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Signs You're A Lightworker

Lightworker SignsDo you feel like you have a purpose or mission to complete whilst you are on earth; a higher meaning to being here? This is one of the many signs that you were chosen to incarnate on this world to share a special talent or ability.

Definition Of A Lightworker

Lightworkers are strong and kindly souls who work anonymously upon our world to bring about great change and balance in favour of the light. They do not necessarily would in spiritual or new age fields, but can appear in any kind of work where they can influence or institute either change or healing to people and institutions. They could be doctors, lawmakers, researchers, teachers, energy workers, healers, writers and more. Even comedians can do great lightwork by making us laugh at the world, thus adding more light to it.

Lightworkers usually work with the angels who help them unseen from the other side. Everyone on the earth is a potential lightworker. Some lightworkers are awake and consciously aware of their reason for being here, whilst others are considered asleep, or unaware of any potential lightwork they may be able to perform. We were all asleep at some point before we awakened to our spiritual nature. More and more people are becoming aware of their spiritual nature. As their heart centers open further, they are called to fulfill a mission  that occurs to them to help others. When they find an idea, or mission, it will be using a skill they already possess and they will feel strongly called to use it in some uplifting way that will be fun for them. Lightwork can be hard work sometimes, yet it is usually passionate work and oftentimes fun. Many lightworkers do not get paid, whilst others may choose lightwork for a career, as in a healer or a teacher.


10 Signs Of Being A Lightworker

1  Innate Ability To Heal Other Beings, Yourself, And The Earth

Lightworkers often have a lot of self healing to accomplish before even beginning on their mission, due to difficult childhoods where they learn to be strong and independent. You could have been abused or had serious health issues in your life. Eventually you find ways to heal yourself and, in turn, wish to share your wisdom with others. Many lightworkers can suffer from exhaustion if they are active transmuters of energy as part of their mission - they may not realise this. This could be behind issues of chronic fatigue that some lightworkers face daily.

2  You Awaken Others To Their Own Lightwork Or Abilities

When you are around unawakened lightworkers, you possess the ability to awaken them that there is something more to this life. When they are  willing, you can shake people out of their slumber and inspire them to begin on their own path. If you are psychic, others may also become more psychic when around you, or under your tuition. You can easily inspire others when led to do so, or drop hints that others may wish to explore on their own at some future time. Be aware that we cannot force other lightworkers to awaken, and most at this time seem stubbornly opposed to waking or beginning their missions, since they have become attached to the current dark systems that most lightworkers are currently dismantling.

3  You Are Sensitive To Energy And Require Alone Time To Recharge

You may well be a loner and fail to understand why you need so much alone time. You are probably social as well so this can be confusing. Many lightworkers are well along on their ascenion process so have become sensitive, more empathic or downright clairsentient. Due to this sensitivity, you will be picking up other people's energy when around them physically. Because most people carry huge loads of negative energy, you need to recharge your own aura after being with them, to work through this energy and rid yourself of it. Although you enjoy or crave company, you begin to find many others toxic to your own health if you become mired in their deep negativity. Protective and cleansing stones are recommended.

4  You Can Manifest With Your Thoughts

You are skilled in manifesting the things you want or need in your life through the law of attraction, or using thought energy to draw things or people to you. You have been learning this for many incantations. This is an interesting skill because simultaneously, most lightworkers are learning to rise about the desire for money. Even though you are good at attracting "things" you may be constantly short of money (like the rest of humanity). This is because you are learning to let go of the desire for money. Desire for things holds us back from ascending, detachment to money is suggested.

5  You Do Not Worship Money But Wish For Freedom And Liberation

As you ascend further, you start to "see through" the entire money/slave system and understand that you do not need to have it at all, except for what is required for daily needs. You let go of worrying about money entirely and find peace around abundance issues. You start to have faith that God will provide what you need for your missions, and the programming to seek endlessly for wealth begins to fade from you completely.

6  Searching For Your "Path", Knowing There Is More

You have probably always known that there was more to life than what was shown or taught to you. You look out at the stars with wonder, knowing there is more out there. You may daydream a lot, dreaming of adventure, knowing that a normal life is probably not for you. You want to see the deeper side of everything, and may be downright thirsty for knowledge. You will never cease looking and no one can tell you what to do or think, you trust your own inner knowledge and knowing that magic is out there somewhere, as well as inside yourself.

7  You May Sense Lies Deeply When Told To You

You are getting better and better at reading people. Older lightworkers are becoming more psychic, while lightworker children are born with knowledge and abilities. You will begin to sense people's thoughts and start to "hear" lies when they are directed at you. Suddenly, you become aware that most people lie constantly, either little white lies or bigger ones. They are not careful when they speak, meanwhile you are impulsed to become as honest as you can, with yourself and with others. Lying may have karma attached to it.

8  Feel Connected To Other Dimensions

You start to sense you are not alone. You may feel angels around you strongly at times, without knowing how you know this. They may talk to you also, and you begin to feel more and more connected with these other dimensions, trust them more than your own dimension. You may start to get helpful suggestions and spiritual messages, even lessons from your guides. You build up a trust and a working relationship with them and they have your back. As you improve, they will also show you warnings if they want you to avoid a particular person, place or something else. Heeding these warnings proves very useful and can save you a lot of time or inconvenience. Some warnings in the past have saved lives.

9  You Wish To Complete Your Spiritual Mission

You are passionate about what you came here to do. Once you embark upon this mission, you will be in love with it. It isn't work, its Fun. It is a very difficult thing to stop a lightworker once they know what they are here to do. Have fun with it, you have every chance of completing everything you begin, even with all the setbacks that lightworkers seem to come across!

10  You See The Angel Number 11:11 or 111 Often

Angel numbers are another way for our angels to send us messages. We may notice recurring number sequences on clocks, dockets, bills or paperwork, or indeed anywhere that numbers are present. The number 111 or 1111 is a message that you are awakening. You are a lightworker and are embarking upon your mission. The angels are working with you. What a joy to see this number, a strong sign that you are on your way and angels have your back!

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