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Earth's Isolation Is Ending

It is predicted that planet Earth's artificial isolation from the greater Galactic community will be coming to an end now that the dangerous Cabal situation is being resolved and the Experiment that was Earth is moving into another phase. This change is known as "Disclosure", and is when the truth about other civilisations in space will be finally disclosed to the public.

Of course those in the psychic and new age communities tend to know all about ETs because they have been channelling and speaking with them for a long time. Just as we are, they too are souls who are evolving in this universe, albeit in other locations.

UFOGovernments had always kept the general public ignorant when the Galactic community began to call on us in the 1940's around the time we discovered nuclear bombs and splitting the atom. These visitations seemed to make governments even more fearful of their own loss of total power should humans become aware of other ways to run a planet other than their way. Advanced ET technology given freely to us would have changed the earth completely and ushed in a new age of ease and comfort, food enough for all, no more reliance on oil, combustion engines, or need for pollution. You can see why government's were fearful of losing their own power. Many of these same governments, during this same time, were contacted by dark ETs and made secret deals with them, gaining technology in return for granting permission for those dark ETs to abduct humans and do experiments on them, or else create hybrids with their DNA. (Not that any government ever had any right to do so to any human on this or any world!)

Because of rogue and out of control corporate government running almost everything on this world (aka the Cabal), and keeping it deliberately enslaved to an artificial monetary system of debt, as well as technologically enslaved, the ETs had deemed this world "hostile" and were unable to land or offer real help to the populations on our planet as they had done so regularly far back in our past.

The darkness first took power on our world as far back as at the fall of Atlantis fifteen millennia ago. Since then, we have been in isolation from our space brothers and from the Galactic Federation, as the experiment of Light versus Dark reigned on our world to see who would be victorious. The Experiment has now recently ended and Heaven has intervened to wrap up the last of the dark influences on this world, which are now to go into the dustbin of history as we move back into the Light for good. The planet is ascending into higher frequencies as part of a new plan, and full disclosure of ET races is coming soon, whether we are ready for it or not.

How Will Disclosure Change Our World?

Humans were created to be guardians of this world and all on it; we are protectors of this amazing planet and will be returned to this role shortly. We have been taught by the dark team that we were put here to use up all of the resources and do what we like to this world - this is a lie and couldn't be further from the truth. Our true role is quite opposite, so we have the job now of reversing all of the damage done to our world and returning Earth to her pristine, natural state.

Arrival of ETs will also herald a time of Education, and much of this will be about our true history on this world. You see, much of our history has been modified, changed and just made up to suit the dark's intentions, especially our early history and that regarding our true star origins and how long we have actually been living on this world. The other important aspect of our education by the ETs is regarding our spiritual heritage and our connection to our Creator, or God.

Some say that much of our human DNA, which was disconnected or scattered at the end of Atlantis, will be restored to us, making us psychic, intuitive, spiritual and with powers we can only now dream of. Our powers were removed from us by a corrupt few, so that we would be easier to enslave and to turn to the dark side. Now that the whole experiment has ended, we are free once again to return to our full powers and be equal to our space communities.

This is a lot to take in, but it is interesting to ponder. As a psychic, I can vouch for these other communities that exist to help and lift up mankind, such as the angels, the ascended masters and others. There is no need to wait to learn googling these star friends, we can begin to find out more about them and what they are about, for example googling the Sirians, or the Arcturians or the Pleiadians is a good start.

This article was penned on March 27, 2015.

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