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Angels On Global Warming

Over the years, like everyone else, I have read a lot about global warming, both online and also on MSM (mainstream media). In addition to this, I have listened to what the angels have to say on this important topic. Once source of angelic information I have found important is the Kryon channellings. Kryon is a vast entity or group consciousness that is apparently part of the Michael energy - as in Archangel Michael (AM). I can't say I have all the answers on this confusing issue any more than anyone else, but I hold the angels in very high regard and trust them as a source that is highly accurate. This article is dedicated to what the angels are saying in general about global warming - remembering that angels have long memories (stretching back millennia) and our weather goes through regular shifts that, whilst well documented in science, are all but ignored by MSM (surprise, surprise).

Firstly, as I write this, the angels are telling me there is absolutely nothing to fear with these current weather shifts we are noticing around us and seeing reported on TV. Their main message I get is that this is most natural and is determined by Earth herself, who is a living entity, and by God in some respects. The Earth has a great Spirit, as in Mother Earth or Gaia, and this spirit is alive and well and just doing her thing as she evolves and ascends. I get strongly that all is well with her, or improving at least, and we need not worry that it will keep getting warmer.

I think we should begin with what is causing this increase in temperatures in many places, like in Australia for example where we are having mild winters in places where it used to be quite cold.

What Is Behind Global Warming

It is well known by science that the Earth experiences periodic and regular climate change, and this is driven by what is occurring within the sun. Think of our sun as a large furnace that heats us when the rays hit our atmosphere and penetrate. Usually the sun acts in a rather predictable manner and goes through its usual sunspot cycle lasting eleven years. Every eleven years the sun goes though this cycle, like clockwork. During history, when the sun variated from this cycle, we have always seen recorded changes in climate all over the planet, and right now is no exception. In our recent past, the sun stopped its usual cycle and has been doing something completely different; its activity has changed. We are now experiencing the weakest sun cycle in the last 100 years, so science is proving that something different is going on. And, just as in all the other times in recorded history, our climate has changed as well, as a direct consequence of what the sun is doing.

Here is where it gets a bit tricky, and I will reference the Kryon channellings for this bit. We have periodic mini-ice ages that occur planet wide every 400 years, during which times the sun acts differently. The last time such a mini-ice age occurred was 400 years ago.

"British researchers say solar activity is at its lowest for 100 years, and conditions are 'very similar' to the months before a mini ice age in 1645." From

Now you may be wondering, if we are entering into a mini-ice age, why the weather is becoming warmer? Well in some places it isn't getting warmer, that is the point. Many parts of the planet are experiencing extreme winters, and maybe this is a precursor to the cold snap we may be heading into. Other regions have been milder, but again, we are told by Kryon that some warming is common before a mini-ice age. Undoubtedly we are getting extremes in both heat and cold, yet we are "told" to focus only on the heat. Is that because those in the know are aware we are heading into an ice age and would rather distract us from this news?

How Bad Is A Mini Ice Age?

According to scientists (and the angels), the last ice age we had lasted for about 50 years, and on average produced temperatures that were 10 degrees colder than normal. This is not going to trouble anyone who lives in an already warm clime as they will be able to adjust. What I feel we will see in years to come are migrations out of the very cold regions of the world for a period until the planet starts to stabilise and return to normal again. Some very cold areas could simply be untenable to live in during a big drop in temperature. There will be loss of species as their habitat changes; yet apparently this is a part of the normal earth cycle and happens periodically, whether humans are on earth or not. New species can then evolve in part of this ongoing evolution that includes periodic extinction as part of Earth's greater evolvement.

We have an overwhelming number of scientists that back the idea that weather is driven by the sun, not by man made pollution. As a species, we do have a responsibility to reduce pollution to zero, this is true - but the weather changes are not our responsibility because climate is a result of the sun's activity.

Mainstream media focuses on this one idea endlessly, whilst we hear the planet is only heating (never cooling) and that it is driven by us. Do you ever notice how truly attacked and ostracized anyone is who says differently? This attack tactic is a sure sign that a cover up is present. Governments continue to burn coal and release co2 more than ever, so we see a clear difference in what they say is true and what they do about it, i.e. nothing.

Truly I hear the angels laugh at the idea that we have that much influence over climate. In many ways mankind needs to notice this lesson the sun is teaching us - that we are not the controlling factor, and we are here on Earth by the grace of the powers that be. We should never take our presence here for granted, and we should sit up and notice that many things outside of our control are affecting this planet we call home.

The Sun's True Power To Encode This World

According to Kryon in this particular channelling here, the sun has a truly immense role to play in the evolution of life, including that of humans. The sun, being the center of this solar system, is a relayer of energy (coding) from the center of this galaxy. If you consider life, all of it is "coded" through our DNA. Information is relayed through the magnetic fields that exist around us in space. The Earth has a magnetic field and so does the sun. Encoding from the sun arrives on earth through solar winds, which are exchanges between magnetic fields.

From NASAThis is interesting because each form of life also is surrounded by its own magnetic field, including humans - we are electromagnetic beings and so, importantly, is our DNA. When information or new coding arrives via the sun to the earth, and enters the earth's magnetic and crystalline grids, this new coding becomes available to all life on this world, via the DNA. This is what Kryon tells us. The point is, there is much more to the sun than we presently consider. Of course it controls our climate, but also life itself in an esoteric sense that will one day be exoteric. This new information is what drives evolution when we, humans, choose to extract that new coding from the grids.

What I do want to point out in finishing this article is that there is nothing to fear regarding climate change, for we can learn to adapt to a temporary ice age that will not be too dramatic in scope. Rather than concentrate on these fears regarding climate, our real work is to protect the earth from increasing pollution and also radiation from broken nuclear plants. Right now, the real threats to the earth are being hidden by mainstream media whilst we focus on triffles that are far less important.

This article was penned on April 10, 2015.

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