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How Spiritual Gifts Arrive 

I'm always surprised by the way spiritual gifts arrive once you pray for them, so I want to give an example which may help illustrate how the universe works.

Recently my guides have been pointing out to me that I need a chakra clearing as I have low energy and a lot of headaches, a classic sign that something isn't right with my chakras and energy isn't coming through properly. I also have some issues with my lower chakras which I have spent a lifetime ignoring. I've never been one to go off for chakra cleansings, in fact I've never had one before...


So first I tried Reiki which I believe can be very good and healing in so many ways. I discovered this option was a little pricey and slow going, since after my first Reiki session I discovered some quite remarkable differences physically but not energetically. I needed something deeper and more consistent, a type of healing I can experience often and without paying high hourly rates.

So I turned to chakra clearing meditations with high hopes. Once again, I felt very little effect during or after the meditation. Perhaps I needed to give it more time whilst practicing the meditation daily. But I only did the meditation once as I didn't feel drawn to it.

Not to be put off my quest for energy cleansing, I decided to get in touch with an energy healer who claims she can fix all my problems in just five minutes. So I tried to buy her healing cd, but the website refused to work. Still I didn't give up, still I sent out my prayers to the universe, they went like this - "Please universe help me heal my chakras, clear my energy powerfully, give me back my energy, thank you." For several weeks I prayed like this knowing a solution would be found for me.

One day idly I find myself looking at crystals, at citrine in particular because I have always wanted to buy some proper citrine. I own many rocks and crystals collected over many years but never a powerful citrine. Suddenly I am filled with certainty that I need citrine and after some research have been able to buy a wonderful large crystal point. It is genuine citrine and not the fake kind of heat-treated amethyst* that often parades as citrine.

So now I own it, work with it and sleep with it on my nightstand. Out of curiosity, I sit down and channel my guides to ask them about my crystal. Their answer blows me away - "My dear, this is what you have been asking for, this will do you no end of good to clear you." Bingo, because it is this moment of understanding that what I have asked for has been supplied. I have been led to it unwittingly and now I'm working with it. If I did not channel my guides, I might never have known that the universe was helping me and answering my prayer. The nature of many such spontaneous actions are guided, 'inspirtational' moments from our angels, bringing to us what we have asked for.

Incidentally, although I have been ill for a while, I have never asked or prayed to get better until now. It is interesting that when you are ready, the right healer or tool comes along. I'd not before considered citrine as anything other than an abundance stone, yet of course it is a powerful healer and clearer of the chakras! I can hold it daily with no effort, I can put it next to my bed as I sleep and be healed and cleared each night. Why in all these years had I never considered this? Simply because I had never truly asked or prayed for it. The power of prayer never ceases to amaze me, and the way the angels work has me in awe. Have you prayed lately for what you would like?

When part of the puzzle arrives from spirit in answer to your prayers, don't forget to thank Spirit and be grateful to the universe for its awesome power to answer our prayers.

*A note about citrine - most citrine is actually 'heat treated' amethyst that is cooked until it turns a beautiful orange or sometimes a burnt brown colour. Some people believe this still has the healing power of citrine as the earth naturally makes citrine through a heating process of quartz. Natural citrine is rare and the points are an entirely different shape to amethyst crystal. To research fake citrine, google 'fake citrine' for an interesting read.

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