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Be Free Of Karma

Karma, whether from a past lifetime or this present lifetime, can be released so we move into a balanced, more tranquil phase in life. Much karma may need to be worked through in order to learn the lesson that is attached, but some of it is old and it is the old stuff that keeps repeating that we are ready to let go of.

When we hold onto old hurts, arguments or attitudes to someone, it is always karmic. They did something or said something, or maybe they even had the power to ruin our lives in some way. We are hurt or resentful and we can't stop focusing on what they did. This is not a peaceful way to travel through life. Some people have grudges that are old issues, yet they are held onto as though they were still relevant. This is karma that, until resolved, will cling to us even into the next future life. We need to release it at some point and just move on. So how do we do this?


Releasing Your Old Karma

There's a saying that "never forgiving is hurting no one but ourselves" until we resolve and heal the issue. Forgiveness is healing and sets us free. It doesn't really matter what happens to the other person involved because at some point they will forgive in this or another life. What is important is what happens inside us - do we forgive or do we carry the pain a bit longer?

Many people believe we must visit with a person, make contact, or talk it through, yet none of this is true. Many people we have arguments with may have passed over or be unreachable. We never, ever have to talk to them directly or make any embarrassing contact where we might be denied. It is within ourself that we must face the issue and learn to forgive it. Also, we never have to involve others in any healing we are endeavoring to complete. We can always complete it ourself at any time, even if we never tell another. This is what makes karmic release so powerful. We are releasing ourself and can do this at any time.

When we release someone from our past who hurt us, we do not need to love them completely, but we do need to love what we learned from them.

Family Karma

We can often suffer from a kind of Family Karma, which is often the hardest to mend. These are usually the most difficult lessons that we come here to solve, and can take a lifetime to actually understand. Lessons with others, say in a romance or marriage, can take lesser time to heal, for during life have many partners and often move on from old partners quickly. It may take us five or ten years to learn. Often it is karma we share with family that is the most challenging and can take the longest to actually understand. We only have one set of parents and a set number siblings.

I shared a lot of strange family karma that, despite trying to let go, I still don't really understand. We need to try to understand what we learn from it.  My family never showed a real caring or a real connection with who I was as a person; I was always judged as 'crazy' for a reason I still don't understand. I do not hate these people but I did break all ties because they were heavily judgmental. We can release ourselves from this karma by sending them love and moving on genuinely, holding no grudges. We can release others in peace even if they still send us negative energy. They may have unfinished business but I do not. They can no longer work out these issues with me, as a person, but they can find another to work them out with.

Ignoring Those Creating 'New' Karma

Many people in this world are addicted to creating more and more negative karma and drama as they go. Even walking along the street people start arguments with strangers, thus making bad karma. So many have this attitude in the workplace or online that it is hard, if not impossible, to completely avoid them.

There are those who want to fight you, and those who want to stalk or be your friend even if you don't want the same thing. All of this interest is 'karmic' unless you meet a rare friend who has the same interest as you and is positive in their karma making.We don't want negative or heavy, complex karma.

Many people who are befriended tend to offer short term relief but may not hang around. Most of the time, if we wish to avoid creating karma, we have to cut people loose because we aren't playing the same game. It can be exhausting finding anyone who doesn't wish to manipulate in some way or expect karmic bonds. Once we let go of karma, we tend to find we are often alone for periods of time until we can find someone who is caring and not negatively bound to us.

Many of us have lots of acquaintances but may be isolated due to having no good karmic bonds. This is okay so don't fret if you have no one who particularly cares that you can talk to. Simply go within and talk to your best friends of all - your angels. Eventually we meet someone who is genuine and not wishing to play games with us, so we can be free of that karmic mess. It takes time to find this very special person.

Are You Attracting Bad Karma?

Often we worry that we are attracting bad karma with others or producing patterns that attract bad karma, however many people in the world tend to be manipulative, and these are the ones we run into. The best we can do is let them go again without getting involved in complicated scenarios that are karmic. We tend to still meet plenty of people who might like to use us in some way and we have to simply say no, with no looking back. It doesn't mean we are doing anything wrong to come across manipulative people, it simply means the world is full of it. Don't be upset if you keep meeting negative people; simply exercise letting go and not getting involved. It works a treat.

It is possible to heal all of your karma right now, so go within and find the best way for you. You could meditate, forgive, forget and just release. You could talk to your angels or guides and ask for them to help. You could say affirmations for a while, or pray, or talk to God. Whatever is best for you. Let go and forgive; its that simple.

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