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Soul Contract and Life Plan

What is a Soul Contract? It is like a Life Plan in that our entire life is determined by our Soul Contract, from the employment we have to our karma and relationships. These are determined before we are born so we'll have a very clear definition of our purpose, our work, our personal tasks and our earthly mission. We also have individual contracts with each person who is a friend or family member, outlining the reason for our friendship and how we help, or be helped, by them. Do we have karma to finish? Or are they our support group (or visa versa) during our lifetime here?

Soul Contract

We all have a main soul contract. You cannot be living on the earth without it. Since it determines so much of our life, we all try to adhere to it and usually we are given no choice.

A soul contract will contain many "set-ups" that occur in our life that may seem random or out of place. However, if anything happens in our life we can be certain it was planned from a higher level in order to teach us a lesson. The main reason we come to earth is to learn certain lessons, and although we may be unaware of this fact, our guides work very hard to keep us to this contract and finish the things we promised to finish.

Can Our Contract Be Changed, Rewritten, Or Dumped?

The quick answer to this is No, our contract is binding and it determines our life and spiritual lessons here on Earth. We took a lot of time with our guides and angels to write this contract and it can't normally just be 'rewritten' by us once we find it is too difficult to follow. There is a reason for everything in this contract, including the bad times we experience, and we simply cannot see the bigger picture whilst in the middle of the mess. It is not until we get through our difficulties that we can see how much we have grown and learned. That is when we feel happy that it all happened the way it did.

So whilst we are on earth, we simply have to live our life and anyone who says you can simply say out loud, "I cancel this contract" has to be barking mad. There is an authority and a way of doing things that we are bound to; earth is not a free ride but more of a spiritual school and we must follow the rules at all times. Many guides and angels are quite strict and simply smile at us when we try to get out of difficult things. They can see where we are going, even if we cannot.

It's funny how many people try to change their soul contract, or change their karma, or change many things about their life here - yet this won't happen usually unless you gain some kind of spiritual dispensation. Unfortunately for most of us we cannot change the terms of our contract.

Soul Contracts With People Can 'Flow'

Our principal reason for being on earth may never change, yet individual contracts that we have with other people can flow and change somewhat, depending on how that person is travelling through life.

Sometimes, soul contracts with other people change if that person fails to provide what they promised to you in their contract. For example, you have met someone who thrills you and you wish to settle down with them, and they had promised pre-birth to have a family with you. Maybe you have known them for thousands of years, as a soulmate, and they travel through life with you.

On the off chance, what happens when they decide to choose someone else who they fancy, using their free will to do as they please? Then we are left without this person to rely on. These kinds of occurrences do happen and we have to go to plan B, or make new plans. Our contracts with others then often flow, and we must change ourself and flow with them.

Sometimes a person has a contract with you to protect you, or perhaps your parents contracted to give you a hard time to toughen you up. But they go too far and perhaps you are treated badly; you leave that relationship to find better support elsewhere. Not all contracts are honoured, some people go too far, others don't do enough of what they promised.

Many times a person may contract to be a friend, but they start to hit on you, or they disappear entirely. For us, living on earth, we can hardly ever tell what may happen with other people and their whims, their free will choices. Sometimes the only way to tell what should of happened is to visit a spiritual adviser or talk to our angels ourself.

Pre-Birth Contract With Ourself

Who do we sign this pre-birth contract with? Apart from other people we make promises to, such as "I will be there for you to raise children," etc - who else signs this contract? Well, we actually sign it with ourself. It is the promise we make to ourself to fulfill so and so, and to work on this set of lessons. Our lessons could be anything, like learning to have more courage, be more individual, or learn to discern a bad person from a good one.

It is our angels and guides who help us to figure out what we need to learn next, i.e. where are our weaknesses, or what mistakes do we always make. Our angels help us to set up situations that will occur in our lives that may seem harsh or devastating but, guess what, we survive them somehow and we grow. We learn the lesson and we honour our soul contract with ourself. We do not have our angels sign it, we are not promising our angels anything. They are there to guide us so we can live up to the promises we made to ourself to finish something or learn a lesson.

After looking at our past life times and where we are heading, our angels help us to write this contract that we wish to hold ourselves to. We also wish to please our angels who may have a strong idea of where we need to go.

Past Life Review

Once we have passed over, which occurs usually after we have won the knowledge we promised to in our contract, we go to something called a Past Life Review.

There is a whole process whereby we get to look at our life and see what we did and what we could have done differently or better. If we haven't fulfilled things on our contract, it may be determined that we need to come back to finish those things off. Also, much unfinished business or karma may be pushed over into a new soul contract for our next life. There can be many reasons why our stuff doesn't get finished all at once.

We may decide to drop one thing and go for something else instead. Or we may run out of time or take too long to get things finished. We have to remember that our guides cannot keep us 100% to what we promised. There is free will involved once we are here and we don't always keep strictly to what we promised. Our guides do however try their hardest to keep us on track. You may find you could go off track, or all kinds of events could have wonky outcomes and you drift further away. But your guides will try to remind and keep you motivated towards what you are supposed to be doing.

There are sometimes examples of a life where you get so completely lost in something else that you can't go back to what you had agreed to. Perhaps a truly strange event happens that is not on your plan and you lose sight of it, and end up breaking many agreements. Your guides could terminate your life, or, you can find new things to do and make new contracts, meaning you can stay in your life. If you are of value to the planet or to others, you are always useful as long as lessons are being learned.

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