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Are We In A "Matrix"? What Is It?

What is the Orion Matrix and are we stuck hopelessly in it? By the sounds of things from what the angels are saying, this entire matrix of lies is about to fall!

Ideally, this matrix should have fallen earlier if things had gone more to plan. The real matrix is a bit like the movie The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves, and as usual the angels used Hollywood to bring a message to mankind to try to gently wake us up. This did not work.

The Matrix was allowed by God, for a certain period of time, to provide lessons to the Orions who challenged the authority of God. They wanted to prove that God was not all powerful, they rebelled against God and as a consequence they were given the chance to prove their point. It was decided they were to try to turn humans to the dark side in a grand experiment. In effect this evil wanted to be the new Gods, and their task was to begin here on Earth and turn this world to their own bidding, and to enslave the population unto them, eventually wiping out the memory of God and replacing Him with their own made up religion, Satanism. Although they were incredibly successful in creating a matrix of lies that are accepted as truth worldwide, and they were also successful in enslaving the planet in a false system of debt slavery followed by Austerity (just look at Greece right now), they failed to turn humans to the dark side over the millennia, and in fact they never could, even if there was any time left for them to try.

The Matrix

The matrix as it stands today is a mental prison of falsehoods that has been developed since the times of Atlantis, meaning for around fifteen millennia the minds of man have been fed a stream of lies about their basic reality, which they have believed. It is ongoing, and each day new lies are fed to us to keep us trapped in this matrix of false belief. The biggest lies that have controlled man are that we cease to exist when we die and there is only this one lifetime. The other biggest lie that has shaped this whole reality is that there is scarcity and not enough to go around. These have always been the key falsehoods with which to control a planet, by creating false systems of lack and the belief we live but a short time. So where does that leave us today in our complicated world of international finance and world trade?

Basically the banksters have been running the world for centuries using different systems of fiat currency (remember Jesus' actions towards the "money changers" of his time - they were doing it even back then). Every war on this planet is about finance and trade (also OIL), not terrorism, even the war against Hitler was for issues you are not told about. The control system on this planet revolves around trade and finance and it always has. When a country tries to break free of the planetary overlords, and break free from the system, a false reason is put forth for a war, and a war ensues. Then a new puppet government is installed that has leaders who follow instructions from the banksters.

Think of all the wars that have taken place in the last 20 years alone, and I can tell you all of them are about trade, currency, and countries refusing to trade in petrodollars, or countries who want to wipe out the drug trade, or a strategic country that can be used to weaken a larger enemy. Not one war has actually been fought with terrorists, and this is the Matrix we see in all of its ugliness, for everyone is told lies and they do not research independently, so they remain stuck in this matrix. Without the many wars keeping countries in their position of debt slavery, the control on this world would have slipped long ago. The actual matrix of mind control is so much bigger than this, and exists throughout medicine, education, science, and religion, but I give you the example of war, one that can be proven easily through research.

Lightworkers and The Matrix

As mentioned earlier, this is all part of an experiment allowed by God, who has let evil reign for a time to demonstrate to this evil where they are wrong, and that only God is all powerful. As part of this experiment and to balance the scales, God and the angels sent many forces of Light to this planet to try to wake people up to the matrix of lies and manipulation that is ongoing in all fields on this world. In other words, the lightworkers were incarnated in their millions with the simple job of remembering who they are and then spreading the truth about Earth. The lightworkers are evolved beings of light who incarnate on this world but come from other parts of the galaxy. There are millions and millions of them and God's plan was that they would wake up in three waves. I was in the first wave and I woke up in 1992. I exited the matrix in 1993 when I began to investigate it - thank you to Nexus magazine!

You can see many of these lightworkers in the world who are the healers, the psychics, the writers and energy workers. Actually they are in all professions, from economists to hairdressers, although many do not know who they really are. What a lot of people are writing about currently is the failure of these lightworkers to (1) wake up, and (2) escape the matrix of illusion. Whilst all of this about failure is true, let's discuss it further.

The majority of lightworkers never woke up and never activated to their true purpose on this world, to spread knowledge. As a consequence, the general population never had a chance to wake up either and break free of the matrix of slavery, hence the system is ongoing and now at total breaking point. I do not put any blame here, there is no judgment, for remember this was all a daring experiment, this whole world and everything on it included. It was hoped that all lightworkers would wake up in time to effect change, but this has proved too difficult. Also, those lightworkers who did wake up are being critisised for not turning to God, but remaining separate and only pretending to turn back to God. There is something so weird and unexpected about all of this, and maybe we can blame it on this false world being so seductive and promoting worship of Self above God.

We live in an artificially conceived, commercial society where, like sheep, we exist so that we can buy things and enjoy our forms of entertainment. This is what we are raised to believe, and so seductive has it proven that no one wants to wake up! No one wants to take the red pill and see the ugly truth about the fact they are mere slaves enabling others to grow richer. God has been purposely excluded from the controlling matrix, and this is why our societies have evolved into this weird situation where we have actually poisoned our world to the brink of extinction but still we keep watching TV and eating burgers until we actually kill our own body and the Earth body to boot. So odd. Then again, the matrix/television tells us constantly that this is okay and there is nothing wrong with the world.

The Solution - The Matrix is Coming Down

Time has run out on this experiment, both sides have had wins and losses, and God is now wrapping up this experiment and starting out fresh on this planet, which is now being forced to awaken one way or another. Massive changes have already occurred in the financial world and in government, even if you have not quite heard about them yet (see my blog). If God did not intervene as He is now, the planet is too toxic to survive much longer, we would all have cancer in a few years from the leaking radiation alone, we would all move even further from God and truth, and I don't think there is any part of God's plan that involves any of those scenarios (except on lower dimensional versions/timelines of this world, which we are not concerned with).

For many years we have had intense light beamed to this world, and many changes taking place to our DNA to reactivate and reverse what was done to us genetically in Atlantis. The power of the banksters and the global elite is being removed now, arrests continue to happen right now, their money taken and it is about to be redistributed through a new law called NESARA and GESARA. The game on Earth is being reset big time right now. The angels and others are going to be making their existence known and are going to be actually teaching us about our true history on this world. They are taking down the Orion Matrix in all ways, and soon, all of those who have tried to hide in the matrix, tried to hide from God or from consequences will have no more matrix left to hide in.

Seduced Lightworkers

Many lightworkers have become too seduced and fell into the trap of worshiping Self. I have seen unawakened lightworkers who are so deep in the matrix, they lord it over others and even actively bully the ones they were sent to help, so far have they fallen from the light! They refuse to wake up. They are spiritual beings who have been given a sacred mission to help humanity exit the matrix and rise spiritually, but instead have become like humanity, sinking down into it. There is always the weak excuse that nothing is wrong with the world and we are put onto this world to have fun, buy stuff and gossip about others as much as we want. They will not budge, and that is the failing they will have to deal with upon their awakening. Many are wrapped in a false pride because they have high incomes and they are good at "working" the dark matrix. Why would they want to bring it down when the matrix makes their personal life so comfy, and to hell with the rest of the world, literally. Big, big failure.

I have seen fully awake lightworkers, who are active in the lightworker community, waste their incredible talents and knowledge, being so stuck in the matrix of poverty and turning instead to daily porn, being seduced thereby by the dark side and not even knowing it! I have seen male lightworkers who work against women and abuse women because the porn tells them to, and they cannot break free from this dark, seductive spell even when someone uses logic to try to tell them. And I am talking about very intelligent, advanced souls who got seduced by the dark. What the angels are saying is that even many of the awake lightworkers have proven useless, preferring instead to make up excuses for ignoring their mission, and then assuaging their wounds through perpetuation of the very matrix they were supposed to destroy.

This is all to be reversed and soon. God only lets such situations continue for a set time limit, for it is an outrage against God. The Orions have been removed from this world (thank you!) and only their minions are left to stir up trouble. Not only are the angels saying this now, but the Bible documents this in incredible detail over and over again, this is the End Time right now, we see all those old prophesies coming to pass, and soon we will be able to start anew.

Don't worry if you are a failed lightworker because all will be instantly forgiven, and every person will be wrapped in the love of God and the angels, it cannot be otherwise. But God does not like to see His children fallen so far, hurting other children endlessly in this experiment that was meant to test all of us. It has been a really good experiment, don't you think? Very interesting too. I am excited about the illusion/matrix being lifted, you can watch for this. When government is replaced and the prosperity packages roll out, this will signal the beginning of the end of the Matrix, for good!

This article was penned on Feb 8th, 2015.

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