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The Surprising Truth About Greece

This is an article about Greece's decision to say No to the bailout, and why we are being told whopping untruths about Greece and their debt.


Media Propaganda

Media lies are common, so common that for decades, much of what was reported on news programs was propaganda and outright lies, and it continues just as outrageously today. As a race of people, we have slumbered for a long time whilst those who lead the world from behind the scenes take us down a certain path. We have been led down the path of environmental destruction deliberately, for without a healthy planet we are much weaker for takeover. We have been led down the path of both recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, for when we ingest them we are much more sickly and weaker. But one of the biggest lies we have ever been told is that those who run the world through their exclusive set of Central Banks (and determine most trade outcomes, when markets crash, etc.) are wishing to help us and do us good. Oh boy that is the biggest lie to humanity, and for a long time we have slept and let them ruin us. In effect, those few who have the most wealth, trillions of dollars in their pockets, are the ones right now running the world, not as government but as corporations, especially the banks.

They are the Illuminati Mafia. The word Illuminati is one they call themselves because they are not only intent on owning every nation on the planet, but also turning all to their own religion, which is the coming One World Religion. The word Illuminati, self named, indicates their extreme occult beliefs against Christ. They are also Mafiosa because they are a huge and organised conglomerate of highly paid minions, who use stand-over tactics, violence, and manipulation to make countries agree to their terms. They operate by forcing a country to consent to their rule, the rule of the banks, and install a made-up condition they call "austerity". When a country refuses to consent, we see warfare like we are seeing in much of the Middle East right now. Countries that refuse to be ruled by central bank corporations are bombed, their gold is stolen, and their government is replaced by a new government of bankers. The exact countries now that are at war are the last of them left without central banks owned by mafia. Soon I suppose every nation will be run by them. Is it starting to make sense yet?

The Story of Greece

Greece 2Before I mention Greece specifically, know that most of Europe is now waking up to the worldwide corruption that has gone on for decades and stolen hundred of trillions of dollars from countries and nations around the world. It is no longer secret. Formerly populations, and in some cases government, trusted the world banks, not suspecting that the banks were being used to slowly bring each nation to their knees economically before the banks could actually start to OWN the nations of the world. It is an economic trap called Debt Slavery. However, for this trick to work, the people must believe what they are being told, they must buy into the lies and actually consent to give up their freedom. This is not occurring as the banking mafia had planned, because people are not consenting, and forcing them to consent is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Let's discuss Greece and the world media, which is lying through their teeth on this one. Popular media, such as television, has been used for propaganda purposes since its inception. Prior to TV, false reporting occurred via the written world, but television has proved to be the darling of the propaganda specialists for their psychological operations. The blatant lies being told on the news regarding Greece take my breath away. We are told that Greece has been bad and spent all their money. Oh no, far from it. The real truth is that Greece, like many other European countries, has fallen prey to the thieving central banks that have bled Greece dry systematically through financial maneuvers. For example, they lower the credibility or credit rating, thereby attracting an arbitrarily high interest rate for borrowing, one that they increase all the time to cripple the economy.

The banking mafia control the interest rates, so they can manipulate how much debt any nation owes. Over time, it is a mathematical certainty that they can maneuver a nation, any nation, into debt slavery and, once over the barrel, the banks start making demands to rollout slave status, which they call "Austerity". Suddenly, the pension is halved and no one can afford to eat. Jobs disappear because there is no money to spend and before you know it, the whole country falls apart thanks to your friendly banksters, who proceed to become offensively rich. What is worse, we are told it is the government's fault, or the fault of the people. In the meantime, the money from the cut pensions and all other cuts gets paid to the BANKS. The banks end up stealing every cut cent from infrastructure, business and family, and it goes into their pockets, and it is called Austerity, when it is in fact outright Theft.

What we aren't being told on the television is that Greece has been offered all kinds of bailouts from other nations who are trying to save them from the banks, such as bailout offers from China and Russia, big nations who can afford to bring Greece back to financial stability. You see, the banks will OWN Greece forever, whilst bailouts from other nations will help Greece to recover and not stipulate that they will own them, see the difference? Is it any wonder Greece said NO? Those in power are raging right now because Greece didn't give themselves to them in financial slavery. Greece will never do this, unless they murder the current government and replace them with bankers.

Other European Countries

Many, many other countries are in the same position as Greece, slaves to the central banks. They are close to, or have already run out of money. The great plan is to enslave them all through bailout deals that effectively give ownership of nations to the banking corporations, taking money out of citizens' pockets and into the banks. I personally believe that the gig is up, however, and we can see this by the example of Greece saying no to slavery, no to faked austerity. The cat is out of the bag and the whole of Europe is beginning to put the pieces together, they are beginning to understand that the trap is closing around them and that the banks intend to bleed them dry and enslave them in a state of no money, so that they are owned by the banks, they are owned by the overlords who already have filthy sums of personal wealth.

Most of Europe has already joined BRICS, against the express advice of the Illuminati, and joined the alternative financial system AIIB that is currently replacing the central banking system. In fact, the good news is that the central banks have actually failed in their aims, and they are being rapidly replaced by an entirely new system that excludes the corrupt bankster mafia. The petrodollar is failing, or will soon, as nations begin to trade in a different way, ignoring completely the mafia system that was used for so long. Some people estimate the new BRICS system, that likely will see the Yuan as the world reserve currency, will occur in this year of 2015. I believe this because it is already set up and operating. Right now, we just have to hang on, ignore the lying news media, and just watch as Europe gets saved by the new financial institutions that are replacing the corrupt old ones. It might be a bit of a bumpy ride, but good is going to prevail and the corrupt will not reach their goals of enslavement or austerity.

Anyone wishing to read more about the real news that is being kept from you, please just click on my blog here.

This article was published on July 7,2015.

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