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Karma By Deception

KarmaA little known fact about karma is that it is quite possible to personally create karma as a result of doing something on behalf of another person who asks us to act, even when we are unaware of any potential harm stemming from our action. The nature of karma is that the person who acts (even on behalf of another) is responsible for their actions and can incur karma as a consequence.

There are many examples of this. A person might want a dishonest deed accomplished for them and so trick an innocent other into doing it, thus creating karma for the innocent one. It could be called Karma by Deception - a term my angels gave me. The example could play out like this: one friend requests another friend to fetch his computer from an empty classroom while he goes to bring his car around. The innocent friend goes and faithfully takes the laptop unseen and gives it to his friend as they drive off together, a seemingly perfect crime because the innocent person has no idea he just stole a computer. He was gullible. Does this invoke karma for the one who physically took the computer? You bet it does!

This may seem very unfair at first, for we are sure that the friend's intentions were the very best; he wanted to help. But as a direct result of his gullibility, another person has lost an expensive piece of equipment and will undoubtedly be upset and angry. If he had not been so gullible, the real thief may have been too chicken to grab the goods himself. So he needed to manipulate another to do so.

In terms of karma this may seem unfair at first, yet aren't we always held responsible for ALL of our actions all of the time, according to karma? I remember a time when a friend had fooled me into saying something to another person, telling me it was part of a joke. Believing this person, I did as I was asked and only realised later that this so-called friend had roped me into saying something that would upset another. We can all probably think of a time we were duped into doing something for someone else that turned out to be less than innocent, and we feel bad afterwards. We have created unintended karma whilst learning to be more on guard so that the situation can never repeat.

Larger Instances of "Karma By Deception"

There is karma that is personal and only affects a few people, then there are instances of karma that influence a whole population of people in an ill way through deception. One such instance that comes to mind is through television programs and advertisements. Someone who is reading off a script for a factual show and reports lies as truth, even if those lies are written by another, is still somewhat responsible through gullibility for spreading untruths. This includes advertisements also.

Often people with a high "light quotient" are chosen to appear in advertisements that push dark or unhealthy products. Think of all those poor souls who formally appeared in cigarette ads acting the "fun" part whilst advising everyone to light up. They literally and personally spread disease and were paid to do so, all innocently we are sure. The makers of dangerous or unhealthy products are often wise to karma and that is why they hire others to do the actual selling, thereby putting the responsibility somewhat onto them. The actors meanwhile were not to know the harm they were encouraging, yet they did still encourage it.

All manner of unhealthy junk food is pushed onto us through persistent ads containing innocent, light-filled souls, even children (no one has more light than a little child). The same could be said for devices that keep us awash with unhealthy radiation. Meanwhile, the corporation they represent may also be responsible for cutting down Amazon forests, or taking away worker's rights in China - who knows? Those who get into bed with darkness share the same karma to some extent as the dark entity/corporation that hires them. Karma is universal law in action. Although many may doubt this is truth, believing they couldn't possibly be responsible for a bad act they didn't know was bad, the angels assure me there is culpability in terms of karma for all harmful deeds.

Our Relationship With Authority

SoldiersNow we come to perhaps the most heinous Karma By Deception that I can even think of which involves following a direct order calling on one person to maim or kill another. An obvious one is the military, and it is no easy subject to contemplate. When people go off to fight in a war, they usually full-heartedly believe that the enemy is dangerous and therefore needs to be stopped (i.e. killed). And our movies and entertainment brainwash us also that the only solution to all problems is to kill, not talk or negotiate but go in and shoot. Soldiers could not destroy other lives if they did not believe this. Often soldiers or police are not trained in human rights, but rather trained to take away those rights. They are trained to see the death of innocents in wartime as collateral damage, as needed for the end result, not as suffering or murder. Most of those who are paid to do the killing or the dropping of bombs, mistakenly believe there is no karma involved because an authority told them to do it - so it is not personal to them. Yet this is incorrect by God's laws, and the karma they accrue is proof of this. This is not to judge in any way those who seek to protect, and are ordered to do so through violence. This is just to state the fact that such actions can be inherently karmic, whether we know it at the time or not.

This is true of the medical industry as well. Many doctors are trained to give drugs, injections and even chemotherapy (which is a deadly poison) to their patients. Being trained is the same as following the orders of the powers above them, by the authority. Statistics are high regarding death after taking a simple medication, others die after an injection as we can see by prolific lawsuits if you search the internet. Unfortunately for doctors who are trying to save lives, some percentage of karma goes to them, along with the chemical manufacturers. The karma is shared by all parties who contribute to any harm, yet it is well known that the life of a doctor is full of much unintended karma since a doctor is one of the most karmic professions there is.

By the same token, those medical professionals who help to restore true health or save lives can accrue wonderful karma in return. As someone who is in a position to train to administer medications to others, I refuse this training because I understand the karma involved. Handing one dangerous medication to just one person is karmic, even if I am ignorant of what is in the medication. Most people have no idea about karma and you have to wonder if they did know, who would hand out those medications so readily?

Is this fair? It doesn't seem particularly fair, yet as humans we are spiritually responsible for every action we take that affects another's life. It is sobering to realise this, yet timely when in our modern world, more people than ever before are taking orders and following the line of some "authority" or other, believing it makes them safe. Often people mistakenly believe that if large numbers of people are doing the wrong thing then it doesn't spiritually count - this couldn't be more wrong. Don't be deceived into creating more bad karma than you need. Whilst the world may offer the message that some actions are okay if you are ordered to do them, try to think in terms of the consequences of those actions and if you think they may be karmic for you personally.

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