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Connect With Your Higher Self

Its not that difficult to connect to the Higher Self using a bit of spiritual effort and true sincerity. We need to be genuinely reaching up into higher spiritual planes, with pure intent, and not simply being inquisitive about what it might be. Yes its okay to be inquisitive, but on this topic it takes more to get the ball rolling.

The Higher Self is a part of our own Lightbody, although its a layer much higher than where we presently focus at. Don't let this put you off however. We are designed to have the capability to communicate with it and let it into our life. We can become receptive to it, merging into Oneness with it and carry out its plans. This is a grand mission and one we are prepared for - for we have spent lifetimes on earth preparing for this very thing!

Higher Self

What Does The Higher Self Feel Like?

Essentially, as we grow closer to God, we naturally begin to feel our higher self. What does this feel like? It feels like us, but not our personality. It is a divine expression of who we are and you will know it by its simplicity and divinity.

It doesn't pay much mind to us until we begin to meditate on it, when we're announcing we are ready. It can't do much to get our attention until we awaken and decide to do something about it; then we must act. Very sincerely we tune our mind to it and begin to listen to what it says. We must become receptive and accepting of it. We can align to it. Then can it begin to pore into us, and we allow this. Yes, this is how we begin to become one with our Higher Self.

What Does The Higher Self Do?

The Higher Self is oh so organised, intelligent and it knows what its doing. It knows this is new ground for us and patiently awaits us to welcome it in more fully. How do we feel when we're in the space of the Higher Self?

1. Calm and Wise

Our Higher Self is our calm self, beyond any calm you might have experienced in this life. It is the Peace that Passeth Understanding. There is nothing in the universe that can rock it from its perch where it waits and watches. It is wise beyond our understanding, and focuses upwards upon God's Plan. It wishes to take this plan and pass it along to us here on Earth, but our egos tend to run things so it awaits the perfect opportunity to let us know that it exists. Once we start to look for it, it is now enabled to send us feelings - oh lovely and divine feelings - that we take to be 'it'. Yes, we are on the way home.

2. Patient and Loving

The Higher Self resides in the Eternal, so it has all the time in the world for any plan it has. It's patient. In this calm, patient state, it simply loves. It loves us and it loves all others, because truly there is nothing but love. It meditates on God's love and wishes to send this to us, if only we would look up.

3. Greater Perspective

We really don't understand the bigger picture or the meaning of the word "perspective", not like the Higher Self does. We tend to get involved in the little things of this lifetime as we are meant, but the Higher Self sees the bigger picture and knows all things. In fact, it has omni-Persepective and can see things from all ways. The role of the Higher Self is much vaster than our small role whilst here on mother earth. This is why it is our "job" or our purpose to channel or merge with it so as to bring wisdom to the Earth.

4. Honesty

It isn't possible for the Higher Self to lie, not to itself nor to others. It is beyond this human ability. As humans, the ego is very capable of telling half truths or downright lies but there is no deception in the Higher Self. What you see is what you get, and that is very nice indeed.

5. No Fear, Guilt Or Shame

Of course the Higher Self is also above these human emotions, such as fear or shame. Fear is like a shadow that exists and we all have some kind of fear within us. However, this shadow isn't actually real. If we were to look at fear truly, we begin to see that it is a lie, a deception that is fed to us in one way or another. Sometimes we create fears and then we make that fear happen, only to then discover that we are okay after all. Guilt and shame, these other lower vibrational feelings are also not real. We need to look path these roadblocks and search out what is real in this world.

6. Abundance

We are always complaining that we don't have enough, and we work on our abundance looking to the future (because we fear running out). Yet at any one time, we always have enough. It is nonsensical to try to create a huge sum of money when the Higher Self clearly is happy with what we have already. If you have food and shelter and are safe, then you probably have enough. Let this idea of "Abundance" go and start to go with the flow. If you ever need a large sum for something spiritual, it will arrive at that time. We spend time looking at all we don't have and don't think of all that we do.

After We Start Aligning

After we align or connect with our Higher Self, it begins to pore its Love into us, and we become loving, compassionate and forgiving. It lifts us up out of the lower planes and we begin to vibrate faster. We are always in charge so we can go faster or slower to our hearts content; it will keep pace. It allows us to choose how fast we wish to go up into the stratosphere where it dwells.

Once we have aligned ourself, we pretty much stay that way which is good news. We can't retrace our steps once we have opened our heart to it, for we have joined forces in a way that can't be undone.

Our Higher Self is completely competent as a Teacher. In fact, it is our BEST teacher, and our best friend. Is is always there as soon as we think of it. It replaces the need for any other teacher in our life. It can show us many things about life and this world. We can meditate to connect or simply listen quietly to hear its call. It doesn't often talk to us with words, like our angels or guides might, no - its different to that. It is a part of us and it is within us. It is our true, Higher Self. It is returning us to who we really are. We can listen to and respect it, and this isn't difficult because its our REAL Self, and you will find yourself agreeing to everything it suggests, if you stay on the track with it. There is no end to how far you can connect with it, so give it a try, you won't regret it.

It is amazing that we can discuss this esoteric topic nowadays in a way that is upfront and plain. It is no longer veiled or exoteric, and this stands as a testament to how far humanity has come on its Ascension pathway.

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