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Twin Flame Eyes

The eye contact between twin flame couples can be enough to make them question all they have known and really get them thinking. It can be intense and certainly memorable. It can also be the most comforting or confusing thing to happen to someone ever. What is it about the eyes?

This article is going to look at this relationship through the meeting of the eyes. If you haven't met your twin flame yet then you can learn what to expect through this famous joining. It is a connection with your closest soul mate, part of your own self much like a twin. The eyes are going to jolt you and there is no question about it.

Twin Flame Eyes

Eye Contact

Eyes are very important when it comes to romance and even friendship. We communicate so much with others and it shows in our eyes - the windows to our souls.

It is true also that eyes can never lie. If you are intuitive, you can tell real love from what may be deemed fake, or forced, through the eyes. How often do we simply stare into the eyes of those we love, drawing strength from them and the sense of comfort and love.

I won't paint over this because the eyes of your twin flame are going to seem familiar, and you will feel like you have known this person in times gone past, like it is with a soulmate. However, it is going to be much more intense. Their eyes may baffle you with their feeling. Honestly, it can be like staring into your own eyes for the feeling that is conveyed. It can be too intense for some.

Some people start to run as soon as they meet each other because they are assaulted by feelings they never expected to feel. There can be a very intense passion and even obsession. It is common for twins to become utterly obsessed with each other, even if they run. The runners are not less intense but often more intense - to the point where they can't handle it. Its not a lack of love but often because there is so much love. We never learn what to do with these feelings. Because we are assaulted by them, we don't even know where to start to sort out all the feelings.

Connection Through The Eyes

Twin flames can often calm themselves by sitting and staring into each others eyes. The understanding between you can never go away, as with other lovers. Have you ever loved someone to then slowly grow apart until you no longer know who they even are? This never happens with twins. We have that advantage of ALWAYS connecting deeply through the eyes. The eyes never lie, remember?

It is quite difficult to stay together due to the nature of the twin flame relationship. One person usually runs, then karma comes into play and it can take a long time for twins to reconcile, if ever in this lifetime. Most of us don't make it and were probably not meant to make it. But we can always remember their eyes, and draw strength from the memory of their kindness, strength and knowledge. You never forget your twin flame's eyes.

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