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'Old Soul' Characteristics & Signs

Are you an old or sensitive Soul? Do you have more wisdom than many people you meet or talk to? Having an old soul is something we can't prove, but old souls share characteristics that are very telling. Their body could be young in age but something about them states that they have been here before many, many and they know what they know. Their soul simply seems to be wise beyond its years. So what are the characteristics of an old soul?

Old Soul Guru

Our souls can all have different ages, meaning there are both younger and older souls walking the earth. The younger ones tend to be obvious due to their actions that will appear foolish to the more tested souls. We know a younger soul when we meet them for they may act rash, or say or do irrational things that invite trouble. They also tend to be more egotistical and more material in nature. They can get into all kinds of trouble in life. But in contrast, what are the older souls like?

In general, old souls tend to spend a lot of time alone and much time acting sensible and cautious, finding it hard to find other people who understand them. They are happy to let the world go by and find sancturary in their own council, finding none other they can turn to when in trouble.

Also many older souls are more sensitive and able to transend other dimensions, such as realms containing angels, guides or friends who are with them on the other side. Almost all old souls avoid mixing with other people unless they have a true partner to go through life with. Read the list below and see if you can recognise yourself as being an old soul.

18 Traits Of Old Souls

1. Old souls tend to be loners who do not seek the company of others. They may have a few friends but are not the party animals or socialites of this world. They would rather most often to stay home alone with their own thoughts and do not go out much for the point of "going out". You are more likely to see them go places where they can learn or grow in some way.

2. Old souls often feel quite misunderstood for most people they meet don't really understand where they are coming from. While younger souls jump in and are always doing 'things' the older soul does not need this experience and often watches from the sidelines. Whenever they try to be themselves, they lose others in the translation, unfortunately.

3. Since old souls have a better perspective of the world, due to their soul age, and tend to stand on the sidelines keeping their own council. They understand better how the world works from the inside, an insight very few people ever grasp. For example, most world events are faked and true world events never even make the news - the world is incredibly corrupt. For example, Communist China is evil but is kept secret so we can trade with them. We never hear about the atrocities that go on. Or the disaster in Fukushima is an ongoing world-destroying event as it simply keeps poisoning oceans more than ever every day.

4. Old souls are usually quietly spoken as well and never need to be loud or opinionated. They do however have very strong opinions about everything in life - just no need to endlessly share them with others. They will, if asked, probably chat to genuinely interested people if invited to do so .

5. The young person with an older soul often gets along well with older people for those their own age find them boring. Children will offer wisdom well beyond their years, and the teens like chatting with much older people. Their own age group may think of them as weird.

6. Old souls are endlessly frustrated by the younger souls who are doing random or silly actions. They try to be a reminder to others regarding their foolish actions and the consequences since they are the one in a group who is the wise voice (that is often ignored).

7. They are much more likely to plan for their future, be cautious and make sure their plans are doable, safe and clever. They like saving enough money and doing the right thing. This cautious approach will probably find them investing very well and creating a large nest egg for themself that they can live off comfortably in old age.

8. They are ultra-sensitive to life in all ways. They may be psychic or empathic and can sense energy from others as well, so some are very aware of what others are thinking without the need to hear them say it. This sensitivity and empathy can be quite confusing until they learn how to block or avoid it entirely.

9. Old souls can often feel disappointed by others and can struggle to find good, longlasting friends. Their peers can seem very childish to them and their company can be hard to take. Friends may take them as being too serious or sensible.

10. They often know what works and what doesn't, and may be quick to warn others who are doing something the "wrong way". Not that anyone particularly listens; they have to go through with it and learn the hard way what an old soul already simply "knows".

11. Old souls need more time before acting to think things through properly. Whilst others can be rash and just jump in (sometimes you do jump if you really have to) old souls tend to be more sensible. They often like to think everything over and never make a decision to randomly "see" what will happen.

12. They tend to ignore so-called Authority, because often they know much better. They understand that authority is simply some person and are not fooled by it, not even a little. They go along when they have to but spare no respect for authority unless they have genuinely earned it.

13. They love learning things from other old souls, and that means books. They love to study and read the classics. It doesn't matter what it is as long as its interesting or deep. They often spend hours online reading the things most others don't, or following the real world events.

14. They hate modern music, or videos of whores. So childish. Nuff said.

15. If you are an old soul who is also a starseed, then it is guaranteed you value peace and calm in your life. Why would you bother getting stressed out about everything others get stressed out about. You tend to put your faith in something bigger than you (God for example) and leave it at that. You don't like getting ruffled up by circumstance and usually choose to be calm in all situations.

16. Old souls can give up on the common values of society, finding the whole materialistic thing pointless or boring, and strive to be more spiritual. Their life could be more simple or Buddhist. They ignore fads and in fact ignore much of life that others chase after. Often they do not love money and do not care about money except to own the things they need. They travel through life lightly.

17. Many old souls like to help others. Some will actively try to help the planet or other people, setting up charities or teaching others some of their wisdom. Others are much more simple and only help if they see someone who needs it in their life. However, they all like helping others in some way.

18. They make good advice givers but may decide to keep quiet because no one takes that advice. As they get older, they tend to stop offering wisdom because its ignored. It is easier to stay quiet and let people learn for themselves. It is also more peaceful that way.

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