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Lightworker Missions

There are missions for each lightworker including being a Transmuter, Gatekeeper and Lightholder. Which are you? To find out a description of the work of each, read below. To find out what a Lightworker is visit the article Are You A Lightworker?


What Is A Transmuter?

There are many transmuters on the earth at this time whose innate job it is to transmute lower vibrational energy on the earth (and in the earth grids) into higher vibrational energy of love and pure light.

The transmuter type of lightworker does not always know this is what they are doing. The work therefore is not necessily consciously done, yet it IS done by these lightworkers and done quite effectively. By simply existing on this plane, on the earth, the energy of these lightworkers (and all lightworkers) will lift and transmuter darker energy they come across everyday. Where ever they walk or travel, they lift the energy of those places. At the spot where they reside, they can be a vorticy of higher light energy that attracts darker energy to be cleared from the earth.

When darkness touches light, it instantly changes into something higher. When we enter a dark room and flick on the light switch, the light floods all the dark places and replaces the dark. It lightens it. Transmuter lightworkers are specialist lightworkers who change lower energy into higher.

This is true of emotional and mental energy as well. The earth is flooded with darker energy from dark emotions (depression, anger, guilt) simply from millenia of humans creating these dark energy forms. There are lower thought forms that are real things - like the thought to murder or hurt another. These thoughts are made from living energy, and it isn't very nice energy. So transmuters tend to take this living energy inside there own bodies (minds, emotional body) and change them back into light from where they originated. The downside to this work is that Transmuters become very tired and often sick, i.e. chronic fatigue, headaches and sickness. If you are always tired for no good reason and a medical shows no reason why, you could be a transmuter lightworker.

gatekeeperWhat Is A Gatekeeper?

A Gatekeeper is someone who has passed through the Ascension Portal, ascending into a higher frequency of light. They have passed an initation of sorts and now act as the way-showers for the rest of humanity. The number is reportedly in the thousands, so this is good news. They carry the energy and the knowledge of how to get there, all of which helps to uplift the rest of the race. They have anchored the higher dimensions onto earth for they now carry this energy in their body. They have merged with their Light Body.

In other words, they are helping the others to pass through this same gateway to ascension, whilst living in a physical body. Even though they have completed the need to be here physically, they have chosen to remain as their mission, they have decided to stay so as to show others the way by example.

The gatekeepers hold open the gate or ascension portal for all those who decide to step through, which hopefully will be most. Only those with very little light/love within, will not make it through, will not allow themselves to evolve or change. The purpose of being on earth at this time is all about going higher and further than we ever have before.

What Is A Lightholder?

If you are a lightworker but do not feel like you do much transmuting, and are not a gatekeeper, then you are a lightholder. A lightholder is one who simply holds the light inside the shines it out steadily in their normal, everyday life. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Lightholders do much more than they may realise! There are millions and millions of lightholders on earth. They may not have passed all the way through the ascension gateway yet, but they are close. They are full of light and love and ready to share it. This light is very powerful and it is bathing the earth, since lighthholders live in all countries and cities. Most may not even realise this is what they are doing. They do not necessarily suffer from the same deep exhaustion of the transmuters or gatekeepers, and instead they work hard in normal jobs and careers - in every possible field of endeavour. They could be hairdressers, fashion designers, scientists, mechanics, you name it.

Most lightholders also do some form of transmuting, even if it is a smaller amount than the transmuters do. Every little bit helps to lighten the planet ready to go into higher dimensions. Lightholders need their strength for their jobs and careers, whereas transmuters take a lot of rest in order to complete large amounts of transmuting.

More Than One Mission?

Can you be all of these at once? I believe the answer to be Yes. These are such exciting times. It goes to show that even if we sometimes feel we are being ineffective or not doing enough for the world, this is never true. On an energy level we are each of us doing so much, and doing so well, we really should be applauded each day! So go ahead and applaud yourself because collectively we are winning the fight, the Light is winning because of all of us working together towards the same goal.

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