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The Golden Crystalline Grid

The Crystalline Grid is a 'consciousness' grid which replaces the old, lower dimensional, 3D grid. Have you noticed the changing consciousness that is now on this planet?

We are all contained within the new grid and within its new consciousness matrix. Like a collective unit, we now utilise the new grid which has a new set of rules for humanities benefit. Because of the new rules that are downloading into all humans, it means that every aspect of our lives will be changing. We are moving up into a better, more advanced level of beingness where we are all One. This spiritual happening is thanks to Mother Father God and specifically Archangel Gabrielle who placed the grid.

Golden Grid

The New Replacing The Old

The old consciousness grid is no longer there, although many people still operate as though the old grid was still functioning, which may cause them issues. However, the old 3D grid is a thing of the past and we need not dwell on that. Instead, I want to look at this new, higher dimensional grid that is the new operating system for this world.

We are operating on this new grid already and the good news it that it's a grid of purest Love and Integrity. The whole world is beginning to undergo a change in how it operates, and integrity is something that is not only becoming important, but Vital! Many things that were done from a place lacking in integrity will begin to come forth to be exposed to the light. The light is a powerful force, far more powerful than darkness, and the truth is beginning to come forth exposing the many deceptions and lies that have been prevalent for a very long time on this world.

No More Abuse Of Women

This new issue in the media is exposing how far humanity has already come. No longer do women want to be abused whether verbal or physical, or putting up with sexist behaviour just because the man holds an important position or is powerful. Women have had to keep quiet and protect the abuser - since to speak up meant they would suffer. Men used to be able to do as they pleased whilst angry women had no recourse. This age-old situation is changing so quickly and so immediately that we must observe something is up! What is 'up' is the new grid and the new rules for humanity. We, humanity, have created this new situation and like never before, we are beginning to hunger for the truth.

What Is A Consciousness Grid?

As One race, the human race, we focus into a mass consciousness, which is like a mass of combined thoughts. We are each connected to the other. It is like the operating system for the planet. We can put our own thoughts into the grid, and when we think something, we attract the thoughts of others to us using the Law of Attraction. Depending on how high our own thoughts are, we attract different kinds of thoughts or solutions. If you are open or positive, you will attract these kinds of thoughts, ideas and hope. If you were depressed, then you tend to tune in on the mass of negative thoughts or hopeless thoughts that are already out there, thus making matters difficult for yourself.

The new grid that's been gifted to humanity from Archangel Gabrielle (as a gift from Mother God) is the next part of God's Plan for humanity. The old grid was like a prison in many ways, and contained a lot of rubbish and illusion which was the 'old way' of being. We learned a lot of tripe such as we must be competitive, we must win (and someone had to lose), we must have more money, power or success, and we must keep getting more of this stuff endlessly to be happy. Basically it's not a very positive way to operate.

The new grid that is now available is much more positive. It's a consciousness containing love, positive energy, following your heart, helping others, being generous, etc. Cooperation replaces competition. Compassion replaces stepping on others on the way to the 'top'. Love and harmony replaces isolation and depression. We are now growing away from the old ideas that did not work, that nearly destroyed our planet, and moving towards working together in harmony, saving the environment, and yes I will say the 'Brotherhood of Man'. This was always our potential but now we have the system that can make it occur.

The Old Grid Is Dismantled

For a while we had two different grids simultaneously so people had a choice of how they would operate. Many lighted people switched over to the new grid a while ago - they are the salt of the earth, the good people who help others, do charitable work, help the environment and live peaceably. The old grid was still around to offer many people a chance to slowly swap over. They had the choice to awaken or to not awaken. However, we have passed that threshold and the old grid has been dismantled. It is not around anymore and such lowly behaviours and not being tolerated on this world any further for they simply don't work.

The old ways are being phased out, thanks to God and this Grid. The new plan for us is to move into love and brotherhood.

In the past many people got ahead by destroying others, the environment, abusing power, and the rest of us were happy to look the other way and pretend that didn't happen. Of course it has always happened. We currently have many massive pedophile rings on this world. We have a huge issues with prevalent human slavery, and not to mention many secret government programs including space programs and very advanced technologies kept secret or used to spy on the everyday Joe. This is all going to be exposed then dismantled in our future thanks to the new operating system on this world. Those who have harmed others will be dealt with and can no longer escape. It used to be that they all escaped, all the time. The law has always, until now, been on the side of the powerful.

As the old grid is now gone, all who live on this world MUST come over to new way of being; all must evolve or advance or ascend. The ones who cannot, or who refuse to become a lawful citizen, will be leaving this earth.

This old type of person will not be reborn on the earth. As their natural life ends, they will move on to another place to grow but it won't be here. This is to become a planet of peace, for this is what God has ordained; it is God's Plan and it is going to plan. We have a lot to look forward to, and a chance to find our own place in this grand Plan.

Look into your heart to discern what your place may be. We simply have to move beyond the shocking disclosures that will be coming forth - the information that has been hidden from the populance. Once all the dark things have been exposed to the light, we can begin to heal and move into an extremely bright future. God has it in hand, and it is infinitely exciting!

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