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Lightworkers & Abundance

We are all potential lightworkers on this world, and many of us work for the light without even realising it. Those of us who consciously cooperate and work with the light call ourselves lightworkers within the spiritual community. A few decades ago, as more and more people began to awaken to their true nature within the light, a new phenomenon began that has continued more or less until this day - a common lack of funds often experienced by lightworkers. Perhaps not all, but certainly the majority of us seemed to have done it hard when it comes to accruing money, unlike many others with steady incomes who seem to have less issues with money.

Jar Of CoinsTo make matters more confusing, a rumour of sorts was started in the 90's that when one becomes a "warrior" working for the light, money will start to pore in. The story went like this: If you follow your heart, money will flow to you. I remember reading this in a number of books and magazines at the time. The teaching stated that lightworkers will learn to master ALL areas of life including finances, meaning the more we grow spiritually, the more masterful we would be at manifesting. It was almost sold to us that we would become masters of manifestation, which was interpreted as meaning more money instead of less. I remember following websites and teachers who analysed this belief, this promise, endlessly discussing when the money would start to arrive, when they could make it "big", but mostly people wanted to earn a good, stable income without having to scratch around for funds.

Most lightworkers end up following their dream to help humanity and so start their own business, or start teaching workshops, doing readings, healing, writing, or producing/selling spiritual items. True lightworkers hold to integrity, whilst there are those who pretend to work for humanity but end up sacrificing their ideals for the lure of the dollar. True lightworkers eventually follow their heart and soul, moving away from traditional jobs and trying to make it by doing what they love, at least part of the time. As a result, traditional income drops away and we make do on less. The rub is when we look at others who are safely earning a weekly paycheck. Perhaps their work isn't as fulfilling, maybe they aren't growing as much, but they can go and buy a new car, and take a nice trip away, or purchase little luxuries. As lightworkers we waited for years for some kind of payoff, simply because a teaching circulated amongst us that we would master manifestation. Perhaps what we ended up mastering wasn't what we had expected.

The reality of wealth "flowing to those who follow their hearts" is often very true, however it is not often true for lightworkers, and here is why.

Wealth Is A Distraction

Money and spirituality are not always best friends, as much as it sounds good in theory, although perhaps given more time this will change. Of course many argue that having more money makes it easier to be a lightworker and help others. Yet the act of actually spending long hours toiling for money means we have little time or energy left to do any actual lightwork. If all we do is focus on wealth, like that is our goal, we have actually lost the plot and moved away from the spirit of lightwork, and working for Spirit.

It isn't just lightworkers who make do on little, as the central banks keep printing more and more fiat currency and then charge us to borrow the money they just produced out of thin air. The very system of money is corrupt, and is therefore not a spiritual system. The central bank "gangsta" corporations put us in debt slavery whilst all they make is profit off cash that they simply print when it suits them. In fact, humanity is so distracted by getting and spending money, they fail to notice money for the giant ponzi scheme that creates debt in its wake for everyone except the central banks.

Attracting Wealth

I have tried common lightworker techniques to generate wealth. One successful technique was using affirmations, and within two weeks of religiously using affirmations (positive statements), two grand came to me in terms of easy work offered out of the blue. This never happened before or since - it came like a gift out of the clear blue sky. I only took half the work offered, but it was a nice choice to make. Just when I was starting to get excited by my success in attracting wealth through affirmations, I was powerfully brought up short by my Higher Self, and its reminder to me was clear. "Stop doing that Now" it said. It was explained to me that I was straying from my path, and I was told that my path was definitely not to chase the dollar or think about it endlessly. My reason for being on Earth had little at all to do with money, and I was told to stop dreaming about it or attempting to manifest large sums of it.

You see, those who are very rich and very good at manifesting are usually equally obsessed with it. They live, breath and think MONEY. And they attract it all the time, easily. But can you see that for us lightworkers who are dedicated to keeping our eye always on spiritual values, this is moving in the opposite direction?  We were originally told that we could have both, a spiritual life and also wealth, but it never turned out that way, at least not so far. How could it? Wealth can also be a heavy burden that we carry in our minds, and in our aura, and it can cloud a clean, spiritual aura and block our spiritual sight if not careful.

Beach HouseIf wealth dropped into my hands right now, I know for certain I would go and buy a house, do a lot of shopping and traveling, and I would not write many articles. I could find any number of distractions that would tear me away from what I am doing now. Even worse, my mind would be cluttered, endlessly dwelling on the possibilities of what I could buy next, where I could go, what activities I could pay for - what fun! So when would the work get done? I am still in the "work" stage, not ready to retire or relax yet. Would I sit reading spiritual works here in this little room or would I be learning to surf on the beach outside my "new" house? Perhaps it is better to allow Spirit to decide when the money comes to us, and when we are truly ready to have it, if it is indeed coming at all. This promise of mastering manifestation was never written in stone anyway.

Trust me when I say, money received before we are ready can take away our time and focus, we who are the workers for Spirit. There aren't enough of us as it is. What a disaster it would be if we started to be distracted and lured away instead of doing our life work. When my Higher Self put its foot down so strongly, I began to realise money doesn't matter, and our real gift is the opportunity to fulfill our spiritual missions and the fun we have whilst doing that. It is so human to want wealth now and to keep hoping that one day it will arrive (it may well happen thanks to Spirit's plan of NESARA). But in terms of our best interest and our growth, up until now it has been better that we don't have too much and to this our higher selves have agreed.

I believe many of us made spiritual agreements to take the hard road when it comes to finances, because this actually keeps us quite spiritual. We have forgotten that we agreed to do this as part of our life plan. Money is the great controller and the great deceiver; it is the seducer that most of us cannot resist. It is one of the main reasons why humanity has wandered so far from true spirituality and God. We are so preoccupied with money all of the time that we don't look further, always chained to it. We have a different kind of abundance - we have an abundance of Spirit, we have our angels to comfort us and our faith. We also have Knowledge, and all of these are better than buying stuff in shops, if we truly think about it. Soon I plan to write an article about how our angels can help us when we desperately need money (watch this space).

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