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Prayer For World Events

If you are like me, you may be feeling quite helpless as you watch the news headlines each evening and see all the hardship, tragedy and loss going on in the world as a whole. Most times these days I skip watching the news altogether, or only watch the first five minutes and switch it off before it starts to affect my positive mood. The news, whilst useful at times, focuses on the negative aspects and events in the world and can leave those of us who are sensitive feeling quite low. If I had children, I do not think I would allow them to watch it since children are sensitive to the vagaries of life.

Having just pointed out how negative the news is, there are some positives and some small things we can each do when faced with overwhelming events happening to others each day in other parts of the world. What we can actually do to make a difference is pray on behalf of all those in unfortunate situations. Whether you pray to God or to the angels, our requests for help are heard and can be acted upon. For more, please read Why Put Your Prayers Out There, or Does Asking Angels Work?

World Events

Troubling world events include wars, terrorist activity and natural disasters, all of which seem to happen with an alarming frequency. A useful prayer for war is to ask that any evil causing war and strife be cast out and leave the earth permanently. The reason this is a good prayer is that the time for strife on earth is diminishing; by this I mean that according to angelic realms, it is time for more balance to appear on Earth and for overt evil to leave. This is why this particular type of prayer or request has more power than it may have in the past. I believe that if many more of us made such requests, then evil would lose it power even faster and leave even sooner.

Terrorist activity is a newer threat to our peace and seems to fuel more wars than any other issue presently. A good prayer is to ask for calm to ensue and for the reason behind terrorist activity to be transmuted into the light. Terrorists are about spreading terror, usually against totally innocent victims who have done nothing. If we pray for God to send healing to such people and to transmute their anger or pain into light, they may be less willing to blow up themselves and others or spend their whole existence in a campaign to hurt others.

In the case of natural disasters, a useful prayer is foremost for the safety of all involved, and also for people's homes and livelihoods to be saved. I believe that prayer can go a long way to forestall a major storm or release some of its power before it hits. Sending light and love to a devastated area can help others greatly and can disperse some of the darkness or despair, especially meditating and sending light to the people affected. Prayers for them to recover and receive aid are wonderful.

Whenever We Have Time

Rather than feeling a burden that we must pray for the world or for each tragedy we hear about, this type of world prayer is best used when you feel moved to use it, since a heartfelt, emotional prayer is much louder than a prayer said merely out of duty. Putting compassion and love into prayer will help it to carry more meaning. We empower the "powers that be" to intervene whenever we pray or send light to a situation.

If you can switch the TV down and pray steadily for a few minutes over an issue you feel strongly about, this is all the better. Or, just send out a quick prayer to the universe when you remember. Form the words in your head or say them out loud, even a "please God send help to those people" is more helpful than no prayer at all. The angels want me to pass on that every bit helps since every human is connected to every other human on this earth and it is the most natural thing in the world to pray. The only thing that stops most of us is a belief that it does precious little, when this is far from the truth. If we planet-wide all prayed for peace each day, it would manifest, for such are the laws of God.

Humanities Dream

We need never feel so helpless when we watch the news. We can also visualise a vibrant, peaceful and above all abundant earth where all peoples have enough food and shelter, and their human rights respected. This is a dream so do we dare  dream it? Give it a thought each night before sleep and add power to this image or visualisation each day, building it up. Add what you like or are drawn to add to this amazing dream of humanity, for this will aid in humanity to fulfill this dream all the quicker.

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