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4 Types Of Lightworker

There are four types of lightworkers in the world. We have those who are awakened and consciously aware of who or what they are (as older souls here on a mission of light). We have those who remain asleep, whether genuinely unaware of or in denial of their earth mission. There is also a set of lightworkers who may have gone relatively dark by lowering their vibration or through selfish acts. And the last type is the awakened lightworker who has become egotistical. Let's take a look at these different types.


1. Awakened Lightworkers

This first type are the workers for light and humanity who are fully aware that their purpose for being on earth is to help the forward movement back into the light of everything on this world. They may or may not call themselves lightworkers, but nevertheless they are fully committed to their role that they were born to do. They tend to cooperate with the light, stay on a straight path, and possess very good intuition regarding their role and any new role that their angels steer them towards. They help happily and are less concerned with the material world and all its temptations.

They will be oriented towards either humanity, animals or the environment with their work. They are the awakened warriors - called warriors simply because our world throws up all kinds of obstacles whenever one tries to do good, whether in politics, the environment, or finding ways to better help others. It can sometimes be a struggle, yet the awakened lightworker will never give up on their fundamental mission and always push ahead finding new ways when obstacles intervene.

2. Sleeping Lightworkers

Slumbering lightworkers either haven't realised they have lightwork to do (this is especially true when they are young and still discovering who they are in the world), or they are somewhat in denial or lagging behind, even though they may be dimly aware that they should be doing more. Some lightworkers incarnate on earth and succumb grandly to temptation. Lightwork doesn't earn huge wealth so some never leave their comfortable jobs to follow their path, preferring instead to have a large paycheck. Others are lazy, or may be afraid of what people will think, and others still become selfish and develop an attitude that says 'why should I bother helping others', in other words they can become either cynical or angry at the world.

Being a lightworker involves keeping an open heart. Those who have been abused or had a difficult life can sometimes close down their heart center and then spend their life in a 'normal' fashion, never taking up a leadership role or indeed any kind of role that betters the lives of others. Their spiritual mission then becomes a failed mission this time around. They will probably get a new mission next lifetime and another chance.

3. Dark Lightworkers

Some succumb readily to the dark, and rather than follow spiritual principals as they had planned, they may instead idolise money, wealth and position. They may get a taste of 'power over others', and crave this power by bullying others, being petty, or putting others down - this attitude once attained can take over a person's entire being and life, until rather than help others they become consumed in hurting others. Some of these dark lightworkers can be the light at times to certain people, then to other people who do not have favour, they are the dark. Rather than live to make the world somehow better, they tend to focus upon how much they are earning, how big their reputation is, how much shopping and attaining of 'things' they can do.

This type of lightworker is learning lessons to do with staying in the light, but are also collecting karmic debt that will take time to work off in the future. This is considered a failed mission as well.

4. Awakened But Egotistic

Believe it or not, some lightworkers tend to be Posers. These are the lightworkers that are fully immersed in their chosen field of work helping the planet, yet do their work with a dual purpose. They have a second purpose of wanting recognition, rather than just going about the business of quietly doing their job. Their lightwork may become tainted with ego energy, and others may feel more than a little suspicious talking to them if they pick up the energy of ego too strongly. This type of lightworker is likely to compete in some way with not just other lightworkers but with everyone!

They fall pray to the ways of comparison, where they may use a yardstick to compare their own lightwork with that of others, slightly losing the plot as they do so. Rather than getting pleasure out of simply helping others in a quiet fashion, they also get pleasure out of telling others how much help they are giving, and may harbor feelings of superiority over others. Some of these may have started out in their lightwork in a pure way and become caught up in ego; others may have always been more egocentric in their nature, and others yet may be a bit of both.

To learn more about what a lightworker is and what they do, see Are You A Lightworker? To read about jobs and the work of lightworkers, see Lightworkers Calling.

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