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Breaking A Karmic Relationship

Are you in a karmic relationship that isn't working due to difficult habits or destructive trends? Most karmic bonds, those that we built in past lifetimes, have difficult energies that need to be healed. But more often than not, we struggle with resolving the karma which tends to be especially intense, and find we may have to leave it until the next lifetime. We need to breakup. Keep reading to see what is involved in these karmic breakups.

Repetitive Patterns

You are not imaging the destructive, repetitive patterns in your relationship as one of you, or most likely both, quickly descend into old habits and thoughts, ones that are already familiar to both of you. The issues involved could be anything, from possessiveness, jealousies, judgment, and argumentative behaviours. You have ecstatic times you'll always cherish, but those fights seem to get worse and worse over time. What to do?

The problem that characterizes 'karmic' relationships is that the attraction and intimacy is very intense. You'll experience feelings of enchantment, addiction, infatuation and deep attraction, so don't fight those - they are memorable as is the love. You are meant to be together, you had planned to be together, but perhaps not for the long term, unless you can heal your sh*t.

Healing a karmic relationship is possible, and I shall discuss this in a future article. You need to work through the issues and more importantly break all of the habits that are so "you and them". You need to wipe the slate, give them a chance and deeply change your own attitudes. This can be done more so now than ever. You need to find a new balance and cleanse/clear yourself of those habits.

We carry habits with us in our aura, and you will need a complete renew. However, this takes quite a lot of thought and energy, so it will only happen once you come to the realisation that you must do it, and you must forgive both them and yourself.

Stages Of Breakdown & Breakup

Try not to be harsh on yourself when you walk away from a karmic bond for good. Believe it or not, we all have these bonds that become too toxic, and how much can you put up with? Eventually, we need a new start and we need to find that right love and support. We all deserve to be supported and loved properly. Although we might wish and wait for it to magically fix itself and come right, chances are it never will.

You probably entered into the relationship carelessly, following those old patterns not even realising you'd been here before. You may have set it up poorly from the start, and lets face it so did they. You fought, you judged, you felt resentment and made all those mistakes we mostly do with partners; you set the pattern up again. Don't be hard on yourself as we all do this.

Karmic relationships tend to end slowly in stages. You will break up many times on and off, returning again because you can't bare to be apart. You will try every which way to fix yourself and to change them, using every resource you can think of. But eventually there is a last, final ending; the one you can't come back from because you are too tired and are over it. You're asking, if they love you why don't they change. Why can't you. The dynamic overcomes you both and even a look can begin fresh arguments. It's too tiring and you want more. You even turn away from that intense sexual attraction in the end as it just seems to be not worth it.

Some karmic relationships may convert to friends, for after all you are great friends somewhere beneath the cycle of romance and fighting. You may take a break from each other before deciding to be friends. Or if it's especially toxic, you or they may end it bitterly whilst  going away to lick their wounds and mull over how badly they were treated.

Believe it or not, even these bitter relationships over time may become smoother because the painful memories fade and the good ones remain fresher. You realise you can't be together without those same issues rearing their ugly heads, but the memories may eventually become a bit sweeter and you may forgive them (a wonderful sign). Just don't get re-involved if you feel it will drag you down again.

The Love Will Always Be There

Believe it or not you are probably best friends between lives, in those other dimensions of light where we come from. You really are trying to get it right with them because you owe them that much and let's face it you still love this person. You wouldn't be trying to fix this long standing relationship if you didn't. Most of the things you've said or done you didn't really mean, but you acted out of hurt. So did they. You will get another chance to make it up in another lifetime. You will encounter them again.

Perhaps you've spent years hating them, but we all know that the energy of hate is because, deep down, the love survives. Once we completely move on from someone, we tend to feel nothing not even hate. At some point in life, you'll remember the good things about them. Know that you can always repair some karma from your side without knowing them any more. Thinking of them with love, sending them love, or just dwelling fondly on beautiful memories is one way to begin the healing. We all get there eventually to heal those old hurts, one way or another because the universe is made of love.

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