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Learn to Speak Your Truth

The best way to do service to yourself and honour your energy is to learn to speak your truth to others, and also to yourself. It can actually weaken your energy field (aura) when you hold untruths and put them forward, and can set yourself up for karmic repercussions as well.


Learning to speak truth at all times is important as this does others a high service as well. And simply in terms of integrity, holding a high inner integrity is rewarded by the universe and can open doors.

Not many people realise that all of us are constantly watched over by our loving guides in spirit, who are the ones who open the doors to opportunities in life. A low level of integrity not only means attracting back lowly energy from others, but also means missed opportunities that are handed to other souls who are deemed more deserving or more in touch with their integrity.

Have you ever noticed that those who constantly speak ill of others and who deliberately lie inhabit many of the lower positions in life, whilst people with a high sense of integrity seem to rise above others in their success? Some artful liars rise high as well, but usually they can receive their 'just desert' sooner or later as a karmic repercussion of lying or cheating.

What Is Your Truth?

It follows that before you can learn to speak your truth in any situation you must first find out what your truth is. This can be difficult sometimes for young adults and teenagers because they are in the process of working out what makes them tick; young adults are still testing out the world and themselves. Once we reach adulthood, we should be already learning how to say what we mean and mean what we say.

Having a positive attitude about yourself is important also because then you will feel proud about what you stand for, and therefore what you are telling others. But rather than push your views and beliefs onto others, state your truth quietly and with conviction. If you sense it may not be accepted, you may wish to remain silent and this is okay too.

Truth Carries A High Vibration

The result of not speaking your truth is an undermining of who you are in essence. Other than our body and the sum of our possessions, all we really are is our energy and our Soul. This is the most important aspect of self, indeed the only true aspect of self.

The way we express ourself is through words and language. So when we deny ourself truth in that, and are acting falsely to what we think and feel, we have lost most of what makes us 'us'. It might happen gradually, it could be due to the influence of others or our environment, or maybe we never truly understood who it is we are to begin with.

When you are not true to you, you end up dispersing your power and can even come off as wish-washy at best, or downright dishonest at the worst. Either way, you are harming yourself.

It is very possible to turn inwards and re-establish the link to your heart and your feelings. What makes you tick? What do you truly desire? What do you really stand for? These are the things to which you should be honest.

The aim of life on Earth is to become more of who you already are, or to align to your Soul essence whilst living in a human body. Quite a challenge at times perhaps but not one you are unworthy of. Create quiet time, think deeply about what you stand for, and be honest in your dealings and about who you truly are. After all, if someone wishes to judge you for who you are, they aren't worthy of your effort anyway.

How Lies Harm

As a psychic, I see a lot of untruths being told and I see the harm it does. I have personally seen people lie under oath yet still not get away with it, and I see a lot of lies that have no reason behind them other than it brings the liar pleasure. Ultimately it is their downfall.

When I detect a lie, I lose all respect for the person who has uttered it. Sometimes it comes from a trusted source and is a shock, other times you see it coming  - but a lie is always surprising, because it is like a crime against the Soul. Theirs and yours. 

People distance themselves from liars and break bonds, cease seeing that person and may never trust them again for the remainder of this life time. So really no one wins. It is sad that many people are so dishonest to themselves that they fall into the habit of lying to others as well.

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