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Old Soul Eyes & Wisdom

Have you seen those beautiful eyes full of wisdom but playful at the same time, like they are looking right through you and know all your secrets? These are most likely old soul 'eyes'; the eyes being the window of the soul. Do they belong to a child or young adult? Do you take a double take when the eyes seem to know so much? Old souls really do pack a punch with their eyes.

Cloud Eye

It is said that Scorpios have amazing eyes, and this is definitely true because their eyes are unusual, often intense and very beautiful - both mens and womens. Yet even Scorpios often lack that 'old' feeling, the feeling of knowledge and wisdom that old souls have.

Crystal people are also said to possess amazing eyes, yet they are said to be old souls. A crystal person is someone with remarkable, natural psychic abilities, such as hearing lies when told to them. You cannot fool a crystal with untruths or other tricks for they look right into you to discern the truth. They do so by feeling/knowing it, and it is unmistakable for them. Yet not all old souls are crystals; there are others.

Starseed Links

Many old souls have Starseed links, or to put this simply they hail from the stars to begin with. The earth is not their natural home and they are just visiting. Many starseeds are very old indeed, and hearken from so many exotic places in the universe. A lot of starseeds tend to be on the tall and thin side, with long faces as well. Their eyes can be remarkable. If you can tune in psychically to a starseed, you will feel this 'space and stars' energy immediately, a sense of deep space that holds wonderful secrets.

Their eyes can be any colour from brown to blue, and are said to often be almond shaped, although perhaps not always. You might think they are a bit stand-offish, for they may not be used to human ways, but they are here to help humans, and will often talk to you if you are interesting enough. You can see the experience in their eyes. Listen to all they say, for you may learn a thing or two.

Think of 'Spock' from Star Trek (Leonard Nimoy) as a great example. Did his eyes exude wisdom and uncommon intelligence, his form tall and thin, his face long? This is a great example of a starseed, just for example's sake.

Angel Links

A lesser number of old souls have angelic links, which means they may come from a higher dimension to live on earth, again with a specific mission to help humanity. Angels are rounder than starseeds. They may even put on weight because they like food. Their faces are round or heart shaped, childlike and angelic looking, and their eyes may be rounder too. Although seeming very innocent, their eyes may hold wisdom that is less obvious. Their eyes do not stand out as much as with the starseeds, but can be very pretty. The men often have innocent looking eyes as well.

Whatever way you look at it, wherever they are from, old souls are usually empathic and feel the pain of others. We cannot know the depth of wisdom they possess, for they are wise enough to never force it on any of us. They sit back and watch, wondering why the rest of us are so young and errant. The next time you see one of these old souls, ask them some questions and enjoy their different slant on the world. You may just learn something you never thought from them.

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