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The Illusion Of Darkness And The Fall

I have spoken already about the experiment in Darkness that this planet has been undergoing and why this experiment is ending. Now I wish to discuss the Con of all Cons when it comes to Darkness, and this may surprise many.

You see, as humans, we have been told for eons and eons of time that darkness and evil exists, that it is a part of existence and as such cannot be destroyed or removed. There are several falsities in what we have been told about darkness. Of course these stories are lies, and the reason for this is that darkness (or the illusion of darkness), by its very nature, never tells the truth. We, as humans, have been grandly fooled for a long time, and it is now time that we can wake up again, see the light, and leave the lies behind us.

For you see, there is nothing that is Separate in the Universe or in Nature. The dark souls that exist were created by the grand creative source we call Mother/Father God. All that is created is done so in the light, and contains the original, divine spark of the Creator. Some creations decided, through their gift of free will, to fall in consciousness, to fall in dimension and disconnect from their own light source as far as was possible. Of course, for them to exist, there must be some connection, be it ever so small, to the light. When these souls decided to fall, they were allowed to do so to see what would or could happen, hence the experiment we have endured here on Earth. This is the truth of where these dark souls came from, yet the souls themselves have spread a far different tale.

Darkness Is Not Separate From Creation

Devil What the dark souls have sold to the world is that they are different to the rest of us and Creation. They are somehow "other" and apart from the rest of us, something to be truly feared because they are not us. How can we ever reconcile with these dark others, or love them, or save them when they are not us and never were? This is the propaganda spread by the dark to fool and con those in the light. The ONE truth we are never meant to discover is that they are the same as us, in all ways. They are not separate from us or the rest of nature and they never were.

 The darkness goes a long way to make this lie stick. They go to great effort and pain to make themselves appear as different to us as they possibly can. They do this by perverting and inverting all that is natural and normal to those souls in the light. We just have to watch a movie, pick any movie about darkness, to see their selling points. Their appearance is fearsome and warlike, their attitudes and ways are evil, they wear dark clothing or somehow do not look human, and we are even sold ideas that they are "monsters" with pointy horns or scales or whatever the myth is. Yet when we consider the truth, that they are merely souls created in light by God who chose to fall, and to con the rest of us, it is quite laughable.

They have even had millennia to create their own anti-religion, one that is fictional and to their liking, one that is their propoganda machine to instill fear into the light. They use myths and anti-religions (like satanism) to polarise the light and the dark, to pretend they are opposite sides in some kind of great Battle that doesn't truly exist at all. When the light is fooled, it may spend a lot of time fighting the dark, not knowing the dark came from the light and is covering their own light to be an illusion of darkness. The dark is also elitist, meaning their created belief system demands they are better than the light. There is no equality in their ranks, and each dark soul must bow down to whoever is higher and more "elite". The concept of elite is make believe and used to gain power over others. None in creation are better (or less) than any other.

We Are All One

The inconvenient truth the dark side does not want the rest of us to know, for it would ruin their carefully created "image", is that we are all ONE, and that they are us. To prove this point, these dark souls can, at any time, return to the light and be forgiven. They can be restored back to the light by Creator, and celebrated for their return, and all they have to do is decide they want it. Does that sound like they are truly separate to the rest of us? I am reminded of a spoiled child who doesn't want to play with the other children. They throw a big hissy fit, change their image into something opposite of the others, thus rebelling, and then live by this new, dark image. They throw frequent tantrums, threaten to destroy their school (or the planet when they get older) and they refuse to be part of us, or part of love. But they ARE part, because it is not possible to be separate from what created all of us, the Light.

Why do souls fall out of the light and into darkness? That would be a whole other article. The souls we call dark are actually very lost souls who rebelled, for their own reasons, and then had nothing else to do in creation except stir up trouble. Whilst the rest of us create love and evolve, they cannot partake, because they removed themselves from that option (temporarily). So to fill in their time, with no other option, they raise hell so to speak and stir up trouble and create lies to frighten the rest of us. To fill the void of love missed, they create systems of power of overs and attempt to collect power, forgetting that the only power that ever existed is Love. They have done a good job at raising the illusion of hell because they contain the intelligence of the light. Yes, they misused this intelligence and were given permission to misuse it to see what would happen. What happened was the huge Myth Of Darkness that many still believe - that they are not us. THEY ARE US. They are still rebel-raising, but they are still us.

The irony of all of this is that by creating pain in others, they got caught up in the pain themselves. By creating power over others, they created the system that has power over them. They are the souls who have suffered the most at the hands of their fellow "evil" souls, since those are the ones in whose company they keep. Evil must work together with other evil to get results, and they abuse each other endlessly, more so than they abuse those in the light, endlessly competing with each other and doing dark deeds to get power over each other.

Since the experiment of Darkness is ending now on our Earth, they are being called back into the light, being restored and healed. Those who refuse are being forcefully repolarised back to the light, for this is the power the Creator has, and the end date of the experiment has been known for eons of time. It is time we see the illusion of darkness for what it really is, something unreal, and welcome those who are restored and healed in the light back to our universal family of Oneness.

Penned on June 10th, 2015

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