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Starseed Awakening Stories

A Starseed Awakening is when a person first begins to release themself from the ordinary human matrix of thought and begin to remember who they are and where they came from prior to their birth. Often it can occur hand in hand with a spiritual awakening. This kind of awakening inevitably leads to a quest for learning - often a ravenous need to read and learn all that can be of spiritual and metaphysical subjects. To understand more about starseed awaking, visit Traits Of A Starseed, or The 9 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening. Below is an account from a reader of their unique, starseed awakening.

Spiritual Awakening

Story From 'B'

"About 4 years ago, I met a man who had a $5k machine from NASA that could read your energetic signature aka auras. My aura emanated green with a bright white at the crown, I remember speaking to him and asking him how can I learn to feel subtle energy. What he did next changed the way I perceive things. I've learned about body language and his arms were crossed so I told him that his arms are blocking the energetic exchange. Once I said that, he put his arms down and I was engulfed by this wave energy, the air was around us became charged, it was a significant shift. He studied reiki and other holistic healing modales. This rocked my world. I started studying the chakras, crystals, lucid dreaming, astral projection, eating better, and meditation.

About 3 years ago, I was sleeping when all of a sudden my eyes snapped open, what I saw next still has me asking questions. I opened my eyes and there was a thin silver cord coming out of my forehead, from my POV it looked like a light gray tornado, I could see inside the center. The cord went all the way up through my roof. Suddenly, 3 bright blue orbs the size of big grapefruits descended from the ceiling where the cord went through which was directly above my head. I remember being sooo still and calm as all this happened. The 3 orbs came down and passed through my head.

I can easily validate this experience. 1. I stayed awake long after the experience, wondering what had happened. I immediately wrote the experience down in a journal. 2. Prior to having experienced these 3 blue orbs, i had been learning about astral projection, what I had known at the time, from reading others' experiences, is that there is a thin silver astral cord connecting your physical body to your astral body. But what I saw that same thing coming out of my forehead. Immediately after that experience I also went online wondering if the astral cord came out of your third eye. Alas, it does! My staying awake validated the experience to me because I know myself and how I transition out of a dream, but the cord information confirmed it totally. In my opinion, I had just experienced some sort of extraterrestrial contact.

What's odd is that I didn't give it too long of thought the next day, I remained calm and receptive to my daily life. But the night after the event, when I went to bed and started dreaming, was different from any dream I had. I have the most intense lucid dream of floating above our galaxy. In that moment, i remember telling myself, "don't forget".

After these two events, my life changed radically. The best way I could describe it, is that I was receiving downloads of information from my dream state, into my wake state. I became interested in where Humanity came from, who created the pyramids, and fascinated by astral projection. Information just came to me simply by focusing on a question. Like, "what purpose do the pyramids serve, who made them, why?" Images in the form of thoughts came to me with words id say to myself in my mind, such as "spaceport" "Tesla" "Ancient Free energy source device". I had images of huge circular space crafts landing at the top of central pyramid in Egypt.

I learned about the existence of the Akashic Records, a galactic recorder of events that stored everything that's ever happened. I understand now that this is where the information came to me, and that is "activation" of sorts had to do with these 3 blue orbs.

Over the next 3 years I started focusing on refining my and heightening my consciousness through kundalini activation, mediation and eating pure raw foods. I was in utter awe with all the  information that streamed into my consciousness. My habits changed dramatically, where I would stop doing a specific bodily mechanical task the wrong way twice, know I'd get the same result, to taking a second to observe and play out my next movement in my head, then acting them out in a swift correct manner. I started to see bodies has conscious organic machines(lack of better word) capable of being programmed to do absolutely anything the user wanted them to do. (Them= the body) I understood that I am not my thoughts. My thoughts are produced by my brain to break down external stimuli, our environment, a huge programmer of our consciousness aka societal mass beliefs, which are not all great..limiting even. I became the silent observer behind my thoughts.

This is where it got really interesting. I became aware of what kind of thoughts my mind would produce in the presence of friends. With certain friend I would produce thoughts such as "I'm not good enough" "what is this person thinking of me".. I knew these weren't my thoughts because I'd spend my time being silent and observing. I felt that it was a form of telepathy I was learning through meditation and constantly being the silence observing my thoughts. The more silent I became, the more harmonized my thoughts became, where things like "I can't do it" naturally became "if I move my body in this specific motion I can do it". I suppose telepathy goes beyond words but we're all telepathic naturally, this goes into magnetism and walking into a room and feeling the "vibes" off of people, knowing who your more likely to gravitate toward. School of fish move in a singular cohesive movement all at once, flocks of birds navigate together in triangular formation. I believe humanity has this innate ability. We just have to tune into it by letting go of low vibrational thoughts (people pick up on them consciously or un) this is how you can tell if someone is lying or being honest. It goes into the physical too, because that is part of everything; body language!

This is a lot longer than intended, but it's so much and I know a lot of people are experiencing this. I believe it has to do with the polar shift the ancients predicted. The magnetics of the planet intimately influence the way our brain hemispheres interact.

Also, I recently learned that a lot of people have had similar experiences of coming in contact with blue orbs just like I described. Upon research that lead me to learn about people like David Wilcock and Corey Goode, and websites like In5d, Golden Age of Gaia, and  Higher Density Blog, i learned that these orbs come from a place closer to the center of the galaxy, their consciousness functions at a higher octave than ours because they've had millions of more years of evolution. Apparently they are known to us as the Blue Sphere Alliance and they have/are visiting people to activate them into higher states of consciousness. This makes sense to me and explains my sudden change in perception and understanding of this reality we experience. We live in a sea of infinite creation. Every star is a sun, a solar system hosting many civilizations different to our own. I believe we truly are waking up from a loss of an inner knowing we had prior to Atlantis - where we were genetically modified by reptilian entities who are referenced all over ancient civilizations and the popular Bible- and were not alone in this wonderful process.

Look up the Anunnaki! Also know as the Elohim in the Bible "giants that came from the sky" our real history is all over places like Egypt, Sumer, the Mayans, and the list goes on. Our world is NOT what we've been lead to believe by the elitists of the world who collectively own all the companies that sell us our food, technologies, and media (music, movies and news). I choose to not believe the very people who pollute our air, water, and genetically modify our food. These people clearly don't want us to wake up because it would mean the inevitable downfall of their companies, and their influence on societal programming, belief systems, what's considered "normal" through movies, tv shows, music, and news, a heavily intimate part of our instilled beliefs; filters on the lens we use to perceive and understand our reality.

Well, this concludes what I had the intention of sharing with all who read this.

"Reality is stranger than fiction."

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