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How To Meet & Know Your Twin Flame

Twin flame meetings usually occur in unexpected circumstances or very odd ways, yet there are ways we can recognize them from the beginning. We can, for example, meet them during a freak accident and your twin flame is the paramedic, or you are lost in a storm, soaking wet and your flame pulls over to give you directions. Whilst its true we can't force a twin flame meeting, we can prepare, be ready and know what to expect.

There are certain surprising signs that someone is our twin flame, and this twin flame phenomenon may not feel real until it happens. The meeting is certainly a spiritual occurrence; in fact it goes beyond that. We are never truly separate from that one who is part of our heart, who is our exact mirror - but meeting them whilst on Earth is a special experience, one that fits with this era of time. To find out more about what a twin flame is, read this article first.

Twins Souls Meet In Unusual Circumstances

meeting twin flamesOne of the circumstances of meeting our twins, something we have all agreed to, is that we will come across them in very unusual circumstances. It won't usually be an ordinary meeting, like at a social event or at work. There will be something odd about the meeting. It will catch us completely by surprise.

I met my twin whilst being pushed into attending a dodgy activity. It was the last thing on my mind. There was an extraordinary energy around the entire activity, an energy of expectation with many reunions occurring on a soul level, not just ours. How did you meet your twin? Chances are it was odd in some way.

One Twin Will Be Experiencing Crisis

One twin, not both, will be either going through an extremely difficult crisis, or will have just exited a crisis. Not an ordinary test, but an extreme, once-in-a-lifetime test where something very bad or traumatic has occurred. The meeting will be extremely well timed to help that twin get over whatever they have just gone through. The twin who is the helper will be more experienced in some way and can teach the traumatised twin ways to deal with life.

Instant, Deep Recognition That Is Shocking

There is no swimming around in the shallow end for twin souls. You will know each other and you won't be able to deny it. It will be completely unexpected, although for many who research this topic without first meeting their twins, the shock may be lessened somewhat. Its in the eyes. Sounds corny but it is like looking at your best friend, looking deep into yourself. Even if your twin is a twit, and some of them are, you will make allowances, seeing beyond their shortfalls, and you will need to know more. You will need to be around them and discover why you know them so well, why you are so instantly connected.

First Meeting Of Twin Flames

first meetingsIf you don't connect on the first meeting by talking to each other, then you may not immediately get that sense of recognition. It is not a foregone conclusion either if you see your twin from a distance. As soon as there is a personal meeting of some kind, where one or both interact with the other, it isn't necessarily obvious.

You might be attracted in different ways at first. For me, I saw my twin and thought he was this really 'cool' guy, but hadn't yet had a personal moment with him. He was magnetic to many people in the group because it was a soul group, with many from the same soul. There were soul mates all over the place. But as soon as we connected properly and consciously took an interest in one another, it became instantly powerful and soulful.

Tips For First Meetings

Once you have recognised that this person is indeed your twin flame, be aware of the common pitfallsof these relationships and make an effort to take the smart path. Be thoughtful of this relationship over any other relationship you may have had. Know what you are doing by not blurting things out or creating negative feelings too quickly between you. There is only one twin for each of us, so special mindfulness does help things along.

Know that twin flames bring up deep issues that already exist inside each of them. We tend to avoid our painful issues and refuse to process them. But when we meet our twin and these same issues surface, it is very hard to continue ignoring them. We must face the pain we ran from. This is one reason why this meeting is so powerful and why most twin flames separate. Be aware of this and read up on twin flames to gain that bit of knowledge that may help navigation through this quagmire of emotions and/or pain.

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