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Learn Your Lightworker 'Calling'

You know you are a lightworker, so what now? Are you searching for meaning or wish to make a difference to this world through unique lightwork? The message is, don't wait to find an advertised job or for someone to tell you what you must do - JUMP IN! What are you waiting for?


In this amazing age of a reformed world re-entering the light, the way forward is through you and I; through all of us. No one is to be left behind as our planet ascends into higher frequencies and there is much work to be done. Literally, there are no lack of things that any one of us can do to contribute, and the role we choose is ours to design. If we wait for someone or an authority to tell us what to do, we may be waiting a long time. Gone are the days where we must follow anyone. As the new, fairer currency systems come online shortly, and as NESARA kicks in, we will have more freedom than we have ever dreamed possible.

What Do You Dream Of?

We are given dreams for a reason. In the world of fantasy, we can be anything we want to be or do anything we like. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you were free to do as you liked to help others. What is your fondest or wildest dream; what makes you feel happiest? Is it music, singing, art, writing, websites, invention, healing, or working with angels? It could be any of hundreds of things. Focus for a moment and feel what it is you really like doing. Can you believe that chances are - this is your lightwork? Yes, this very thing, or a variation of it. Our dreams often indicate the way forward for us.

The task ahead is to turn those dreams into a practical way of helping others. Luckily, because it is something we Love to do, it won't feel particularly like work. If I told you that writing articles was super fun for me to do, would you believe it? Many people would probably think 'yuk' that is like hard work. I'm sure it would be hard work if I didn't like doing it, but the days where I write are happy days for me and bring me satisfaction.

Below, we discuss ideas for different kinds for lightwork which may help people's creative juices begin to flow. But first, consider your talents, skills and especially, your dreams.


Ideas For Lightworkers

While doing lightwork, you will be working with your heart, and with your angels also. Let's look at some options:

1 Healing

This may be conventional healing, for example, as a nurse, or alternative healing through any modality such as massage, reiki, natural medicine, herbs, energy healing, crystals or anything you know how to do to help others. If interested, there are many courses to learn whatever we wish. Think about what you intend to achieve and research how to go about achieving it. Alternative healing is popular right now and I don't see that changing. It is one way to get an income out of lightwork and actually be a career.

2 Channeling

There is no lack of spiritual beings who wish to bring messages to the earth plane through channels. I've even seen people bring through their own higher self. Such channelled messages bring clarity and comfort to those reading or listening. It isn't difficult to learn how to channel, with many books written on the subject. Channelers tend to get a following of loyal readers, so make sure this is right for you being in the public eye. Not a full time job but something that can be done alongside regular work for a few hours a week.

3 Spiritual Music Or Art

Are you musical and want to explore something new? You can always channel spiritual music and experiment with new kinds of music. Music speaks to the heart of us; we can't live without song and modern music is far from spiritual in its sound and lyrics. Spiritual music can be spread online but would not be easy to make a career of. Likewise with art, whether it is painting, sculptures or what have you, if you find a hidden talent this could bring in income whilst sharing a sense of unique spirituality.

4 Teaching

We all have something to share and for those with the skill, advertising for students and having classes on whatever spiritual information you desire to share, whether it is tarot or psychic classes, crystals or essential oils, Buddhism, yoga or whatever it is, you may discover a love of teaching that can bring in extra income whilst helping others.

5 Creating Products

Do you dream of creating a skin care range of products, or candles (non toxic of course), teas, organic makeup, etc? There are a million ideas and a growing market for many spiritual and organic items. Do you have marketing experience and a good knowledge of business? - then this could be an opportunity.

6 Psychic Readings

Doing readings for others is a wonderful way to open up to your abilities. Although we can't list on eBay, many psychics post advertisements on eBay for their readings and do good business. Will it make you rich - unlikely, but it is a way to help others receive messages from their angels.

7 Writing

This list is endless here. Starting a blog about spiritual subjects may take a while before it begins to rank highly and earn. Books take a lot of time from the writing process, the editing, to finding a publisher. Be aware that it is extremely hard to get published because everyone is writing a spiritual book right now. Send off book 'ideas' to relevant publishers and if they are interested, then write the book (this saves a lot of time).

8 Meditation Or Prayer

Meditation is a form of lightwork when it is done spiritually. Meditate on healing the planet, meditate on love, light, or God. Search out guided spiritual meditations to get started and learn how you can help in this gentle way. Prayer truly is heard and is answered in a way we may not see or be aware of. Pray regularly for peace and have faith it will make a difference. It is a lovely thing to be involved with and the angels appreciate it!

9 Helping The Environment

This may not be a paid job, but volunteering on projects that clean up the earth is wonderful and might just be the idea someone is looking for.

Ask Your Angels For Help

Remember that you can ask your angels for help with ideas. You can do so now and then wait a few days to see what ideas gently come to you, or suddenly fall in your lap. My angels inspired me to start a website about angels, and I never imagined how much I would enjoy it or how it would grow. It was never my idea or intention to do such a thing, until they put the little "idea" in my head. Angels will not provide individually tailored ideas that will fail, as long as you work hard on the idea they provide, it should succeed.

Have patience with your lightwork also, as it can take a few years to build up momentum or make a difference. Let whatever it is be a labour of love and don't be afraid to try out lots of ideas. Follow your heart always.

See more about specific roles lightworkers play including being a Transmuter, Gatekeeper Or Lightholder.

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