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Receive Messages Now From Angels

Its very easy to receive messages from angels and the main reason is - they want to talk to you too. Angels are very loving beings who desire to help, and, for most of us, they are unable to communicate because we don't invite them in. This means the most angels can do is watch what is going on in our world. However, when a person awakens and realises the amazing resource that is available to them through angels' wisdom and help, the angels are overjoyed. They never ignore a plea from us to open that connection between them and us.


There are all kinds of ways to connect and receive messages, none are wrong and we all discover what works best for us.

In the beginning, I began by simply talking out loud to them; in fact making fun of them knowing they would hear me. But the joke was on me because I'd opened the door and invited them to make fun of me! I began to hear wisecracks about myself and sense their enjoyment at their little jokes. It was an excellent way to learn to discern what was their voice and what was mine. I learned the important distinction between their energy and my energy; for a psychic this is lesson number one. The more you use your connection, the more it grows and the stronger it becomes.

Try Meditation Or Channeling

To get formal messages and advice, meditation can be used as a tool to calm your mind and receive answers. This can work if you are experiencing problems hearing them in a normal consciousness. You can always begin with meditation as a way to tune your hearing.

Another way to receive messages is through channeling, but you must be ready for this. Anyone can be instantly successful in channeling, since the process is quite simple and straightforward, yet building up a relationship with your angels won't happen unless you are ready for it.

In the beginning for me, I knew I wasn't ready to go that far yet, so even though I had mastered the simple skill of channeling, it was not for a few more years before I began to channel regularly. Even then it was my guides who opened the door and began talking to me in my mind. With pen and paper I wrote down the beautiful words and asked questions, all of which were intelligently answered.

Channeling also entails spirit's energy coming through. You do not only get some spiritual words but you may here their jesting or their energy. You will get  a spirit's personality in your mind. You can pick up unspoken thoughts in a flash, they do not always need to explain everything in words. They use words because we are used to them but they can also use instant telepathy - which is an idea transferred in a flash.

By and whole, channeling is a very interactive experience where you feel their love and humour and can form a relationship with them which is very pleasant and supportive.

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