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Definition Of Soulmates

Types Of Soulmates Soulmates range from close family members, to inseparable friends, to intense love relationships. In fact, there are up to 7 different types of soulmates we encounter who travel with us on our soul journey. In all of these close relationships, there is a certain "something special" we experience in the very close bond that seems to occur naturally and without effort.

When you are around other soulmates, you can sense it immediately from the way they look at each other, to the way they finished each other's thoughts and giggle together in complete synchronicity as though they had only one heart and mind between them. There can be no mistaking the soulmate energy and connection that is special because we only get a few true soulmates during our lifetime.

Past Life Connections

All Soulmates have typically known each other before in another time and place. This is either in a past lifetime (an earlier incarnation) or even between lifetimes. We have literally lived these other lifetimes with the same partner/friend/family member over and over again. Why? Usually because we share karma with them and an extremely close bond. They are good for us and we are good for them, so we meet up during our lifetimes to travel together, support each other or to work/raise a family together. They are like a mirror to our own heart - looking at them is like looking at another part of ourself.

Soulmates Share Many Things In Common

Of course soulmates share many things in common, from our attitudes to what constitutes our basic inner make up. Conversations between soulmates are often lively, fraught with meaning that only they understand, and are a fun affair. They share their own little world together and come alive when around each other. There is an instant recognition when two soulmates first meet. They may seem strangely familiar but you can't quite put your finger on it. This is how it is with them, an often instant friendship that can last your whole lifetime through.

Soulmates genuinely want the other to be happy. Even if they fight, it will never get totally down and dirty, for they will seek to be friends again sooner rather than later. It is not natural for soulmates to feud (unless that is written into their lifeplan before birth in order to impart a particular life lesson). Their love, and intimate understanding and empathy of the other, will in most cases smooth things over again as they seek genuine reconnection.

Issues, Lessons & Karma

Soulmates change each other on deep levels, nearly always bringing out the best in each other. They can also trigger issues in each other, and appear in our life to teach each other important lessons. The natural understanding between soulmates should help to cushion the lessons and issues. Only if there is very difficult karma or past-life energy involved does it become too difficult for soulmates to stay together.

Karmic Soulmates

One of you may be the "teacher" in the relationship, subtly passing on your knowledge to the other when it can help them. You could be the steadying influence, the stable one, or the one with the resources who can help out. In truth, you will both be helping each other equally but in different ways, working together always as a team.

Soulmates have our back in any situation. Even if we break up over some fight, they will always help us in an emergency or are there for support when it is really needed.

Twin Flame Reunion

We only have One unique Twin Flame, the soul fragment that was created at the exact instant we were from our larger soul energy collective. It is the one person who is our exact twin in creation, the one we are spiritually married to for all time. See Twin Flame Reunion.

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