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10 Signs Of Your Soul Group

The members of our 'Soul Group' were created when we were as companions who could understand us intrinsically, making them eternal members. They are part of our own soul and they strive to grow just as we do. They may be on earth or they could be in another dimension somewhere else although usually they travel together and would be on or around the earth.

We also have several larger soul groups, in fact we have ever-widening soul groups that get larger and larger as we go; for example, the entire earth human race is a soul family or group if we were to look at it. However, our very intimate soul group is a set of individuals who are closest to us spiritually speaking, and who also exchange lessons on a Soul level. All of our lessons are shared within the Soul, making them very like us in all ways. To read about so-called Soul Family, you may go here, for our soul family isn't as close and these lessons are not shared.

Soul Group

Our Soul Group is composed of individuals both incarnated with us and others who are still in spirit form. A soul may split into 12 people who, in effect, are all One; they share one soul. We are not the only person who came out of our soul. These other 11 people are all very special to us although we may not share karma nor spend too much time together in this life.

Our soul also has its own family of other souls. It is part of a family tree if you like. There are other souls out there who are very close to our own soul, they carry a very similar vibration that is just a little different to ours. They are the same age as our soul and were created together as well. If you met a person from a sister soul they would seem very similar to yourself. Although not exactly the same, you would have a feeling of this, like they were a brother or sister in spirit. You'd probably sit back and notice this though not say anything for there is no personal feeling between you, yet there is still something strong evident. Your souls are probably best friends, but maybe you never met them in any lifetime before.


It is like a tree when we look at souls, that branch out in different directions. In fact, they all go back to this ONE original trunk, or one original 'being' that is very vast. We could call that being mother/father God. At the highest level, we originally came from God and are made out of God stuff. This 'stuff' then branched out again and again, until at last there were humans. Our Higher Self is a part of us at a higher level - and on this present level we find that we are human playing a human game.

Our Oversoul gave birth to the soul. This oversoul is also us at a higher level. Above the oversoul there is something larger, then larger again. Mother/father God is the God of this universe, but not the end. God came from something we may call the Creator or the Source. To look at things this way, we are all One Being who is playing endlessly with itself, or different versions of itself who may not recognise this fact. We are actually One in a real sense. We divided and divided until we became a whole lot of sentient beings with differences, yet at the highest level we are a part of God. This is the direction we head in throughout our lives, always upwards and closer to the divine.

So this Oversoul is a greater being that has 12 Souls under it. These you can call brother and sister souls (although the soul has no gender of itself as it is both male and female). If each soul has 12 people stemming from it and sharing with each other, then each Oversoul has 144 people (12 x 12). You could say these all come from roughly the same Soul Group and are all spiritually related. They share what they learn during their lifetime as it flows into the oversoul for common knowledge that the 144 can assess.

10 Signs Of Your Soul Group

We all met people from our Soul Group from time to time. The list below are shared traits and characteristics with our soul group that make it easier to tell if someone is directly within our soul group. To know if someone is from a brother or sister soul, they would seem quite like yourself only it would be a lot less intense.

1. It's very obvious that this person is just like you, its like looking at yourself. You get a strong feeling when around them, like an uncanny feeling but it always feels very good.

2. They can be male or female, any age or nationality, but all you see is how they are just like you.

3. They often think and say the same as you, perhaps just before you can say the same thing. Energetically they are the same as who you are. Their frequency or vibrational signature is equal to yours.

4. You've known them in past lifetimes and they actually feel like family to you. You can sit down to talk to them without a worry in the world. You feel totally at home with them - they are home.

5. They are very curious about you as well. No matter how much you are curious about them, they want to talk and ask you questions. They may have no idea what is going on. You both recognise something funny is up and you may want to be friends unless there's an obstacle to stop you. Everything about them causes curiousity.

6. There is no judgement, full stop. It is a strange feeling because we always judge others no matter what, even if just that little bit. But you feel no judgement towards them.

7. Eye contact can be intense sometimes. There may be a strong draw sometimes. As there is usually no karma, you may be like ships who pass in the night, but somehow that is okay as well.

8. The whole relationship is very 'easy'. If we start up a relationship or issues arise, we still don't hate them, even when we try to. We feel compassion towards them no matter what. We understand even when we don't want to. It's hard to explain.

9. Unless you become attached to them, you just feel very relaxed about them in general. This is true except for your twin flame, who you can become very attached to. You tend to simply flow with it, whatever happens.

10. You respect each other. You might not 'love' each other but there is a mutual respect that exists even if you don't hang out together. There is a feeling of liking each other for a reason you don't know.

Meeting Your Soul Group

From my own experience, members of a soul group will meet at the same time and place in a happy synchronicity. I met 3 soul group members together in a class I was taking, which made 4 of us in one class. I also lived next to another who I felt was part of that group. I never met anyone else who I thought was in my own soul except for a younger, handsome man recently who I in fact have romantic feelings for.

It is very possible that we have joint meet-ups with these people in a group setting so we can all get to know each other and offer help. We come together for soul-group healing and to make friendships and connections.

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