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Twin Flame Depression, Pain Or Sadness


Are you feeling blue because you are in the Separation Stage of the twin flame reunion? You are not alone. Most of these special reunions, including my own, hit us hard and can bring us to our knees. What we do know is that when twin flames separate, there are compelling spiritual reasons for it. It is never a failure, it is a Phase of the relationship, although it IS painful. If nothing else, we must always remember that the separation part is temporary and (I agree with many who say this) it is needed and is a part of the ultimate reunion that is coming. What I do know is that time has an amazing way to heal us, and allow us to see a bigger picture. It is never the end.

You see, twin flames do eventually reunite because, forgetting the earthly situations we find ourselves in, twins have an Eternal love union as exact soul mirrors of each other. Twins literally can't break up in the greater scheme of things. We are stuck with them and them with us. They are our bliss, and always will be. Our hearts cannot be torn asunder. Yes there are separations, as part of our planned journey, but a reunion once begun, will complete itself at some point, we can be sure of it.

Feeling Blue Or Sad Over A Break Up - Take Hope

blue rose

Knowledge of the reasons for separation can help lessen the common depression, pain and sadness that results from such separations. We all go through this at some stage, often for quite a period before we can gain some distance and healing. There is a purpose behind it and eventually we exit this separation cycle once and for all.

We can survive separation with our twin flame and learn to handle the situation, even if we cry a lot or need counseling. How long it lasts depends on many factors such as karma, lessons and how quickly we can let go of ego, blame and judgment. It is a period of self learning, but the reward for all of this pain is worth it.

Will My Soul Flame Return To Me?

The answer is yes, either sooner or later, but we cannot determine the timing. There appears to be an element of divine timing when it comes to twin flames. We certainly reunite when we have left this earthly plane (and truly we never separate from them), but whilst on earth, we can have different life paths and can only appear to each other for a limited time together until we need to go our own ways again.

We learn more when we are around other souls, for our own soul is intimately close and familiar to us. This is why it is heaven. Yet it may not be our earthly assignment to stay with our twin; of course it depends. They may have karma elsewhere with others which they must complete in this lifetime.

"Once both twins have completed all romantic karma with others, they are ready to come together for good, be it in this lifetime or in the afterlife."

Moving Out Of Depression

How can we more quickly leave the depression stage? If you are anything like me, I was obsessed with my twin because to me he was the ultimate man, even with all his faults. He had the qualities that I wanted in myself. Rather than work on my own growth and evolution, I wanted to get it the easy way, by being with him. Depression is a result of attachment, so how do we detach from the thing we want most in the world?

It isn't easy, and unfortunately there isn't a magic pill for this depression. Some medications might help us to avoid depression, but to truly get through it, we must travel through all the feelings and stages and feel it. We have to know the emotions, we have to know the pain, before we can release it. My separation with my twin brought up existing issues - abandonment issues. I wasn't so much working through him being gone, but other issues from my past that the separation triggered within me. It was heavy going. He simply did to me what others had done, and I hit an all time low that was perfectly dreadful.

We work through depression by looking at our issues, and slowly, over time, finding a way to heal those issues. We feel pain, but we have to work out why. Strangely it can take time to release the pain; with twins it is a terrible pain like no other, and it takes time. We have to be very gentle with ourself. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Ask your angels to send you healing.

Blaming Our Twin For Our Pain

Many people say it is wrong to blame our twin. At some point we have to own our pain as our own creation. Whilst all this is true, few can truly do this when the pain is new and raw. There will probably be blame, no matter how we intellectually try not to place blame. This too fades as time goes by. We grow and mature, and we learn from our twin flame interlude. In a way, it is true that we have to separate before we can unite for good. We must be strong enough to stand alone, and balanced enough to forgive both them and ourself. We have to heal and be complete before we can ascend with our twin.

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