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How Rudeness Holds Us Back Spiritually

Not many people would be aware that a rude attitude towards others in life can considerably stunt an otherwise brilliant future of opportunities and growth in all areas of life. I see a lot of rudeness of the unthinking type basically every day and it has become so common that I am beginning to worry that humanity is going backwards on its spiritual path. So I am going to try to illustrate this topic to leave no doubt in people's minds that by being rude to others, one is ultimately hurting their own self and their own chances of advancement.

Lost Opportunities

Angry WomanI would hope that the spiritual person is aware of their spirit team of angels and guides who are around them 24/7. While we are awake and going about our day, we have this team of angels around us to help us but to also monitor our progress. This is the very team that decides what we are ready for and holds the power to open doors to new opportunities. This is a very important team, and we can in no way "fool" them as to our advancement or lack thereof.

When we are out and about, or socialising at home with people, our angel team see and know all that we do, for they live our life alongside us. They see and hear all that we offer to other people. Sobering, yes? If you have a sweet, helpful disposition and do not attack other people then you can be assured of finding more opportunities in life drop into your lap, given that those opportunities are a part of your life plan. On the other hand a person who is cruel, mean, rude with a penchant to cause pain is considerably held up and barred from the opportunities in life that those seemingly "lucky" others enjoy.

You have to ask yourself, why would the angels open the doors to great opportunities to someone who is mean in spirit and hurts those they come in contact with? Well they usually don't. It can take longer to achieve goals for the mean-spirited, and that is just plain fact.

What is it that makes some people mean whilst others remain kind and caring throughout their life?

Illusory Thought Forms and Beliefs

Many people have mentally bought into all forms of wrong thinking and wrong belief regarding life on earth. Many do not even know that life on earth is a spiritual life and one where we are watched over carefully by higher powers. They try to pretend that consequences do not exist and that they are free to do whatever harm they please to other people, animals and the Earth itself. This is incorrect and, whilst people may know deep down they are doing wrong, they pretend until their last breath that they are not aware it is wrong. This is a Big mistake.

Part of being a sentient being is knowing the difference between right and wrong. There is no such thing as pretending not to know - anyone who pretends as much is being untrue and they do not escape the consequences of this, spiritually speaking. It seems people have got themselves into such a mess regarding this illusory thinking. Here are some common beliefs people hold regarding rude attitudes:
  • Being rude is winning
  • I am rude first before another can get the chance, so that I win.
  • I am better than everyone who I am rude to
  • I have the God-given right to be rude
  • Nice people and caring people are suckers
  • No one knows how truly rude and mean I am (the angels know!)
  • Being rude is easier than being friendly
  • If I care about others then I am weak
  • I need to display clearly how superior I am to all others
  • I will push you down and no consequences will ever come to me
  • Arrogance means I can never be touched
  • Coldness is better than showing I have a heart
  • My heart is too good to use on the likes of you
  • I would rather die than give my kindness to another human being
  • I prefer to be bitter and I will use it to get ahead in life
And on and on and on it goes...these delusions. These people will bowl you over on the footpath rather than move an inch to let another pass. They will jab you with their elbow and smile about it. They will pass you in their car only to pull in front of you and slow down. They will actually dent your parked car with their door whilst you are in the car, then look angrily at you as though you hurt them (this has happened to me several times!) They will lie as smoothly and easily about anything they can just to upset anyone who will believe the lie. So you get the picture.

This might have been a secret up until now but, in actuality, the person they hurt the most is them self. Their angels will hold them back in life until they learn some kindness and humility. Or they may even reach a dizzying height only to topple off that height once others realise or can prove they don't deserve it. A word for this is Chastisement, which means events will transpire to force humbleness in the one who has lost their good judgment. Individual chastisement is real, and is a little different to karma. Karma may not automatically cause humbleness, but chastisement is designed to.

Because this rude, mean attitude has corrupted so many of the people on Earth at this time, there is a kind of collective chastisement, or whole nations of people can be chastised all at once to jolt them back to a path of kindness and connectedness. It starts slowly and if people do not listen or respond, the chastisement actually builds, getting progressively worse and worse until literally all is lost. We are lucky that we can spot chastisement before it gets bad and change the outcome. It is foolish to see all the signs and remain unchanged and rebellious to God/good because ultimately it is God who is in charge, not we. Rudeness serves no one and all of it is recorded. We are absolutely accountable spiritually to all people we interact with.

I can only think that what has occurred is that as more people became arrogant, seemingly without consequences, then even more took it upon themselves to openly reject kindness in favour of outright rude behaviour. It is now so common it is like a group mentality or wrongness, flaunted openly in the most rebellious manner. I worry for this world because the great Chastisement, foretold in the Bible, is literally upon us and the food we eat is poison and the water is full of chemicals and the atmosphere is full of radiation that spews out of broken nuclear plants everyday. As a people we are utterly lost in denial, lies, manipulation and ego aggrandisement. The more we lie to others, the more we are lied to (for example, the media is now  almost ALL lies and manipulation and suppression) so that we are living in a false reality entirely, and false events that never happened are reported to us as fact. Up is down, and now down is also up, so has the reality WE created become so twisted.

It will be interesting to see what God does about this situation because God views it as an outrageous open rebellion and has warned us HE/SHE is going to stop this situation soon. It is advisable to turn back to the Light as soon as is possible in order to stop the coming "adjustments". The game of being irresponsible is ending as we are being challenged to step up and be good, before the Earth game ends, and we are sorted. Only those who have earned it will step up into the new, higher game of life that is coming, whilst the rest stay down to repeat the whole lesson of good/bad polarity all over again.

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