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5D Consciousness & Experience

As the Earth Ascends, so do all her inhabitants, including us humans. Together we are moving into a higher state of being, a higher vibration called 5D (5th dimension). Our planet is not the only one experiencing a shift, nor is it the only dimension shifting. We are compelled to grow faster at this time to 'keep up' with the progress of our home planet Earth.

You do not have to know all about the shift for it is designed to occur without most people being aware of it. The speed at which we are doing this is very unusual but we are doing it anyway.

5D meditateWhat Is The 5th Dimension?

Higher vibrations are not to be feared and we will not lose out by the end, in fact we will gain a much fairer and happier world. There is no poverty or illness in higher dimensions that show a marked lack of dark energy. 5D is still a kind of 'physical' dimension but it is less dense than 3D, meaning the dark energies we are so used to cannot exist at this new level.

5D is a state of consciousness that is more advanced than our present level at 3-4D. It is like existing in a state of grace, where life is actually easy and needs are provided for. One way to imagine a higher dimension is to think of where souls go when the body dies. The spirit or soul moves on and upwards to a new place of existence, one that is less physical than our own. Most souls travel to a pleasant, higher existence where there is no darkness and freedom reigns.

One part of our present dimension is a system of money and slavery. It has been set up by the dark side to enslave both mind and body. Our earth could be a paradise where all can have all they need, including more time to live, but its been far from this reality due to the allowance of darkness at his level. Darkness keeps us chained to a never ending cycle of working and spending until we die. This is changing. No other dimensions have this kind of system except our own, and only recently.

This is why 5D is such a good thing. Some people are already enjoying being 5D. This means they have found inner peace and are no longer tricked by the usual enslavement techniques that keep humans in fear and need. Soon all people will master this. The change begins with NESARA and GESARA, which contains the physical gold enough to free everyone financially.

There is a process of spiritual awakening that people will undergo if they haven't already. People will find their ability to love expand, to forgive and to understand why they were created by God (not to be a slave). Money does not belong in 5D so eventually this system will end as well. People in 3-4D typically fight, compete, and guard everything, are suspicious and some bully or worse. Those who have risen to 5D believe in cooperation, harmony, creating win-win situations and the brotherhood of man - that we are all One.

In 5D consciousness, we unite the male and female aspects so we are more of both. The divine feminine comes into its own, as does intuition and nurturing, both ourself and others. We will probably all choose to become vegetarian as we ascend in vibration. We become more psychic and in tune with nature and ourselves. We'll become more empathic. Our bodies and chakras will evolve as part of DNA evolvement. As we change so too does the animal kingdom, meaning our pets are ascending as well.

Our sense of time also changes from living in the past or future, to living in the Now moment. This is a peaceful state where much illusion is done away with. We also become more detached and more aware of others around us and the consequences of our actions. We no longer want to create disharmony or so called 'bad' karma to return to us. We clean up our act.

We also start to follow our intuition to our Life Path, which will be about helping the planet in some way, be it spiritual, healing people, animals, the environment, teaching, writing, a million different things, creating ethical products, etc.

How To Know You Have Gone From 4D To 5D?

When we reach 5D, it will be unmistakable for we will be much more masterful and notice that the way we create life is different and easier. We will be following higher spiritual principals that create higher and faster results in our life.

Instant manifestation will be the norm, as we activate ourselves to create what we want as soon as we want it. We will not however be creating riches or anything of this nature. We will be beyond the ego self in order to move into 5D, so people at this point will not crave power, revenge or riches. People will still need things of a more humble nature such as resources to help others, or build a business or new living space, etc. Having seen spontaneous manifestation at work before, it does exist and is what the future holds for us once we have cleaned up the mess on our world and are willing to be a peaceful planet.

We are going to talk a lot more to angels and others who are going to help us to learn all of these things.

In 5D consciousness answers will come to us as we need them, for we are creating spontaneously. The teachers we need for our level will just drop into our lap, or as needed the right course or information will appear. We will draw to ourself everything we need, rather than how we create now which is the longer and harder way to create. It is so slow to create in 3D and can take years; but no longer. Things will come to us as we need them and it won't be a miracle, it will be the new norm. We will create by using our lighted mind and our soul, rather than toiling away for long periods for we will be co-creators, and will create according to our own higher will.

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