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Karmic Relationships - The Signs

Many of our relationships are karmic in some fashion - but even with intense attraction, the karmic side of it can prove too much. So how do we make it work?

Today, many people are starting to complete their karma, making their relationships a lot more mature and pleasant. Even so, we always seem to have one or two relationships that can be a bit iffy, a bit karmic. So how can we tell which relationships fall into this category? Don't worry! We can work off our karma to raise ourselves to a lighter state of being.

Couple Fighting

9 Signs Of A Karmic Relationship

1. Amazing Start But Problems Arise Quickly. Don't you love it when you meet a new person and you find out that the attraction is reciprocated and they want to spend time with you? You start to fall in love and hope they are the One. They may well be very charming in the beginning, and do and say everything right. They seem somehow familiar like you have met them before and they seem to accept who you are.

But as time goes on, strange things begin to happen, perhaps the communication breaks down, and you have a strange situation where you are in a relationship but you aren't treating each other very well anymore. Or perhaps you are treating them well but you have become invisible, uninteresting, or perhaps only needed sometimes when they want something. There can be any number of patterns we begin to see starting up pretty fast. These tend to appear within weeks in a karmic relationship, rather than over years for other people. You are continuing on with a story from the past with this person. You may not realise it, but this is karma showing itself in order for us to correct it.

2. You Fight Often.
This is another main indicator because fighting, or disagreement, always indicate some kind of karma. What are your issues? Did they spring up immediately - a sure sign of karma? Is it getting in the way of everything else and driving you crazy? You will need to find a way to fix these issues and if you can't, you may need to leave this relationship behind until your next lifetime to sort out.

3. Strong Sexual Attraction and a lot of make-up sex. It is the sex that usually keeps karmic relationships together, because actual love is not yet showing itself in the picture. We call it love,and we talk about how much we love them, but really its the sex that keeps us going. We can have endless fights, sometimes for years, and then we have the makeup sex. It is wonderful, we reunite and we agree, until the next time we begin to fight again. We keep going until we can heal it, or, we move on again if it gets too much.

4. Abusive Patterns. Some of these types of relationships can be physical or abusive. Not all karmic relationships involve violence, but they all involve emotional abuse that can be either subtle or very obvious.

Subtle abuse is no less damaging and we need to name what is going on if we want to heal it. Can we talk about it with our partners? Often it is something that we can't bring up because they don't want it to end. Some people like these kinds of relationships and they are looking for ways to abuse - they enjoy it. These are the relationships we need to escape from, no matter how much we feel we need them.

5. They Are Controlling You. This relationship is not an equal one. Some people tend to be controlled no matter who they are with, so they are dealing with this issue and this karma. They need to come to a realisation that this behaviour is not healthy.

Do you let others walk all over you and never do anything about it? These kinds of lessons that karma teaches us are very difficult to break, but sooner or later we have to. Don't you deserve better, something more healthy and loving. Once you learn that you don't have to be controlled, you will move out of the relationship and try to find another that works - which is never easy but must be done.

6. Lots Of Game Playing. Oh the games, don't we all love them? Maybe not. Sometimes a partner tries to control but fails; perhaps you simply can't be controlled. So he or she will resort to more subtle ways to take you over. Perhaps they want a partner who stays home and doesn't work. Or they  are threatened by your friends, wanting you not to have any. How tiring. A karmic partner, or indeed any partner, may wish to destroy you, your career or anything else that you love. This is karmic even if you only knew them in this life - it becomes karmic and is something to be avoided. This is not a loving situation.

7. Obsession. This goes with the strong sexual interest you have in them; it is all part of the same thing. You will know if you are obsessed more than you should be, but you might be denying it, or thinking it is fine. It is fine to a point but if the relationship is beginning to harm you, it may be time to think twice. Or the obsession could be from them, constantly texting you to see what you are doing.

8. Jealousy. Many karmic relationships tend to twist with jealous fits of rage; it goes with the controlling tendency discussed earlier. This person may be jealous even when you are out with friends. Remember 'Obsession'? They are also obsessed with you, but in a negative way. They need to trust you and who you are around. There may be endless excuses as to why you shouldn't go out alone with others, but maybe this is the jealousy talking.

9. You Just Know. We are smart beings we humans, and we kind of know when we are in a relationship that needs a lot of healing. Some people are just 'bad' people and maybe your former-life lover hasn't evolved yet as you have. Or are you just as bad, playing games or trying to win over them? We are in these relationships ultimately to heal ourself and maybe even them.

What have you learned? Do you like the fight? Some people will always see any relationship as a game and try to be the 'winner' no matter what. They will always experience rocky, karmic attachments with others. The rest of us need to move on from them quickly and find the peaceful relationship we actually crave.

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