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I Am My Higher Self

The Higher Self is powerful and very knowledgeable, and each of us has one. It is a higher level of us, or who we are on the higher, spiritual planes. Many people believe that all they are is their small body, their mind and their emotions, yet the truth is actually much vaster than this. There are many levels that go to make up who we are, much more spiritual levels, and our higher self is one of these higher dimensional beings that is connected intimately to us. Once we start noticing it, it begins to pay more attention to us and sends us intuitive messages that we can hear.

Higher Self


We can access our higher self through meditation to gain an understanding of it. If you know how to meditate, all you have to do is speak to it, ask it to reveal itself to you and wait for a response. The higher self feels very large and wise - it feels like another being. Our higher self always wishes to communicate with us and will not ignore you. We can gain an awareness of it through meditation that we may not normally have.

The Higher Self & Ego

Some people will wonder if this is not a part of our own Ego that is speaking to us and may doubt its existence. No one can actually prove that the higher self exists. However, for those who often use their intuition, they will know beyond a doubt that it is real.

How can we tell the difference between the higher self and our own ego personality? A very good method is to write down messages or feelings that you get from it.

It will probably not feel too real at first; you will naturally wonder if you are imagining it. Then take this message and don't read it back. Simply put it safely in a drawer for a week; don't think about it or try to remember what it said. After the week is done, take it out and read it. When you do, you will be stunned at how insightful and intelligent the message is. You will no longer wonder if it was merely ego coming through you. You will know beyond a doubt that this is something real, something higher. The higher self is a part of us that wishes to help us towards our own ascension into a higher state.

Higher Self Consciousness

The Higher Self consciousness is something we can use everyday. It is quite Buddhist in its approach to life. Whereas the ego part of us is rather selfish and self-serving, the higher self consciousness is detached, loving and selfless. This consciousness is like the Christ Consciousness and it wants to teach or influence us so that we make better life decisions.

Do we want to walk the earth in a loving state? Then we are very wise to let the higher self in closer to us and channel it. It is very hard to completely become the higher self whilst living on earth, yet we can all try to take on some of its habits in order to be more selfless ourself.

Higher Self Experience

The higher self experience is never negative. It is always a loving and surprising thing. The energy of your higher self is much like an angel only we have to remember it is a piece of ourself. It's frequency or vibrations is high and is in direct alignment with God, so it knows exactly where we need to be at all times to be in our highest space. It always offers guidance and never dictates that we must do anything. Its presence is healing, kind and wise.

Jesus had merged with his higher self so that it was walking the earth in him - in effect he became it - and this is why he was so wise and knowledgeable. He told us we could all do as he did, so we are all capable of manifesting our own higher self much as he did. We cannot only hear this inner voice that is us, but we can welcome it and join with it if we wish. It has many magical qualities that will fascinate us on the journey.

Higher Self Prayer

We can always begin with a prayer or invocation in order to call in the presence of the higher self, yet after awhile we can just call to it and it will be there. It is within us and is watching over us. Such a prayer could be:

"Please Higher Self, I ask that you come into my life more closely and protect myself and my family at all times. I ask that you send me inspiration and love, also wisdom to always do the right things. Please help to make me stronger and send your wise Voice to help me at all times. So be it."

The higher self is never a means to make what we want to happen in life. We cannot use it to get a new car, or anything material, since it is above the material plane; we are better off praying directly to God. Yet, it is a go between and is itself aligned to God. We can ask it questions and expect to be answered. This is not a problem at all. The higher self has many mystical qualities and can help us in many ways. We simply need to become more receptive and aware of it, and more loving of those around us.

We can practice the art of detachment in any one moment. Life can become more synchronised when we do this, for the higher self exists outside of time and space. It is only humans who are restricted in this dimension and never this counterpart in a higher plane of existence.

Higher Self & Soul

The higher self is not our soul and is in fact above it. It is a higher element of our own Lightbody. Some people feel it could be their own sub-consciousness, yet it is more Godlike than this. Normally it goes about its business and does not watch us a whole lot. We are concerned with an earthly life and are not doing anything to interest it. Yet when we begin to focus upwards, it notices immediately and begins to become involved with us. It will watch and endeavour to help us.

The goal of the higher self is to merge with us, becoming very aligned with who we are, but it will never force the issue. It hopes that as we become more spiritual, we will discover it on our own and want to meet it.

It has many teachings to pass on to us like learning unconditional love. We can work with it to begin to understand universal consciousness, we just need to reconnect with our own loving nature. It is not difficult to be more compassionate and genuinely caring. We begin by giving more to those who deserve it, selflessly with an open heart.

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