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Signs Of A Karmic Connection

Sometimes we meet people we've never spent a lifetime with and our karmic slate is clean. We're free to create karma, or not, as we please. But the majority of times when we begin a new relationship, we have previous karma with this person from a past lifetime. Often we come together in order to clear away the karma, in which case we may create similar situations as the past lifetime in order to re-work through those same issues.

Karmic Connection

You may have a memory of this when you find yourself thinking, "Haven't we been here before?" You may not know why but you probably have been through those same issues before a thousand years ago. It all feels hauntingly familiar. I've been through this myself and decided the person wasn't grown or evolved enough and I decided NOT to do it again until he had matured spiritually. I walked away and my guides told me we could repeat it in 2,000 years. Because we have a karmic connection doesn't mean we must suffer through the same issues endlessly. Sometimes the other party has to grow before you can have a breakthrough.

Soulmate Versus Karmic Connection

Karma occurs when we or someone else hurts us, or we hurt them. It just means there's a price to pay since our actions must come back to us over time. We must undergo whatever unpleasant thing we did to others.

However, a karmic connection is different to a soulmate connection. Often we travel through our lives with one or two soulmates who are very familiar and dear to us. We choose to do this and, often, the connection is very safe and happy. However, often our karmic connections are much more rocky, unstable and unhappy. We may argue often or breakup then get back together over and over again. We may be attracted to them but also dislike other aspects of them. A soulmate (either friend or lover) is in our life to support us, whereas a karmic connection is about working through karma. After the karma is done, we may not be attracted to the person anymore.

Family Karma

You may also have a karmic connection to family members who are born together to heal the original karmic bond. You may have family members you aren't close to, and they may be people you were close to or married with a long time ago. Perhaps one of you has been given the chance to fix a mistake or become close again. You've agreed to come into this family for this purpose, both of you. Yet often too, this may not work out; you may never feel close enough and lead very separate lives. There's always the chance they or you could patch it up, but since we don't remember the past life, we may ignore that opportunity and then have to try again in the next lifetime.

You could find certain family members to be odd, distant or uncooperative with you and just lose interest in them. Both of you need to be open to this chance for it to work out.

10 Signs Your Connection Is Karmic

There are ten signs which allow you to tell if your relationship with another is karmic, remembering that not all relationships come from past lives. Soulmates are different and to read about Soulmate relationship signs, go to 15 Soulmate Signs.

1. Instant Strong Disagreement

Your new connection reveals deep or intense feelings straight away, and whilst you may feel instant love or friendship, within the first week or two you discover you have strong disagreements with this person. You will know from the strength of the feelings. These are longstanding disagreements carried over from the past, which you can either hold onto or heal.

2. One Of You Needs To Concede

Due to the disagreements, you will find that to make the connection last, one of you may need to concede to the other's requests in order to find harmony. This is not ideal or recommended. When we love the other greatly, we may be tempted to concede, but over time will find this harder. This relationships needs to be discussed deeply and both people's wishes need to be met, not just one.

3. Constant Breakups And Makeups

These relationships are marked with prevalent breakups followed by the need to get back together again. Whilst you are trying to work towards a point of healing, you WILL leave each other. The relationship is not easy. When it seems to be over, one or both will later decide to give it another go. This pattern will continue until you can either heal your complaints or give it up to find a more harmonic partnership.

4. Judgments

Either one of you will tend to be judgmental, or it will be both of you. Often though one is usually much more judgmental than the other. You are either passing constant judgment or are being treated harshly and not accepted by the other, stemming from actions that occurred past life. They will need to open their mind more and become much more accepting and forgiving.

5. Sensitivity And Button Pushing

You learn quickly what pushes each of your buttons the most, and both of you may play this game of ticking off the other, just for fun or to feel superior. You quickly become heightened to what they are saying and cannot just laugh it off. This is not a fun game and is often mean and bullying. Telling them how hurt you are is not an option, especially if they enjoy or get off on bullying you. At this point you may have no option but to leave for good.

6. Sex Is Amazing

To counter all of the hostility, the sexual side of this relationship is amazing and addictive, but for a reason. Your intensity for each other is designed to keep you together so you CAN work out and heal your issues. Usually you will have an especially intense and volatile sex life. There will be plenty of makeup sex as well. You fight, you cry, you run, then you go back for more. How can you get along when you fight so intensely but the sex somehow seems worth all of the pain. You keep waiting for your relationship to suddenly fix itself, and you rationalise away some of the bad behaviour.

7. Self Control Is Not Easy

You always seem to lose control around this person. You go in with the best intentions, then they may bully, judge or press your buttons and you find yourself saying the most hateful comments, which you never really meant. You simply lose all self ontrol. Remember, they too lose their control around you, and may not mean half of what they say. You tend to hurt each other deeply without any means of cooling down your jets. Know this tendency is rooted in a former life and therefore also in your current birth chart.

8. Competition Is Rife Between You

One or both of you is competing with the other which is far from healthy for your romantic tie, or 'sibling tie' as the case may be. Why is it you must always win the conversation, win the beauty contest, win the salary competition or whatever it may be? The two of you seem unable to create peace or harmony together. Someone must always be above the other and the relationship turns into farce or a game. You are not looking out for each other anymore and this person does not have your back. They may even try to control you completely or restrict your freedom, so watch out for this.

9. Do You Fight About Nothing?

Whether it is little fights or a giant battle that your lives seem to depend on, together you always need to fight. Perhaps it might stimulate you or be fun to begin with, and it certainly livens up your sex life. But before long it begins to spiral out of control until it reverts into a bitter warfare between you. Now it's almost impossible to come back to normal from this position. Either sit and talk it our reasonably, long after all reason is gone, or walk away. You deserve a more supportive relationship anyway.

10. Either Heal The Rift Or End It.

We come to the part of the tale where inevitably you're sick of fighting, defending or explaining yourself, sick of their rules, sick of crying and the intense sex is no longer worth the effort. You can either heal this thing, become friends, or, simply leave for good. You are in it to heal it on a spiritual level. But sometimes they just tick us off too much, or are too inflexible, or too immature and it will not be healed no matter what. This is sad as you really do love each other despite this ridiculous dynamic you've set up.

Hopefully your relationship never gets this far that it has to end suddenly unresolved. Don't worry, you can heal it again in a next lifetime, or even later on in this life, after a long break.

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