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What Is Your Life Purpose?

We all have a Life Purpose or Plan and it is not something mysterious or unknowable. Have you ever considered that you came here for a reason, in fact several, and that it isn't hard to work out why? Now I have your attention.

You see, we all have a spiritual "life path", although we may not always follow it. In some way, we all come in here with a plan to somehow help others, either directly or by example. What are some of your favourite things? Your life purpose probably isn't working in data entry or selling shoes to people. So, what do you like doing in your spare time?


Some people say they like designing clothes or fishing. Others will admit they love to fix things or play around with cars. Well okay, now we are getting somewhere. Think of ALL the things that you enjoy doing, and this list might be long, and it is probably in there somewhere or else something very close to what you love.

If you are trying to work out what your life purpose IS, write down what you love - not like, but Love. Your dream may well be in that, but you may have to go with it for a bit. So maybe you love cars; it could just be fixing those, i.e. a mechanic. Or is it taking people out on hiking adventures, or do you love figures and accounting? What I found is that it is usually something that you 'love' but you may have to put a bit of work into it to turn it into a project.

Is there anything on your list you can charge a price for? People pay for things they either don't have time to organise themselves or can't. Perhaps it is something you can start out with for one day a week. Perhaps its an idea that doesn't even exist yet but with a little effort could become a new project.

There are often many things in life that we haven't considered that could make some kind of income. What can you do best? What do you love doing? Many people often find doing what they love can make money if they look at it slightly differently. So take some ideas from that and where does it take you? Are you good with people? Do you like making things? Maybe its something spiritual that will help others.

Our Life Purpose Changes

As we grow so does our life purpose; its usually a very natural thing. What you may have loved when you were younger can change into several new things. We chop and change and so do our plans; this is natural. Some people keep adding elements like new courses and then end up juggling all kinds of projects whilst others stick with just one or two things.

A few years ago I tried to get into Aged Care as I thought it might be nice to learn helpful and new skills, but no matter how hard I tried I found it wasn't right for me. Sometimes our path in life is changeable so we just flow with it. After a break I went back to doing what I was doing before and loved it. All is perfect when we go with the flow of life. We are always where we need to be, doing what we must.

We have to make sure we try not to get stuck and as long as it comes from the heart, we can't go too wrong. Sometimes I look at someone who is doing the same thing they did five years ago and I'm happy they find greatness in that. But for many of us, we need to move around a lot and try new things.

For those of us in spiritual or new age niches, there is always more we can be doing to help others. In the end, our life purpose is doing what makes us feel our best. It must be enjoyable, fun and somehow help others. If we can pull this off after a while of trying, then we can find that happiness and fulfilness we were dreaming of. There is no ultimate formula for this; it has to come from us and be made from our skills and heart. It won't happen immediately either so we have to give it time. Yet overall, we will find it at some point, even if it is a version that will change over time. Start looking at all of your skills (I mean the ones you enjoy using) and take it from there. If it isn't there, do a course or two and try things. You just never know where it will take you.

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