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Karmic Clearing Of Earth

As a planet, we are drawing ever nearer to a final planetary clearing or cleansing of karma that this world has waited for for eons of time. When we look back at history, we can see many, many dark times punctuated by short periods of peace, then a plunge once again into darkness, disarray and despair.

This cycle has continued for millennia mainly because this kind of darkness, warfare and poverty have served the interests of the few, usually those in power behind the scenes who often profited horrendously from warfare and the spreading of misery. Those times are drawing swiftly to an end as the Earth upswings into new phases of her evolution, carrying along all upon her surface into the new age that is beginning.

Earth Hands

The New Earth

The new earth that's emerging is a subject many spiritual writers talk about. We as a species are upgrading or Ascending, and with this comes many advantages that change our whole way of life and environment. Most notably it's predicted that, as is already occurring, all criminal behaviour and manipulation of our world will be removed as it is no longer tolerated by us.

No longer will wars be started on account of secret international trade issues or specifically begun to achieve regime change and implant new governance more profitable to the few. No longer will we be tolerating the toxic chemicals and insecticides that are rife in our food products and water supply, not to mention the chemical drugs we are given when we are sick. No longer will we be under the rule of corporations who rape and destroy our natural environment for profits that go into their pockets.

On the contrary, the new earth will be a place of peace, true freedom (of the like we have never experienced), health and abundance. We will have free energy sources, stop paying government taxes, eat healthily and have true education, not the sorry excuse for schools that stifle true learning and creativity. We will also have abundance as soon as NESARA begins.

Before this occurs, there are a few obstacles that have already been beginning in my opinion, and it is predicted we will see a troubled next few years as the last of the criminal ruling class (the Khazarian mafia) are removed from power.

Final Karma

We are being told over and over again by angels and the masters that this cleansing that will take place is the final major hurdle that stands before the new earth can begin to manifest.

We all have karmic records and we work through them in order to clear the slate so that we may ascend or rise in vibration. I'm told by the angels that this is most needed, this karmic balance, to be achieved so that we can move upwards and away from the old earth. Many will be able to slough off a lot of old karma in the next period of time by going through the last difficulties as the old earth diminishes and passes away.

There is some struggle ahead and things might seem to become very dark again, as they have done cyclically over the millennia. Many of us in past lifetimes were obliged to go through difficult periods on earth to work through lessons and karma, just so that we could be here NOW to see this new earth birth into existence, and help along the way.

We are being given a heads up by the spiritual hierarchy that these difficult times have a purpose. Some people will be obliged to go through some very tough times, yet these can be the very last tough times before the light dawns and freedom and peace arrive.

You see, we have been mislead into believing that the only way to achieve peace is to go to war. Do you notice how we constantly solve all problems with guns, bombs and warplanes? We keep going around in the same karmic circle with violence begetting yet more violence. Whilst some of us still believe this fallacy, then we will see the playing out of karma to match this. Once we all finally understand that the only way to achieve peace and love is to be peace and love right now, then we can begin.

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