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Are You Reincarnated Or New?

Have you reincarnated on Earth with many past lifetimes, or are you perhaps brand new to this world? Below we explain the signs of both to help you figure out this issue.

Right now there are more 'new souls' here than ever before since the earth is in great need of all the expertise they bring in. They are usually highly intuitive, psychic, spiritual and wise, and may not have been messed up by this place like the rest of us. All older souls tend to be intuitive so that in itself is not a sign of reincarnation or not. Let's take a look at the signs of reincarnation but also the signs of if you are new.


Signs You Have Reincarnated & Lived Here Before

1. If you have been on earth at anytime in earth's history, then chances are you have been called back right now. This is such a pivotal time for this planet, the birth of a new age, and anyone who has had any life here is revisiting in order to take advantage of the growth to be had here now. We have our largest population living on earth ever (about 7 billion souls), so most have been here before but many are newbies, or new souls who are coming in (see section below).

2. Memories - you can almost remember being here before, can't you? These memories are rarely crystal clear, so when we refer to memories, it is more like a strong feeling or knowing. A certain culture may seem so familiar, or you may have an insatiable itch to learn about another country, the language, and it may be because you have great memories of that place. Some people may (rarely) have distinct memories of an event in history, a place or even an old building. One way or another, there are feelings lurking below especially of ancient times where Egypt may attract you, Greece, Italy, England or wherever it is. You just can't shake that feeling.

3. A strong connection to a period of time. This is an era like say the 1,700's may attract you, or even an ancient era like say Sumeria. You have either good or bad feelings about it that won't go away. Chances are you lived back then for we carry memory as a form of association.

4. A direct past life memory. I have a memory of being someone over a hundred years ago who was a writer of metaphysical books. I even look just like this lady. I remember how she thought more so than what she did. I have weird feelings about the people she knew, like they were my own friends. She was a funny character in that life. There is no way I could prove it, but I learned it in a past life hypnosis which is a hypnosis that helps us to recover past life memories. This is amazing to try and can be sometimes done yourself through self-hypnosis, or just do it with a friend.

5. Many times when we have current issues (either psychological or health for example), we find these issues come from another lifetime on earth. Anything you have a fear or phobia about came from an earlier life time unless you have a direct experience that caused it. Some people fear water or drowning and have no idea why. Others fear being locked away, or starving, or whatever it is. When they do past life sessions, they remember having starved in a past life, and the mystery is finally solved. This may be why so many people eat too much, since they remember always being hungry in a past life.

6. You understand this particular world very well, and it is very familiar. If you are new here, this world can seem very strange, but if you've been here before, you hardly need to investigate at all. Even as a child, you are aware of the scams that are going on, and all of it is second nature. You don't have to study it, it is simply obvious to you from the get-go.

Signs That You Are NEW To This World

Perhaps more interestingly are the signs that you are brand new living on earth, or this is your first incarnation on this world. Right now, we have many new starseeds on this world since it's a special time where a lot of help is needed to bring this world into a new understanding and new golden age. To see if you fit the description of a starseed, read Starseeds for a full set of traits.

If you are a 'new' starseed, or a new angelic or nature spirit, then this world will seem fairly whacked to you. The newer you are, the more odd this world is. As a brutal place with rules that are only sometimes fair, you are likely to hate being here, unless you have a lot of love. This is an unusual world that will seem strange and like you don't belong. Nothing seems second nature to you at all.

You are a very fast learner but some things about Earth still shock you. You are more sensitive to it all, and may not participate personally in many things, living more like an observer. If you are a very wise or old soul (which is likely if you are new) then you may sit back except for your work, which is likely to be spiritual in nature, or helping the world.

You probably know more than most people, and are able to see beneath the surface of the lies that the population is fed. You will notice truth more easily and be stunned that almost no one else cares about this planet, or about the truth of its inhabitants. People are generally happy to be slaves but you will want more, and always see more.

Earth is not hard to master, so you will look like you belong but you will never really join in on the mass consciousness of this world, preferring to keep your own council. Whatever your expertise is, you will be a forerunner in your field and have a lot of knowledge that others may not have. We thank you for coming here for the first time and helping out in this time of need.

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