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When Your Soul Sets You Up

What is a Set Up and why would our Soul create this for us? Souls regularly set us up in order to move us in a new direction that we are not planning. We come into life with something called a Soul Plan and our soul is always anxious to keep us to this plan. But how do set-ups affect us? What is a set-up and how can we tell if we are inside one? It can be tricky but there are ways of knowing and sometimes we can even read the signs so we can recognise when a certain set-up will be good for us.

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What Is A Set-Up?

A set up will usually seem like a negative event that disrupts our usual routine, but then it turns out to have positive consequences that lead us in a new direction that the soul wants us to travel in. The set up is planned by the soul, and we have little choice to follow where it leads.

The subject of set-ups goes well with soul planning because so much of what we do and where we end up is a result of things we have done before. We all have karma that we earned from past actions and these literally 'set up' where we go in the future. However, sometimes we need some kind of event to push us into a future circumstance or course of action. We may have fate but what pushes us to pursue this fate? It is usually some kind of event or action that makes us change course and travel on a new path. When the event is positive we count it as luck. But when a negative event is needed to change our course, we call it a set-up.

For example, maybe you are supposed to live in a certain property which is perfect for you but you are too busy living in a shared house, and you feel no urge towards moving whatsoever. Everything is cosy and rosy and you feel happy. Then a house mate gets a boyfriend who you can't stand, and they are always at the house looking at your bedroom because they want to move in. This seems like a very annoying problem and you wish it never happened. After a short while you realise you need to leave that house and so you find your dream house or flat. In the end, it turns out to be a very positive experience even though it was not easy or happy at the time.

This experience is exactly what I mean by a set up. It brings change where you wanted none. Something outside of you, be it circumstance or other people, force you to change your path, which is not enjoyed at first. But in the long run, you finally see the good in it and are glad. Now that you have your own house, you are able to do a million things you couldn't do before.

Another example may be you get rudely fired from your present job, and we all know that this is not a fun experience. Suddenly your security is threatened and you spend many sleepless nights. But in the end you find an even better job or you begin a new venture which eventually turns into a successful business. This was brought on by your own soul, or your own Higher Self, to move you in the best direction. It was planned. We freak out when things seem to go 'wrong', yet we simply reacted badly to something that turned out to be a good thing.

Once, I was driving along towards some traffic lights which were turning red. I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to put down my foot and race through the lights, which I consequently did successfully. Upon the other side however, a car came out of a car park and just lightly hit the side of me. I pulled over to find a small dent in my car. I was very upset and shaken though.

The good part of this story is that I got the man's details and ended up being given about a thousand dollars from his insurance. I did not spend the money on the car, which was very old, but used it on an overseas trip I had planned. It wasn't until I got overseas that I realised I needed the extra cash. So even though the crash left me feeling a bit frazzled, it turned out really well for me. The urge to race through the lights was definitely from angels as it came from outside of me. Angels can make us do things like this in order to protect us, or bring about other circumstances. Many people report having an urge to accelerate a car suddenly when in danger, to move out of the way, even if they were unaware of the danger.

Recently, I got a flat tire and I missed a day of work that I was looking forward to. I was unhappy this happened but I began to wonder if this was a set-up. Maybe it was to prevent another kind of accident. I had the tire replaced only to learn that my two front tires were very old (13 years old) and desperately needed replacing. Perhaps that was the plan from the start, perhaps my car was unsafe and this was the only way to bring it to my attention. I felt like maybe it was a set-up from my soul. Now my car feels amazing when I drive it because it steers so much easier.

Often when we lose a job, lose money, something breaks, or even our house burns down, we get very upset and curse the situation. These days, I always try to stop that and look at it from Spirit's point of view. Nothing is ever random; everything has a reason. I look for reasons, I look for something better that can come from what happened.

Recently, a boyfriend got very unfriendly with me, making it clear he wanted to hurt me. To my utter shock, another man who I liked a lot stepped forward to protect me. I now have someone new and wonderful, who has been protective several times. It wouldn't have happened otherwise. So thank you old boyfriend for trying to hurt me, it turned out very good for me in the end.

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