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9 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

A Spiritual Awakening is a powerful initiation or wake up call where, often suddenly and out of the blue, we awaken to previously hidden or unknown aspects to our life, world and indeed universe. Most of mankind slumbers in a kind of amnesia whereby they believe the world is entirely physical and governed solely by matter, without any kind of spiritual side at all.

A spiritual awakening is when the mind opens and becomes aware through immediate proof or belief that there is something "more" out there, beyond the mundane. This kind of awakening inevitably leads to a quest for learning - often a ravenous need to read and learn all that can be of spiritual and metaphysical subjects. This quest is nearly always pleasant and rewarding, with many avenues for the student to travel down in order to find the teachers or teachings that suit them best.

Spiritual Awakening

The topic of spiritual awakening is broad, so lets break it down into the various stages one goes through on this journey of the soul. These stages can also work as signs that you are going through an awakening.

1. Eyes Begin To Open

Before our awakening, most of us are entirely in sync with the world's popular media, and synced with the most prevalent level of human consciousness. When unawakened, many tend to be followers, without too much independent thought, believing in a trusting way all they are told about our story on Earth. We unconsciously uphold the consensus reality (versus the true reality) believing authority even when we may suspect that authority is dishonest or has vested interests in keeping us asleep.

The first step to true spiritual awakening is a spontaneous opening of the mind, allowing the first light of truth dawn, shining into the dark corners of our minds and revealing the secrets right under our noses. This new light of consciousness causes us to look at the world anew. The pure shock of awakening is the very first stage of a journey that can radically change every part of our life thus far.

Everyone becomes ready to awaken at some point, whether in this life or a future life. Spiritual awakenings are becoming more common as our planet is flooded with the literal light of higher vibrations, via the galactic gateway of our sun. We awaken at different times and at different speeds. We are all destined to awaken, it is just a question of when.

2. We Search For New Answers, New Meaning

We become aware that something is very new about who we are, buried beneath our old earth persona. We find a startling spiritual self that already contains a lot of wisdom that we were previously unaware of. We also instinctively know that we need to start on this new journey alone.

It is a very personal journey into the unknown. Most likely all of our friends are still slumbering away, unawakened and happy to remain in the world/paradigm they are used to. Although we try, we find it difficult to confide in them because they cannot relate to our new direction. We seem to straddle two worlds now, still understanding the old paradigm, but open to following our quest towards an unknown horizon. We search tirelessly for answers and meaning, alone. We spend time alone to assimilate what we are becoming. We cannot turn back nor ignore the urge forward; once awakened, we cannot ever slumber again. New truths cannot be unlearned and our higher self is trying to integrate into our earth self so that it can walk the earth in a higher state.

Books and the internet become our new best friends as the old sources of media  seem false, shallow and missing the point. We discover happily that the world is FULL of awakened individuals, literally millions of them, who have written books, have websites, run spiritutally oriented businesses, produce spiritual products, or hang out online to share stories, wisdom and experience. We don't have to dig deep to find vast networks of like-minded people all sharing this journey and all awakened to the truth that we are spiritual beings living in a spiritual world.

3. A Drive To Better Ourself

Before long, the spiritually awakened person begins to develop an interest in becoming better, evolving more quickly, and dropping any harmful habits towards themself and others. We don't want to walk; we want to RUN. We are heading towards the light, and start to intensely work on lifting our own darker or shadow side, without judgment. We all have to do this at some point. We work at our own pace to let go of negative thinking, judgment and harmful behaviour towards others. We learn to be kind and forgiving to ourself as well. We begin to embrace our nurturing and loving side, and wish to become love in all that we do. We never finish this because there is always more ways we can improve ourself.

4. Our Career Path May Begin To Change

Light of AwakeningWe either begin to work in our present career or job in a more spiritual way, or we may even decide to change career direction entirely if it is our path to align to a specific spiritual calling. We do this naturally after we have spent some time first getting used to our awakening. During the initial stages of awakening, most of our changes are on the inside, which is where we should focus early on. Try not to skip this wonderful inward journey of deep change in consciousness, as it sets us in good stead for our journey. We never need to hurry our awakening - "go with the flow" is good advise.

After the initial inner changes are cemented, we begin to focus more outwardly and start to change our actual lifestyle to suit who we have become. We may change our eating habits, exercise habits, and also buying habits, for example buying only organic products including things like shampoos and all toiletries, makeup or cleaning products. We suddenly snap out of the brainwashing that had our shopping baskets awash with chemicals, and look further afield.

5. Growing Out Of Our Previous Life

Perhaps we used to worship money, status, power or even celebrities, but all of that drops by the wayside as a useless waste of time. None of the above can ever take us to the prize we are chasing, to fulfill a more spiritual destiny, to help people, to evolve, to be harmless (balance karma), and to help restore the natural balance of ourself and our planet/environment.

The downside to spiritual awakening is that we start to leave people behind in droves. We can find it difficult to relate to some friends and family members when such an awakening changes us completely at the deepest of levels. Millions of people have gone through such awakenings, and there is light at the end of this confusing tunnel. New friends are made who will also speak the new language that you yourself are learning.

6. Becoming More Sensitive

As you evolve spiritually, as your energy ascends in vibration and your chakras evolve, you become much more sensitive to energy, especially negative energies. You are becoming more psychic. In the harsh, lower version of this world, most people protect themselves using negative energy. Sending negative energy out constantly to others and the world tends to halt much incoming negative energy, so they feel a sense of being protected by maintaining a closed or cynical mind, constantly being a naysayer, or laughing at and belittling positive ideas, actions and people. An unawakened person can be toxic to all they touch - they do this probably to protect their soft inner side, their inner child, or to take down others before they themself can be "harmed".

After an awakening, ALL of this drops away, exposing us to harm from others. As we develop our harmless side, wishing to create harmony, we are more open than ever to attack. However, as we become more sensitive, open and loving in nature, we find new ways to protect ourself, learn new tools of coping (refusing to use the old negative coping mechanisms) and are able to lovingly deflect others. We then gravitate away from those who mean harm to us. We also are no longer willing to suffer abuse in any way, from anyone. Our spiritual side makes us stronger than those who are naysayers. Positivity and love trumps negativity.

7. Finding Our Higher Spiritual Purpose In Life

We are all created with a Higher Purpose, and we are all designed to "wake up" at some point. What is your Higher Purpose? Some people take longer to find theirs, whilst others know immediately. A Higher Purpose will definitely co-inside with your talents and where your heart lies. We ENJOY whatever our purpose is, and we've probably refined this purpose previously in past lives, so we'll be naturally at ease with it and already possess refined skills.

8. We Develop Faith & A Connection To Our Guides, Angels Or God

Connect To GuidesA Major part of a spiritual awakening is an unshakable knowing that we are being guided by benevolent forces (be it angels or God) and that we are here to help others. Our faith will become resolute and unbreakable.

Many in the world who are lost live in a state of fear for the future, constantly worrying or focusing on what "could" go wrong. This may take awhile to master, but we can eventually come into a knowing that we're protected, and that fear is a waste of valuable energy. We learn to focus in the Now moment and stay there, having faith that even if something bad happened, we are able to fix, conquer or overcome it. We learn to drop whatever it is that is burdening our mind, so that we can become even lighter.

We still have issues but we no longer fear them, simply working to release or heal those issues in an unruffled fashion. We seek new and higher ways to deal with all issues or conflicts that come our way. We get creative in finding new ways to do this, wholeheartedly believing that we have the resources inside ourself to solve any problem. We also take advantage of giving the issue over to the angels/God when we need extra help or guidance.

9. Strong Self Love, Self Belief, No One Can Hold Us Down

We are, at long last, at home in this universe. We belong here. We are loved whilst the angels have our back. The old illusion that we're flawed, not as good, not as rich, not as "much" as others is blown out of the water. As we love ourself, we are more enabled to be generous with that love to others. We have knowledge which no one can take away. We are who we're meant to be when deciding to be born on this world.

We can be an example to others and remain above the drama that still plagues those who are yet slumbering. Give yourself time to discover all that you are, all that you can be. We can smile knowing there are no wrong turns, only learning and lessons. We are always forgiven by God. All of us are created in PERFECTION, and the secret is out! All we have to do is to have fun, grow, learn and share in this playground called Earth. We will always be spiritual, divine beings. What could be more perfect than that?

To read about Starseed Awakening (waking up to being a starseed) then go here.

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