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Ways To Lessen Or Complete Karma

It has never been this easy before to complete all of your personal karma ready to move onto a different adventure. Having karma basically refers to so-called "bad" karma, the kind that needs to be paid off by returning to Earth time and time again to balance your karmic "cheque book". However, are all these incarnations really serving a purpose, or are we going relentlessly around in circles looking for a way to be free? We can begin to tie up those loose ends and start creating only "good" karma, the kind that doesn't trap us for yet more lifetimes on Earth.

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Karmic Dispensation

This period on earth right now is ideal to try to fix any bad karma you have sitting on your ledger. The universe is probably already trying to help you. Unless you have an extraordinary amount of karma (which is unlikely), you may even be able to have some of it 'forgiven' in something called a Karmic Dispensation, a product of modern times. Karmic Dispensation means a special forgiveness or letting go of karma that you would ordinarily have to pay back slowly. This is a gift from Heaven above, coming direct from God for this special time on earth, and what a gift this is. As stated, we don't have to pay back all our karma as some of it is usually forgiven.

We know about Karmic Dispensation from channels who bring messages from angels and masters - who bring messages from God. Right now, God is focussing on earth because important events are occurring here that lead to galactic consequences. The earth is enlightening and karma here will be ending or wrapping up. There has never been a better time to lighten our karma when the universe is working with us.

To receive a Karmic Dispensation we can pray to God, talk to our angels, and request it. However we must also show that we're trying to do good and right by others in our environment, whether work, at home, or out and about. When we are mindful of karma, we are careful to keep it in check, or balanced. We are less likely to do something against others that's actually a black mark against us karmically.

We must begin to do the right thing as much as possible. Common activities like bullying, commenting negatively online, harassing someone, or creating drama and strife in your life generally are NOT the way to go. By trying to cut such activities out of your life you can experience a change of heart and your karma becomes lighter. Yet if you already try to do right, then you may already be ready to complete your karma once and for all.

Completing Your Karma

When we are endlessly creating new karmic situations with others, it serves no purpose other than to hold us back. The Buddhist way to avoid karma is to become harmless to all others. Buddhist people no longer hurt others in action, speech or thought, practising a state called 'harmlessness' constantly each day. Rather than hurt another, which is karmic, they choose to refrain and to meditate or work it out another way. This way the Buddhist goes through life without creating negative energies which rebound back to them.

Often karma comes in the form of an attachment to a person, object or idea/belief. Once we become too attached, passionate or even possessive, its easier for us to become riled, aggravated or angry and create negative karma.

Imagine loving someone or something so much that we are easily able to lose control of ourself if that thing becomes theatened? We call that human nature but it is really a loss of self-mastery. As humans we are able to control our own emotions and react instead from a place of peace. We do not have to always just lose our shit; as rational beings we are capable of great peace and calm. We can work on letting go of attachments so that our animal passions and karmic nature are much smoother and more peaceful. Then we can work towards slowly releasing the bulk of our karma.

This is sometimes a slow process or you can complete it more quickly. It means watching how you react in situations that are karmic. Do you get annoyed at a workmate? Is someone else trying to gain power over you? Where is it in your life that causes problems and how can you fix it - this is what you want to contemplate so you can let it go. If you can release an attachment, or change an attitude, you may release the situation from your life. Once it stops recurring, you can move onto the next issue in your life. Karmic relationships may also be released and more healthy relationships can be found.

The Buddhist is often calm because they have learned the trick of being detached. Detachment is one of the main tools inside the Buddhists' box of tricks. Most Buddhists do not have many possessions, and whilst that may not be possible for us in the west, we may still practice detachment towards our possessions. For example, what if our car got stolen, or our house burned down? Could we remain calm or even smile about it? We need to practice detachment and work out how upset we would be if we lost a material possession. We can always let go of attachments to physical objects or money.

What if one of your ideas is being attacked? Imagine you love watching television and maybe you have a favorite show which someone else is attacking. This might get you steamed up. Can you see how this passion for an idea may create some bad karma with another who may hold a different view. The Buddhist would smile and let it go - for he practices detachment towards everything.

What Happens After You've Finished Karma

We don't always know how much karma we have left for there's no way to discern this; generally we cannot see karma. However, we can tell when it begins to peter off since those who finish their karma find their lives become naturally a lot quieter. You will certainly have less extraneous people in your life - those who are there just because. You will be calmer and more centered in your thinking, and every 'annoying' thing that bugs you will stop bugging you. You will have ceased flying off and reacting to things. You find your inner peace and center.

Once you've finished your karma by balancing up the ledger and paying for all the bad you put out there, you find that your relationships are equally no longer karmic. A relationship that isn't karmic could be with family, close friends or a partner. Such non-karmic relationships are always supportive in nature and carry no drama. You simply get along easily and have a nice time.

Heavy relationships with issues and problems are karmic in nature, yet you will be beyond this. In general you'll find you have less problems with people and no one to argue with. If you are calm enough, people will stop ruffling your feathers or butting horns for they will find no karmic hook with which to attach themselves to you. Enemies start to disappear once you calm down and no longer care; they will find others to try to torment and have karma with.

An Example Of Someone Without Karma

John Lennon was a man who had skipped off the wheel of karma, if his lyrics are any indication. His sentiments such as, "I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round, I just love to watch them turn. No longer riding on the merry-go-round...." Or the wonderful chant: "All we are saying, is give peace a chance."

These are songs written by a man who stepped out of the karmic way of living and became very calm. "Imagine all the people, living life in peace..." These were very spiritual songs. Mr Lennon was able to extricate himself from the karmic wheel (at least partly) due to having a correct mindset but also enough money to live without worry. It's possible for anyone to do the same thing even in a workaday life. Do you get caught up in office intrigues, or do you just smile at it? Does the drive home bug you, or are you calm and accepting. Karma is all a matter of attitude.

At the end of the day no one else can give this gift of calmness to us so we must work to attain it within ourself. Yet it's not impossible. Even a little bit of extra calmness can help us to open up our natural forgiveness, to be less on guard and more open to others. Our hearts are very loving but we have been taught to not love.

In terms of karma, love is actually the smartest option. It is through love and acceptance that we can become unstuck from the human condition that says we must constantly "react" this way or that. We can make different choices; we can be the person who remains untouched by the world and its events. We can choose self-mastery and master what is inside us. We can stop using emotions that are destructive, instead seeking a different truth inside us. It is very possible, considering individuals like Jesus or Buddha, and even John Lennon achieved a lot of mastery, why can't we? The way is open so why not stop mindlessly creating negative karma and instead clean ourselves up and live more positively. We can be the masters we want to be - and the time is now.

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