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Why The Dark Side Won The Experiment- A Personal View

It seems the verdict is in on this grand experiment we call Earth, which is a realm that God allowed to become overrun by dark souls in a free will environment to determine who would overcome who, the Light or the Dark. Unfortunately it is now known throughout the universe that the outcome of this game millennia in the playing is in the favour of the dark, at least as far as who controls the planet. The Light won in terms of who souls are loyal to, since the only people who gave their souls to the devil have been those who received millions of dollars or fame in return. Since the Dark could not buy every soul on the planet, they pretty much lost on that count. The good news for the Light is that now the Experiment has ended, the Dark is being swept from power and quickly, and through direct intervention from advanced beings, Light is starting to win the game of planetary freedom.

I want to break this down and discuss it to see what can be learned from the entire experience of Light vs Dark on this world.

Where Did The Light Go Wrong?

I have spent my life observing the inhabitants of our planet and endlessly wondering why they are the way they are. Humans are essentially good and of the light, yet their actions are often quite evil in nature. A 'lighted' human can be capable of bullying another person to the point where that person suicides to escape the pain, all so the bully can feel good about them self, in effect feeding off the other's pain. It appears evil beyond compare, especially when other so-called lighted souls stand up for the bully and make excuses. A world gone mad? It is actually a case of the lighted ones falling into darkness, of tasting the foul fruit of evil and enjoying it, wandering further and further from God. They replace being nurtured by love by feeding off another's pain and start down the dark path.

Another way the Light has gone wrong has been to completely agree with (or ignore) all of the dark tenants of this fabricated matrix of lies we call current society. Many lighted ones ignored completely the prevalent evil of those in power (in our corporate governments), choosing to let someone else fix the mess, or else they actually use the dark system to their own ends. Another downfall of the light has been sinking into personal ego and doing all that is possible to assuage the ego, never minding the spiritual price that is paid to do so. The ego is dark, being the antithesis of the true, lighted self.

One redeeming facet of humans over the long ages of darkness has been Family. Whilst it has been the norm in our societies to be uncaring of mere "strangers" and anyone not personally known, people have maintained a strong system of family love for the most part and take care of "theirs". That is a big point for Love. It has been a fatal mistake however to not love all others as brothers and sisters, in effect rejecting the brotherhood of mankind by only caring about those we know personally. Our societies are like mini war zones full of petty thieves, rapists, violent abusive types, bullies and haters of the highest order. People tend to trample over whoever they please to get where they wish to go, and this is not how a civilized or loving society works at all. Humans have devolved into a strange darkness indeed, encouraged to believe they need to do this.

The other fatal mistake humans have made, which I have hinted at above, is refusing or abdicating any responsibility for this planet and the societies we create as a whole. Most people have a mentality that they can't change the system so why try? Well for starters, when people try to change something, they actually have a chance of doing just that. When the majority of people can't be bothered, the status quo actually gets worse, never better. so many past societies fell into a type of evil as humans simply seemed unable to stop their own decent into darkness and depravity, such that those civilisations were then ended to create a fresh slate to try the experiment over again in a new locale on Earth.

This paints a pretty grim picture of the Light forces here on Earth, but one I believe is true. On the other hand, let's take a look at the Dark team and what they had going for them that brought about their complete domination and control of us.

How Did The Dark Bring About Their Victory?

We need to face the fact that the dark souls on this world are incredibly wily, operating from an evolved intelligence. The Dark have had much higher IQs than the average person, and much less of our innocence, plus they are expertly skilled in conning, manipulation and evil design. They are utterly ruthless. Whilst the Earth's general population is soft, lazy, undecided, lukewarm and utterly uncommitted to the betterment of the world, the dark is highly motivated, hard working, relentless, committed to the point of zealousness, and a bit like the Terminator in that they simply never stop. In fact, the forces of darkness live and breathe it constantly, their minds never resting from their dark machinations that they take such pleasure in. Literally hour after hour, day after day for their entire lifetime they bend their will against humanity, plotting and planning with each other ways to destroy us and our planet.

Importantly, they have learned what it is that makes humans tick, so they use our own beliefs against us constantly. Are we afraid of war? - then they sell us war in order to make peace; thus war never ends. Are we afraid of disease? Then they sell us drugs that create disease so that we can avoid it. Sound familiar? They know that humans are not terribly smart, that they don't research what they are told, and that they just accept whatever they are told. This has always been a source of inspiration and mirth on the dark side, that humans simply lie down often without a fight and let the dark win. Did we ever truly have a chance?

This brings me to the next key point in their victory of control over us - the use of mind programming through TV programming. Over the last century they have become experts at "psyops", or psychological operations that sell us what they want us to believe. We watch our programs each day and receive daily programming. I have often thought that this one element defined our entire defeat. Take away television and we could have instantly created a fairer playing field, meaning their chances of total domination would have lessened considerably. Of course anyone could come online to research and discover the lies for what they are, but very few ever sought out the truth. Humans are fed lies and just say, "Please feed me more." Are humans too trusting, or just too lazy to seek out the truth? Honestly, I think it is lazy - why bother when you can leave it to someone else to fix the world?

The matrix of lies has told us that we are being watched over by many different benevolent agencies (like the UN), and people somehow think that there are rooms full of kind hearted souls who care and make sure no evil happens. This is not true and never has been! We see it in movies, we read it in books, someone always stops the world from becoming evil, like James Bond perhaps. It is rubbish and we cannot expect someone over there to do it for us; we create our own world. We have to wake up from this silly dream and start standing up for ourselves. Aren't you sick of giving your children GMO food, or jabs that contain aluminum and mercury? All the sickness, poverty, poisoning of water, land and air, false flag terrorism and slavery, aren't you tired of it yet, pretending this isn't happening?

Without the direct intervention from the Light we have recently received, there is no way humans could have avoided the New World Order world government debt slavery satanic worship future planned so carefully for us. Although the dark played dirty with all of their murder and secret nuclear strikes, we still could have prevailed if we had just woken up, turned off the TV programming device, and searched out the truth for ourself.

Summing Up

These are the main contributing factors I believe that explain why the dark side won total control over us. They were too organised, secretive, determined and smart for the rest of humanity to have any chance at all, especially when humanity itself never seemed slightly bothered about each other or the planet. The dark has been all about deception and hiding the truth. Selling the con. Destroying anyone who stood against the con and paying off the rest with huge sums of money. Deliberately keeping people distracted with issues they invented for that purpose, like Global Warming, and before that it was the Ozone layer, before that it was Oil shortages (if you remember the 70's), before that....and on and on. In short yes people absolutely believe in what the television tells them, not understanding that 98% of the media is controlled by six corporations. Politicians and lawmakers can be bought off as easy as a few million, which is chicken feed, and those who can't be bought are killed. But the fantasy of our programmed matrix is that there is no corruption and all is good and fine.

As soon as readers stop reading this article, I know some will tell themselves that nothing is wrong, that we are all being looked after by someone somewhere who will eventually stop all of this madness. Yes, those magical people who will just make sure nothing bad will happen (they are bullet proof like superman and can't be murdered) and while we are at it, we can believe the fantasy that the economy is not about to burst far worse than 2008 - and don't prep at all for that event, there is no way we can ever go hungry is there? Or the television would warn us beforehand and the magical people could fix it in time.

Note: Fortunately for us, this Earth Experiment has been ended and a new one is beginning, thus massive Intervention from above slowly converting the darkened ones back into Light. Still, it's a shame we of the light couldn't have prevailed a little bit better and put up some kind of resistance worth something.

15th March 2015

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