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What Happens When The Chaser Gives Up?

Its a challenge to be the Twin Flame Chaser in a relationship where one person is perpetually Running; I know this from personal experience. The twin flame chaser is not a pleasant experience because you have no control in this situation. At least the runner has some control and may end up wanting to make a relationship work out. In my example, I was the chaser for three years of my life, yet when my twin flame finally showed interest and wanted to talk to me, I actually ran even though I didn't want to. Why would I do this?

Twin Flames

The answer is that there is a lot of karma in twin flame relationships and after three years of dreaming, hoping and obsessing, I finally found myself in a situation where he was interested in me, and showed that he wanted to talk to me. So what did I do? I began to run, even though I didn't want to. It is almost like I needed to balance the karma he had made between us by his own running.

I ended up running for exactly three years, after which I never saw him again. We only saw each other occasionally but it stopped at that mark, perhaps because the karma was balanced. I was a twin flame chaser who gave up.

I suppose I thought I'd been messed around with for too long and so I booted the whole idea of him. Whilst he was chasing me and I was now running even though I loved the idea of us together. But, I had pause now to wonder if any of it was worth it - plus there was the fear. There was also disgust, I'll admit it. I was still obsessed with this man but he was no longer the new, shiny knight in shining armor. He was the man who had shattered my heart in a cruel way and I was feeling fear, but also love.

I always thought the love was stronger, but it turns out karma was a stronger force. Although I wanted to be with him in every fiber of my being, I just couldn't make the jump. He had to pay for what he had done to me (though not in a vengeful sense) and I literally didn't have a choice.

But sometimes men or women do this to us. I have been in other relationships that weren't soul connected, and the man was so confident that he could lie to me and I wouldn't leave. Yet I got over him from infatuation at its highest into disgust in only a few months (Yes, I was proud of myself). He thought he could mess with me for a long time, and maybe he could have if done right, but I knew too much about him on a psychic level. It went from 'I love you' to 'You make me sick' very quickly, until the thought of touching him made me want to hurl. It didn't work out for him either.

Not all Twin Flames are meant to be together in life. I knew this when I was around him. But I wanted it anyway.

I don't believe that twin flames are ever meant to be enemies. We should meet them and, if not in an active relationship, we should learn how to forge a friendship with them. Yet often, we simply aren't mature enough. The feelings between us are too intense, or they may have a bad idea around relationships, i.e. we must fight or be at odds. Your twin flame may just be a pig; or may be accustomed to using people. What we do get from the experience is lessons and growing as a person. Many times we do fight and move on, and this is a shame. Yet we learn from our experiences and we should thank our twin flame and be glad.

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I saw him again, yet I very much doubt that would happen. It is hard to surrender to someone who treated you shabbily, even if he did pay the price for it. The thing for me is that I stopped chasing of my own accord, it happened the second he began to chase me. I never planned to run. It seemed that fate was sealed when he ran from me. I would only want to be friends with this person and I am no longer obsessed. We were not supposed to be together in this lifetime due to massive age and other differences between us, and I can see that now.

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