into our life at the exact moment when we need them, we need to know that there truly is our exact spiritual match who exists in the universe. Maybe knowing that is enough. Or do we save them, coming to them to teach them of love when they are so confused about it, perhaps not believing in love or giving up on it? One or both flame may be cynical about romantic love, or could be unevolved (being involved in bad behaviour regarding romantic love). Whatever the reason for the meeting, it will shake up both flames in a way that changes them forever.

Because twin flame love is unbreakable, all we can do as twins is continue to move closer to each other, continue to evolve more towards each other. Where other people may never give us the incentive to evolve, or strive to understand love, our twin will be that incentive. If it doesn't happen after meeting them, they or we will look back after the fact and begin to evolve when ready to do so. The experience is never lost or wasted. Meeting our twin is sacred, and it will change both flames at some point for the better.

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